Monday, March 7, 2016


This was the third and final 22BR Winter shoot in Lake George. It has been an exciting and very enjoyable series with some very good shooting taking place. Eleven shooters took part in this final shoot.
The weather was pretty good today although it started out being cold - hey it's still winter in New Brunswick. As the day progressed though, it warmed up and you could stand outside in the sun and feel the warm rays through your clothing. Spring is definitely on its way. The sun was out and bright with
the usual reflections in the scope - the range is laid out in a north-south - so the sun was a factor all day. There was little or no snow on the ground so glare was less of an issue for most shooters. The wind was very inconsistent with eddies, swirls and sand being blown off the berms. At several points shooting stopped to wait for the dust to clear and an occasional dust devil was seen down range.
We want to thank Terry McN. for being Match Director, setting targets, ROing, bringing treats and cooking up a batch of the best hot-dogs east of the Rockies!! (We missed Barb J.'s treats but she is looking after Carl J. who is laid up with a leg infection - we wish Carl a quick recuperation and that we'll see them at the next shoot). Thanks also to Bruce B. who took registrations, worked out the relays, set targets and also was an RO. Wayne K. was the scorer with Don M. verifying the scores. Target changers were John McC., Cecil H., Dave C., Terry McN., Bruce B. and George M. ROs were Bert deV., John McC., Terry McN., Bruce B. and Bill H. Many thanks to all for pitching in, (10 people helped out today!!).

Bert deV. - 400/17X
Cecil H. - 399/26X
Guy H. - 399/15X
John McC. - 396/16X
Terry McN. - 393/10X
Don M. - 389/11X
Dave C. - 389/7X
George M. - 388/10X
Bill H. - 387/4X
Bruce B. - 379/9X

Terry McN. - 393/21X
Bruce B. - 386/19X
Bert deV. - 386/14X
Dave C. - 369/9X
Bill H. - 365/8X
Wayne K. - 362/7X
Reid B. - 342/5X
John McC. - 331/6X

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