Monday, May 26, 2014


Today we had 18 shooters brave the cool temperatures (can you believe it - it's the end of May and the temperature could only squeeze out a measly 9 degrees C - even the blackflies are shivering in their booties). As the day wore on however, it did get a bit warmer and the rain did not materialize - so we have something to be thankful for! The WIND was the story as is so often the case in Petitcodiac (come to think about it, that's true of  Minto as well!). The wind ran pretty much constantly at 20km/hr, gusting to 30km/hr on and off. We hung on to our proverbial hats not to mention the rest of our gear and of course, this made for some tricky shooting conditions. Maybe next time we will have sunny quiet periods (we wish!!).
The match ran quickly, thanks to the usual and much appreciated help from many people. Thanks to Brian P., Dan G., Shelly C., Darryl K., and Tony L. for taking the responsibility of  target setting and changing, Rang Safety Officering, and doing Clubhouse chores including the wonderful warmth of the wood stove - it gets darn cold in New Brunswick in May by golly!
A big thanks to Barb J., Dan G. and Shelly C. for the great sweets. That extra sugar helped to sweetened up the bitter taste of some of the shots fired and the sour note of the resulting scores. . . . and helped us stay warm. 
A very strange thing is happening here in Petitcodiac - maybe under the cover of the night. As you can see from the picture of the rifle rack, 75% of the rifles used were Anschutz. This is a huge increase over years past and we can only conclude that they are reproducing when we aren't looking.
Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who participated. We had fun getting together to do what we love best and maybe learned a thing or two about shooting in the wind. Until next time, on the range..... sent by Volker T.

Darryl K - 496/12X
Cecil H. - 494/ X
Matt McA. - 494/17X
Gerald D. - 493/12X
Martin T. - 492/16X
Shelly C. - 492/13X
Volker T. - 491/19X
John C. - 490/11X
Barbara J. - 490/8X
George M. - 489/15X
Tom W. - 487/11X
Dan G. - 487/6X
Carl J. - 485/8X
Don M. - 484/16X
Brian P. - 483/13X
Tom N. - 474/5X
Bruce B. - 457/6X
Tony L. - 367/2X

Monday, May 19, 2014

MAY 18, 2014 - MINTO - 22BR SHOOT

Thanks to Barb J. for sending these results and pictures.         

We had a rainy day in Minto and eighteen shooters participated in the shoot. There were three classes - Open A, B,and Sporter. Bruce B. and Matt McA. were score keepers and Barb J. checked the scoring for them.
George M. and Guy H. each had purchased a new Anschutz and did extremely well. Congratulations to George M. who shot 400/30X - he joins the select Minto 400 club!! 
George M. built on a fire which kept everyone warm and cozy, heated the tea and dried out the wet targets Terry McN.  made coffee to go with muffins and squares. It was a great day!!

1.  George M. - 400 30x
2.  Barbara J. - 399 31x
3.  Guy H. - 398 31x
4.  Cecil H. - 398 29x
5.  Matt M. - 398 29x
6.  Tom W. - 397 27x
7.  Dave C. - 397 26x
8.  Bruce B. - 396 26x
9.  Carl J. - 395 26x
10.Don Mu. - 393 17x
11.Norbert S. - 389 11x

1. Terry McN. - 382 13x
2. Grant Sr. - 370 11x
3. Brad  - 353  3x
4.  Grant Jr. - 317   6x

1.  Wayne K. - 388 17x
2.  Don Me. - 375 10x

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Today was a beautiful day to be at Petitcodiac for a shoot. The wind was light but shifted around quite a bit - if you waited for your conditions to return you sometimes waited for quite a while. Not that this did much good as most of us were attacked by the "yips" and produced a number of flyers. It was 13C today and the sun was out for most of the shoot. Spring is here and we felt lucky to be able to spend a day shooting together.

Thanks are due to a good number of people who  made the shoot possible. Volker was the Match Director and scorer. Dan G. was the RSO while John C. collected fees and produced the stats. The targets were changed by Dan G., Brian P. andTony L. The sweets were brought by Dan G. and Tony L. brought Shelley's famous squares as she couldn't be here. Volker was the camera man when he wasn't pumping the winner's hands.

Dan G. - 298/12X
Tom W. - 297/10X
Dom M. - 297/9X
Cecil H. - 296/11X
Bert deV. - 296/9X
Brian P. - 296/5X
Volker T. - 291/7X
Claude G. - 288/3X
John C. - 283/7X
Tom N. - 277/2X
Tony L. - 273/1X

Monday, May 5, 2014

MAY 4, 2014 - MINTO - 22BR SHOOT

Thanks to Gerry J. for sending these results.

Tom W. - 395/14X
Matt McA. - 393/24X
Don Mu. - 393/18X
Dave C. - 392/22X
Norbert S. - 392/19
George M. - 390/17X
Bruce B. - 388/14X
Malcolm MacD. - 387/16X

Wayne K. - 386/9X
Terry McN. - 384/19X
Grant P. Sr. - 383/13X
Guy H. - 381/16X
Grant P. Jr. - 341/5X

Don Me. - 367/6X