Sunday, April 28, 2013


Today was a beautiful day in Petitcodiac with a clear sky and sunny conditions - this was   wonderful after the cold of winter but it did introduce a bit of mirage. The temperature rose to 17 degrees C. We still had quite a challenge with wind conditions with wind indicators conflicting and showing mixed conditions. In fact there were several gusts and we learned from the handgun shooters next door that these had been strong enough to blow over their target stands - whew - we were lucky I guess that we didn't have that happen to us. So all in all mixed conditions but a really good shoot - and some very good scores.

Today, the Match Director was Volker T. who also scored the targets. Congratulations to Volker for shooting a perfect match and making an entry to the Centerfire 300 Club!
Many thanks to Dan G., Shelley C. and Darryl K. for a great job changing targets.Tom W., Darryl K. and Dan G. were the Range officers and the pictures were taken by Darryl K.
And of course, we are ever so lucky to enjoy the treats brought by Shelley C. and Dan G.


Volker T. - 300/15X
Tom W. - 299/14X
Dan G. - 298/8X
Darryl K. - 296/8X
George C. - 295/14X
Luke C. - 294/7X
Matt A. - 292/5X
Shelley C. - 284/3X
Tony L. - 275/1X
Tom N. - 261/1X 

MINTO - CF SHOOT - 28-04-2013 - RESULTS

We could not have asked for a better day of shooting. Temperature started out at about 0 degrees C. in the morning but rose steadily to hit 20 C. by mid-afternoon. Not only that, but the sun was shining brightly all day which made it harder to see the white targets but which felt so good for sun deprived people coming out of a long winter. Winds were definitely in our favour,  blowing at 5 km/hr for the first few relays, but picked up a little bit towards the end so that the last relays contended with about 10 to 15 km/hr winds.


Today, Wayne K. took registrations and was the Match Director. Wayne also did the target scoring along with verifyer Don M.

Target changers were Dave C. and Jerry J. with a bit of help from Terry McN. during the pistol shoot. The Range Officers today were Terry McN. and Dave C. with Don M. helping out during the pistol shoot. The chef cooking the best darn hot-dogs this side of Winnipeg was Norbert S.


Today's shoot consisted of Open Class Benchrest for Score (30 rounds at 100 M), Sporter/Hunter Class Benchrest for Score (30 rounds at 100 M) and both Centrefire Pistol Class and Rimfire Pistol Class with one scoring target shot for each at 10 Meters.


Open Class Rifle                      Sporter Class Rifle
Open class winners
Bert deV. - 297/18X                   Bert deV. - 278/6X
Gus C. - 293/9X                         Guy H. - 269/2X
Don M. - 291/13X                      Gerry J. - 268/5X
Claude G. - 288/18X                  Wayne K. - 262/5X
John H. - 288/14X
Terry McN. - 287/12X
Dave C. - 282/6X
Malcolm MacD. - 272/8X

Sporter Class Winners
Centerfire Handgun                Rimfire Handgun
B - 78                                                 G - 72
G - 64                                                W - 70
N - 30                                                  T - 58
G - 22

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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Many thanks to Volker T. for the following write-up and results.
We had a really good shoot today with temperatures from 2-8C. Despite a beautiful sunny day and definitely Spring in the air, the winds were 10-20km switching winds making for a challenging shoot for sure. And the wind was a bit cool so there were people still huddling around the stove to get some warmth, even though there was no more snow.

Thanks to all the people helping with the shoot. Volker T. was the Match Director and the humble scoremaster. Volker T. and Jeff. M. looked after the Clubhouse. John C. took registrations. Darryl K., Terry McN. and Dan G. shared the duties of Range Officer.
Thanks to Barbara J. and Shelley C.  for the excellent sweets, and to Dan G. of course for his regular Timbit supply.
A bunch of fine folks took advantage of a beautiful day to walk back and forth to the target holders and while there they changed targets - thank you to Tony L., Shelley C.,      Dan G., John L. and Brian P.

Today's shoot was an Open Class 22 Rimfire Benchrest Shoot with any rifle/any sights. Congratulations to the top three shooters - Matthew McA., Jeff M. and Volker T. and to all for a good shoot! 

                           Matthew McA - 495/19X
                                Jeff M. -  495/13X
                             Volker T.  -  494/16X
                               Dan G.  -  494/10X
                             Shelley C.  - 491/14X
                               Mike H.  -  490/13X                              
                               Brian P.  -  489/17X
                             Barbara J  -  489/11X
                              Darryl K.   -  488/13X
                             George M.  - 487/12X
                               Cecil H.  -  486/14X
                                  Carl J.  -  486/5X
                                John C.  -  483/13X
                                Bruce B.  -  479/8X
                             Stephen C.  -  477/8X
                               Gerald D. -  474/9X
                              Terry McN.   - 466/8X
                                  Tony L. -  455/3X
                                  John L. -  446/2X

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

MINTO - 22 BR SHOOT - April 14, 2013 - RESULTS

I guess it must be Springtime in New Brunswick. The day started with a fresh dusting of snow on the ground and we had to brush snow off the vehicles. It was quite cool at first - around 0 degrees - but as the morning progressed it became warmer, the snow melted and it was mainly sunny.  Light was subdued/not terribly bright and the wind was light - maybe 5 k/hr at times. All in all a good shooting day - the proof of the pudding is in the eating - the scores today proved the conditions. Some really good shooting today!! There were also some record and unusual results. Note the two ties - one for third and one for sixth!

Thanks to everyone who helped out. Wayne K. was Match Director and along with Matthew McA., scored the targets. Carl J., Bruce B., Barbara J. and Dave C. were the Range Officers today. Carl J., Bruce B. and Malcolm McD. changed the targets. And many thanks to Barbara J. for bringing the goodies today.

1.   Cecil H. - 400/30X                                               
2.   Carl J. - 399/30X                                                      
  3.   Barbara J. - 396/24X                                                     
  3.   Malcolm MacD. - 396/24X
5.   George M. - 396/23X
  6.   Matthew McA. - 395/26
  6.   Dave C. - 395/26X
8.   Bruce B. - 395/23X 
9.   Don M. - 382/11X

1.   Guy H. - 394/20X
2.   Gerry J. - 379/13X
3.   Wayne K. - 361/8X

Congratulations to the winners of both classes.  Cecil H. scored 400/30X which earned an entry into the Minto 400 Rimfire Club. Guy H. shot the first-ever perfect Sporter Class target with a score of 100/6X. Congratulations to both you fellows.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013


This shoot was held in Minto on a Saturday in order to make up for another CF shoot which had been cancelled due to inclement weather. Speaking of weather, this shoot was no picnic either - it was snowing pretty steadily from the time we arrived on the range until about the last relay. The wind which was also pretty steady NE at about 20 k/hr for most of the match now picked up a bit. It was the kind of cold and damp weather a fellow might shake his head at and wonder why he left his warm bed so early in the morning to go shooting.?

Well, that same fellow shouldn't wonder too too long once he stops to think that he's doing what he loves to do in the company of some pretty good shooting buddies like these. Today, 11 shooters braved the elements as well as equipment failures and glitches, (without the added benefit of sweets and treats). Wayne K. was the Match Director and, together with Charles C. scored the targets. Charles C., Bruce B., and Dave C. shared the duties of Range Officer. Bert deV., Terry McN., Bruce B., and Dave C. changed the targets - waaaay down there on the other side of the muddy hollow. Thanks to everyone for a great day of shooting and to those who worked behind the scenes.

                         RESULTS - OPEN CLASS                               RESULTS - SPORTER CLASS
                                  Tom W. - 295/16X                                                 Gerry J. - 284/8X
                                  Terry McN. - 291/14X                                            Bert deV. - 275/9X
                                  Don M. - 290/11X                                                  Guy H. - 262/4X
                                  Dave C. - 286/14X                                                Wayne K. - 260/5X
                                  Luke C. - 285/6X
                                  Bruce B/Malcolm MacD. - 230/6X

Open Class Winners

Sporter Class winners
                                G - 68                                                              B - 86
                                T - 62                                                               D - 58
                                W - 59                                                              G - 30
                                D - 37
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Sunday, April 7, 2013


 April . . . . You'd think we were well into the spring by now, and yes the snow is melting and the roads are heaving and the sun is out so you can feel some warmh from it. It was still pretty cool though, hovering around +5 C, with a bit of wind from the South to SouthWest.
Sometimes there was a complete turnaround and the wind was from the North. It's a good thing we had a fire in the stove!
This was a great shoot with 22 shooters attending. They came from Grand Manan, Sussex, Moncton, Salisbury, Oromocto and Durham Bridge and all points between. Volker T. was the Match Director and scorer; Darryl K., Bert deV. and Charles C. shared the duties of Range Officer; and John C. took registrations. Brian P. and Dan G. along with their loyal entourage of Logan G., Matt A., Darryl K. and Tony L. changed the targets. Shelley C., Linda C. and Dan G. brought the wonderful cookies and squares without which we might not have had the energy to complete this shoot. Thanks to all.
A special congratulations to George C. who won the match and also made another entry in the Petitcodiac 300 Centerfire Club. Way to go George!

 George C. - 300/12X
Bert deV - 298/13X
Dan G. - 298/7X
Tom W. - 297/13X
Charles C. - 295/9X
Gus C. - 295/8X
Logan G. - 295/7X
Brian P. - 293/10X
Don M. - 293/3X
Volker T. - 291/4X
Shelley C. - 291/3X
Sandy MacL. - 290/7X
Claude G. - 288/7X
Matt A. - 286/4X
Darryl K. - 285/7X

 Luke C. - 285/5X
John C. - 275/3X
Tom N. - 273/1X
Tony L. - 255/0X
John L. - 200/0X
Lou S. - 156/1X
Martin T - DNC

And what about the famous bet between Darryl K. and Shelley C.? Well Shelley lost the last match and honoured her debt with serving Darryl his beer. Sounds like she did a terrific job. Today our Darryl scored a 285/7X and Shelley topped him with 291/3X.  He lost this match so it's his turn to wear the frilly apron. Hope he can serve well!!
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