Sunday, April 23, 2017


Well it sure was a rotten weather day for April 23. Spring is taking a long time in coming and we are READY for it to finally arrive. The temperature hovered just above 1C in the morning when we left for the range and was
"supposed to" have gone to about 12C which would have been nice. But this did not happen - we might have hit a high of 6C. 

The wind was raw but tolerable with hats and gloves on - it sure was nice to be able to go into the heated clubhouse. The wind did not look like it would
affect our shooting much until we began shooting. Then it turned out to be a bit less predictable than was thought. It switched for fairly long periods of time, between a 9 o'clock and a 3 o'clock wind with a bit of head wind thrown in for good measure. The scores reflected this with the most difficulty experienced during the second relay.

It was nice to welcome a new shooter in our midst - a big hello to Corey M.
John McC. was the match director. Wayne K. the head scorer and Don M. the score verifier. Dave C., John McC.,
George M., Bruce B., were the target changers and the ROs were John McC., Tony L., Dave C. and Bert deV. Dave C. brought the wonderful banana bread. Many thanks to all - your efforts are indeed appreciated.


Bert deV. - 294/13X
Don M. - 294/3X
Volker T. - 293/11X
Tony L. - 290/9X
John McC. - 290/9X
Bill H. - 288/7X
Dave C. - 286/10X
Dan G. - 281/5X


Bill H. - 141/1X
John McC. - 135/0X
Wayne K. - 131/0X
Corey M. - 127/0X
Bruce B. - 120/1X
Norbert S. - DNC


Here are the results of the Centerfire Benchrest shoot held in Petitcodiac. This was run concomitantly with the First Annual Terry F McNeill CF Team Championship.
During this match, only the CF Open Class was shot;

Dan G. -  300/17X
John McC. - 300/15X
Shelly C. - 298/10X
Brian P. - 297/8X
Volker T. - 297/8X
George C. - 296/10X
Cecil H. - 295/19X
Tony L. - 294/11X
Darryl K. - 292/5X
Bruce B. - 292/3X
Matt A. -  293/9X
John C. - 290/7X
Dave C. - 290/5X
Wayne K. - 279/4X

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Hello bench rest shooting enthusiasts!
Reported by John McCluskey

The Petitcodiac Sportsman's Club (PSC) hosted the first Annual Terry F. McNeill Centerfire 
Benchrest Team Shoot in memory of our friend and fellow shooter Terry F. McNeill who passed away recently after a long fight with cancer.

We also used the shoot today as a make up shoot for the PSC regular center fire shoot that had been scheduled for Sunday.

All of us started out in snow covered roads that diminished the closer to the range we came. The day warmed as we shot and the snow had all but disappeared by the time we had completed today’s event. It was nice for a change as the wind was not a big factor today. I would like to thank all the people who came out to support this great event.
In order to make the teams as evenly matched as possible, shooters were divided into three teams. We ended up with 2 teams for PSC and a team representing Minto. We had a lot of fun with great competition all day. In the end PSC team #2 took first place with PSC team #1 a close second followed by team Minto in third spot. It was indeed a close match as the results show.
A meal was supplied by PSC and we thank John C for a job well done once again. Dan G., Shelly C. and Dave C. brought their regular sweets. Thanks everyone! Thanks also to all for pitching in to make this shoot go smoothly.
A few noteworthy individual results - Congratulations to Shelly C. for her 3rd place finish resulting in double medals! Both Dan G. and John McC. shot perfect scores with 300/17X and 300/15X respectively.
A very special thank you to Bruce B. for manufacturing the beautiful trophy for this event in memory of his best friend! He would be very proud of the results of your efforts.

RESULTS: First place = PSC team #2 - Total 1187/46X
Dan G. -           300  17X
George C. -      296  10X
Matt A. -          293   9X
Shelly C. -        298  10X

RESULTS:Second place = PSC team #1 - Total 1180/32X
John C              290   7X
Darryl K           292   5X
Tony L             294   11X
Brian P             297   8X
Volker T           297   8X

RESULTS:Third place = Minto Gun Club - Total 1177/42X
Cecil H             295  19X
Dave C             290   5X
Wayne K          279   4X
Bruce B            292   3X
John McC         300  15X

Monday, April 10, 2017


April in New Brunswick and the weather was quite nice at about 6C above. "Nice", at least by comparison to the conditions we have been shooting in during the last few shoots. 
It was dry - no rain and no snow. It started out a bit cloudy but this broke up and most of the match was shot in sunny conditions. It was in Minto .  .  .  you guessed it .  .  .  it was windy. Very windy at times with winds easily topping 30km/hr in gusts. It was very, very tricky and waiting for your wind to return was a long wait. So most of us shot with a good deal of hold-over. This worked for quite a few shots but it cost on others. The wind switched to and from every direction on the range and it did so quickly that, in the time it took to look from the flags through the scope, there was a good chance that the wind had changed. Our scores bear witness to the difficult conditions. Only one shooter managed to shoot a clean target - congratulations to Gerard D. on this feat.

Today, John McC. was the Match Director who did a bang-up-job on organizing the match and collecting the funds. Head scorer was Don M. with Bill H., John McC. and Wayne K. doing the verifying. The targets were changed by Dave C., Cecil H. and George M. The ROs were Bruce B., BarbJ., John McC., Wayne K. and Matt McA. All the wonderful breads and treats were prepared and brought by Barb J. Pictures were taken by Bert deV. and Barb J. Thanks to all for your help today.

Once all the shooting was done and the scores tallied, it was time for the raffle draw. President Dave C. drew the winning card for the brick of CenterX donated by Hirsch Precision (thanks again Peter and all those who supported the Minto Gun Club by buying a card). The lucky winner (thanking his lucky stars) was Don M.

Bert deV. - 395/14X
Cecil H. - 394/12X
Matt McA. - 392/17X
John McC. - 392/14X
Dave C. - 392/9X
George M. - 386/11X
Bruce B. - 383/6X
Bill H. - 381/10X
Guy H. - 380/10X
Gerard D. - 378/6X
Barb J. - 377/4X
Don Me. - 373/8X
Don M. - 370/3X

Bert deV. - 383/2X
Bruce B. - 364/3X
Bill H. - 359/5X
Wayne K. - 350/3X
Barb J. - 349/2X
John McC. - 348/2X

Monday, April 3, 2017


Ola, mi amigos y amigas.

The way this Spring is headed, we all should be in Cuba doing this, eh?

What do you call an overcast sky, snow flurries during most of the match, temperatures
that stayed in the just-above-uncomfortable range, winds that were all over the place and kind of unfathomable, and a bunch of good friends that like hanging out together and have a lot of fun shooting together? 
Why, New Brunswick Benchrest Shooters about to do it again in Petitcodiac (of course). 

There is some argument to be made that we really come here to sit around a nice warm stove and to eat wonderful treats brought by Shelly C., Barb J. and Dan G. We also
like to get together and chin-wag and .  .  .  once in a while it's our turn to fire off some rounds. But, make no mistake about it, as soon as we're done, we get right back to the treats.

The Match Director (busy fella) today was Volker T. who also did the scoring with Dan G. verifying the scores. Targets were set and changed by Brian P., Shelly C., Dan G., John McC., Chris S., and Cecil H. The Range Officers were Darryl K., John McC., Barb J. and Bert deV. And there was a cornucopia of very tasty treats brought by Shelly, Barb and Dan. Many many thanks for stepping up and helping out everyone.

As you can see, despite the challenging conditions, some pretty good shooting was done. Several 250 targets were shot in Open Class. Special Congrats to Chris S. who shot his first ever 250/10X today!

Cecil H. - 499/22X
Bert deV. - 499/12X
Brian P. - 498/19X
Darryl K. - 498/16X
John McC. - 497/23X
Dave C. - 497/15X
Matt McA. - 496/16X
Chris S. - 495/19X
Volker T. - 495/10X
John C. - 494/15X
George M. - 493/21X
Dan G. - 491/17X
Barb J. - 491/10X
Shelly C. - 490/12X
Don M. - 487/6X
Gerald D. - 486/14X
Bruce B. - 480/10X

Bert deV. - 382/8X
John McC. - 379/8X
Tony L. - 369/2X
Dan G. - 364/4X
Bruce B. - 363/5X
Dave C. - 325/2X