Monday, March 28, 2016


This was Easter Sunday and so a lot of our regular shooters were home eating ham and cracking open the eggs the Easter bunny left for them. The rest were having a pile of fun shooting and hanging out with friends. Eleven happy shooters made the trek to Minto.

This was a beautiful day with a bright sun from sun-up to sun-down and some of the nicest temperatures we have had all year. You can tell from the number of guys who stayed outdoors instead of sitting around the stove. There was some glare from the sun on the snow of course, but not enough to bother the shooting. Winds were almost zero at the beginning when we did our sighting in but did pick up a bit during the match - from maybe 5km/hr to 10km/hr. It was predominantly from left to right during the match but before the last relays switched to uprange. A rifle sighted in on the X dot for most of the match had to be held off about 1 inch left and 1/2" high during the last relay - tricky!

Our match director today was Dave C. who also scored the targets. Because we had one 30BR shooter we adjusted for the smaller calibers - this strategy will be discussed at the semi-annual meeting. Don M. was the score and stats verifier.

Targets were set and changed by Gus C., Luke C., George M., Wayne K., John McC. and Bert deV. The lion's share of ROing was done by Darryl K. with BertdeV. also helping. Dave and Susan C. brought some lovely banana bread which was gratefully gobbled down by a hungry crowd. Many thanks to all for your help today.

Bert deV. - 300/20X
Don M. - 298/11X
Gus C. - 297/9X
John McC. - 296/8X
Luke C. - 294/6X
John M. - 294/6X
Dave C. - 294/4X
Darryl K. - 294/4X
Bill H. - 283/5X
Sandy McC. - 278/6X

Bert deV. - 147/3X
John McC. - 139/0X
Wayne K. - 136/1X

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