Wednesday, April 30, 2014

27-04-2014 - PETITCODIAC - 22 BR SHOOT

Thanks to Volker T. for sending these match results and writeup and also to Darryl K. for sending the pictures.            The day started with overcast and +3C weather and as the day progressed it did not warm up at all but instead a steady drizzling rain commenced. This made for miserable shooting that did not lend itself to scoring the elusive 500 score and on top of that, wet targets that had to be dried out by the wood stove - the drying crew consisted of George M., Martin T., Darryl K. and Volker T. The targets were peeled off from the backers by another crew consisting of Tom N., Dan G., John McC. and Volker T. Thanks to all these guys and also to Tony L. and George for firing up the stoves at both facilities.

The miserable weather was accompanied by typical Petitcodiac winds - constant for the most part at about 15km/h with gusts to about 30km/h. It would stop briefly but only to take a different tack and at those times it would catch some shooters. Occasionally a few words (!) of disappointment would be heard from the firing line among the shooters who were so sorely tried by these conditions. W are hoping the weather will improve for he next match.

Dan G. did a great job as Match Director and scorer not easy when the targets - and bullet holes had been wet. The Range Safety Officers were Dan G. and Darryl K. With the sweets courtesy of  Dan G. and Shelly C., a warm clubhouse and a warm spot next to the stove at the range, we made it through the match with smiles on our faces. Many thanks to all for their help.

Several shooters tried out their new Anschutz rifles during the match - Don M. and George M. - very nice gear guys! Below is a picture of a very special and noteworthy milestone - Martin is holding up an autographed copy of an Anschutz History that was given to him recently by Dieter and Jochen Anschutz along with a covering letter from them. It turns out that Brad Mills of Nordic Marksman in Truro had mentioned Martin's long and ongoing shooting successes with Anschutz firearms to them, which prompted them to send this fine gift to Martin. Well deserved!

Volker T. - 497/17X
Dan G. - 495/19X
Don M. - 495/15X
Bruce B. - 492/12X
Matt McA. - 490/14X
John C. - 490/13X
Darryl K. - 490/10X
George M. - 489/15X
John McC. - 487/9X
Gerald D. - 485/13X
Shelly C. - 485/7X
Terry McN. - 484/11X
Tom N. - 477/8X
Tony L. - 404/3X

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Thanks to Gerry J. for sending the following results.
Congratulations to the winners and to all for a good shoot.

Gus C. - 287/2x
Malcolm MacD. - 283/1X
Tom W. - 282/1X
Dave C. - 282/1X
Don M. - 282/0X
Dan G. - 277/2X
Grant Sr. - 252/7X

Gerry J. - 137/0X
Dan G. - 135/0X
Grant Jr. - 125/0X
Wayne K. - 124/0X
Steven F. - 123/0X

Steven F. - 92
Grant Sr. - 88
Gerry J. - 83
Grant Jr. - 78
Wayne K. - 19

Grant Sr. - 96
Gerry J. - 82
Grant Jr. - 81
Steven F. - 79

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Nova Scotia Provincial Championships

Where: Hosted by Pictou County Military Rifle Association - Stellarton
The PCMRA indoor range is on Foster Avenue, Stellarton, NS. Take Exit 24 off the TCH and head south on Foord Street several blocks. Just past the RCMP (on the left) turn right on to Foster Avenue. Range is several blocks along on the right.

When: May 10 and 11th,  2014. Registration 9:00 AM each day

Fee: Match entry fee is $10 per match.

Contact: Bert McDonald at 902-396-4542

Sporting Rifle Prone 600 Pts.
Sporting Rifle 3P  600 Pts.
Match Rifle Prone  600 Pts.
Match Rifle 3P  600 Pts.
"F" Class Rifle  300 Pts.
"C" No. 7 Rifle  300 Pts.
Air Rifle/Pistol 600 Pts.(Men) & 400 Pts.(Women)

1. Air Match will be Saturday evening 5:00 PM start. Rifle and pistol shooting concurrent.
2. All Matches will be shot concurrent.
3. First competitors to sign in will be on the first relay.
4. Each relay will shoot 3 targets then retire for the 2nd relay to shoot 3 targets, etc.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hello fellow shooters;
Please see below the Annual Spring Report from Michael Lutes, the Interim President of the RNBRA:

Michael Lutes - Interim
President of RNBRA

Click on this link: RNBRA - Spring Report

Sunday, April 13, 2014


After several days of spring-like weather today started with temperatures near or below 0 and a forecast of snow and rain for later in the day. It turned out much better than that with temperatures closer to 6C, the occasional sunny period and very light winds. As is usual in Petitcodiac, the wind was tricky with flags closest to the building pointing one way while flags downrange were pointing in the opposite direction. Waiting for the same conditions did not always work as some of the unfavourable conditions persisted for quite a long time.
The drive down to the range was pleasant with a lot of sun which warmed up the car nicely for us old fellows - even if some found it too hot! There were many many deer along the side of the highway - it was good to see so many had survived the winter in this part of the province. Sadly, on the way home we saw 3 or 4 which had been struck by vehicles and were lying by the side of the road. We also saw many ducks that had returned to our area. Most were standing on the ice as there was relatively little open water as yet.

This shoot was attended by 14 shooters - the number a bit low for a fine day in New Brunswick. This may have been due to a conflicting 22 BR shoot in Minto. At any rate, we had a lot of fun and even shot not too badly. Truth be told - we were prodded on to do well by the younger shooters among us. It was also good to see Claude and Darryl who dropped by before the shoot.

Thanks are due to Volker T. who was the Match Director and to Dan G. who did the scoring. The target stands were assembled by Shelly C., Cecil H. and Dan G. Targets were changed by Brian P., Volker T and Bert deV. The RSO duties were done by Bert deV., Terry McN., Volker T. and Brian P. Both Shelley C and Dan G. brought the necessary treats. Thanks to all.

Cecil H. - 299/9X
Bert deV. - 298/12X
Dan G. - 297/9X
Kayelyn A. - 296/12
Tom W. - 293/8X
Don M. - 293/7X
Gus C. - 290/6X
Shelly C. - 287/7X
Brian P. - 283/9X
Matt A. - 281/4X
Terry McN. - 276/8X
Tony L. - 272/2X
Norbert S. - 263/1X

APRIL 13, 2014 - 22 BR SHOOT - MINTO

This shoot was scheduled as a "make-up" for the earlier shoot that had to be cancelled due to too much snow on the range.

Thanks to Gerry for sending these results.

Matt McA. - 398/30X
George M. - 395/24X
Dave C. - 395/21X
Malcolm MacD. - 394/19X
Bruce B. - 391/19X
Guy H. - 389/14X

Guy H. - 393/24X
Grant P. Sr. - 375/13X
Grant P. Jr. - 357/17X

Wayne K. - 395/20X
Bruce B. - 378/14X
Gerry J. - 378/9X