Sunday, May 31, 2015

MAY 31, 2015 - MINTO - 22BR - RESULTS

The 22BR shoot in Minto was attended by 14 shooters despite the rainy weather. There were some very good scores shot today with Matt McA. taking top honours with a possible 400/10X. Congratulations Matt.

Wayne K. was the Match Director
Matt McA. scored the targets.
Don M. verified the scoring.
Bruce B., Barb J., Carl J. and Terry McN. did the Range Officer duties.
Bruce B., Dave C., Terry McN.,Cecil H., Wayne K., John McC. and Barb J. all helped with targets.
Barb J. took the pictures

Many thanks to all for helping out today.

1. Matt McA. - 400/10X
2. Cecil H. - 399/23X
3. John McC - 39918X
4. Guy H. - 399/13X
5. Terry McN. - 398/9X
6. Barb J. - 398/6X
7. Dave C. - 394/7X
8. Gerard D. - 393/6X
9. Malcolm McD. - 391/9X
10. George M. - 389/8X
            11. Carl J. - 388/10X
            12. Don M. - 384/10X
            13. Bruce B. - 383/5X


            1. Bruce B. - 379/7X
            2. Wayne K. - 372/4X

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


This morning, during the trip to Petticodiac it rained - pretty steady and hard at times. However, by the time the shoot started there was a complete turn-around in the weather with clouds disappearing and sunny - with only the occasional cloud to change the conditions on the target face. Winds were very strong and, as is true of the Petticodiac range for most shoots, shifting all over the range. Despite all this, some very good scores were posted - no 500 mind you - but good just the same.
Today, Dan G. was the Match Director and scorer with Shelly C. providing the score verification. Range duties were admirably performed by Bruce B., Terry McN. and Darryl K. The treats we've all come to expect and love were provided by Barb J., Shelly C. and Dan G. Darryl K. was the photographer and sent the results. Thanks to all for your efforts on our behalf.

Cecil H. - 498/22X
Darryl K. - 495/17X
Terry McN. - 495/11X
Gerard D. - 492/14X
Dan G. - 492/10X
Matt McA. - 489/15X
George M. - 489/9X
Bruce B. - 488/6X
John C. - 487/10X
Barb J. - 487/8X
Logan G. - 486/13X
Don M. - 485/10X
Guy H. - 482/7X
Tom N. - 476/15X
Shelly C. - 473/11X
Carl J. - 451/1X
Tony L. - 433/2X

Monday, May 25, 2015


Missing from the previous post was the presentation to Barb Jamieson of her Petitcodiac 500 Club Badge. This should have been mentioned with fanfare as it is something to be proud of.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


The Annual Team shoot took place on May 23, 2015 at the Lake George Gun Club ranges. 
Teams came from Petitcodiac, Minto and Lake George during, what has to be the awfulest May 23rd on record with high winds, snow, sleet, hail, rain and whatever (short of airplanes and satellites) could fall out of the sky. You have to wonder how a 40gn slow moving 22lr bullet could thread it way through all the stuff - and still print some very respectable 100yd scores. Shooters shot 2 targets for a possible 400/40X.
The match was run by Match Director Terry McN. while Bruce B. and Jerry J. shared most of the other duties. Darryl K. was the photographer and sent the results. Many thanks fellows, for your hard work in making this a successful event. Lake George also provided a warm stove and a lunch that was devoured by hungry and cold shooters.
Each team was comprised of the top 4 shooters whose scores were totaled. Congratulations to Team Petitcodiac which won with a 12 point margin.

L>R:  Darryl K., Dan G., John McC.and Logan G.

John McC - 385/12X
Dan G. - 373/9X
Logan G. - 372/7X
Darryl K. - 370/11X

TEAM MINTO - 1488/38X
Cecil H. - 386/16X
Guy H. - 375/8X
John M. - 375/8X
George M. - 352/6X
Wayne K. - 352/2X

Terry McN. - 376/8X
Norbert S. - 373/9X
Bruce B. - 360/6X
Jerry J. - 356/6X

Saturday, May 23, 2015


For pictures and results of the 2015 Kelbly Super shoot click here: Kelbly Super Shoot. Fifteen Canadians in attendance and doing pretty well.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


The day started out with a downpour and driving to the range was a bit of a challenge - especially for those of us who might have had tires that were a bit more bald than we would have wanted - as the ruts in the highway were filled with rain and
hydroplaning was a definite possibility. The range was also very well irrigated and soggy in low-lying areas. The weather stayed a bit wet with occasional light misty showers during the match. The temperature was a bit chilly for this time of year and I'm guessing it may not even
have hit the forecasted 12 C. The winds were pretty reasonable with hardly any movement in the flags during the first relay. As the day progressed the wind did pick up a bit with up-range and left-to-right switching gusty winds at about 15 km/hr. interspersed
with no winds at all. Interesting conditions for sure and although the scores were pretty good the X-count did reflect the tricky conditions.
Despite this, 15 shooters attended this Centerfire BR and Sporter shoot in Minto. It was really nice to see Luke C. attend again after many months of doing what teenagers do. He shot very well given that he hadn't shot in over a year.

Congratulations are due to Gus C. who shot a perfect 300 with 9Xs and who joins the elite Minto 300 club.  
Special mention to Norbert S. who is getting his .223 tuned and shot very well indeed. Also to John Mc. who shot two consecutive targets in which his shots went through the same hole - the cleanest I've ever seen. Unfortunately he had some equipment problems which resulted in his score for the day.

Many thanks to Wayne K. for being the Match Director and the scorer and also to Don M. for verifying the scores. The ROs were Grant P. Sr., Terry McN. and Bert deV. Targets were changed by John Mc., Terry McN., Bruce B., Dave C. and Bert deV.   Treats were provided by Grant P. Jr. and his girlfriend who was on hand to observe. Many thanks to all.

Gus C. - 300/9X
Terry McN. - 299/10X
Norbert S. - 298/8X
Dan G. - 297/2X
Don M. - 296/7X
Luke C. - 295/3X
Bruce B. - 294/5X
Bert deV. - 293/11X
Dave C. - 282/0X
Mack MacD. - 265/1X
Grant P. Sr. - 247/1X
John McC. - 236/5X

Bert deV.- 149/2X
Gerry J. - 143/3X
Dan G. - 142/1X
Terry McN. - 140/2X
Wayne K. - 132/0X
Grant P. Jr. - 59/0X

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Today's Mother's Day Centerfire BR for score shoot was well attended by 13 shooters. We missed Volker T. and hope that he and his wife are having a very pleasant mother's day in Italy where they are having a vacation.
The wind was the big story in Petitcodiac today - mainly because there wasn't any. Oh sure, the flag tails fluttered a little from time to time and the Daisywheels did spin around a bit now and then but waiting for the prevalent condition - no wind - was no chore and no shooter even came close to using up the allotted 15  minutes firing time. It started out as a bit of a rainy day when we were travelling to the range, but true to the forecast, the rain stopped in the late morning and the temperatures did eventually reach the mid 20sC. It was only during the first relay that rain played any role at all. The sky remained overcast which provided us with even light throughout the entire match.

Some good scores were recorded with Dan G. reaching the illusive perfect target of 300 points with 18Xs - congratulations Dan.
Many thanks to Dan G. for being the Match Director and scoring the targets - and also to Shelly C. for verifying the scoring. Thanks to BertdeV. and John McC. for ensuring a safe range and serving as ROs. Targets were changed by Brian P., John McC., Tony L., Shelly C, Logan G. and his friend who came to observe. Many thanks all. Oh Yeah - treats were provided by Shelly C. and Dan G. - also many thanks.


Dan G. - 300/18X
Bert deV. - 299/18X
Cecil H. - 298/13X
George C. - 296/10X
John McC. - 296/6X
Logan G. - 294/8X
Don M. - 294/7X
Brian P. - 293/5X
Norbert S. - 291/5X
Ron M. - 290/7X
Tom N. - 285/6X
Tony L. - 283/6X
Shelly C. - 282/3X

Sunday, May 3, 2015

MAY 3, 2015 - MINTO 22BR - RESULTS

 It was simply gorgeous out today in Minto with no clouds and sunny all day. Temperatures rose from about 0C, when we left, to about 20C by the end of the shoot. Needless to say we enjoyed our first real warm spring shoot - without winter coats, hats and gloves.
 The winds were another story. Although quite mild - generally around 5 km/hr - they ranged from none at all to some relays which had to contend with stronger winds that gusted up to about 15km/hr and switched up and down the range as well as
across from right to left and backwards. This caught a few shooters by surprise. You would study the wind and, satisfied that you knew what was going on, duck down behind your scope to let loose a perfect shot. The result was sometimes not at all what was expected so you look up,
only to find the flags had reversed completely. Despite this we had no cross-fires today - a good thing, eh?!!

Despite these challenges, we all had a good time. The Match Director and scorer today was Matt McA. The score verifier

was Dave C. The ROs  were Bruce B., Terry McN. and Bert deV. Targets were put up by Wayne K., Dave C., Terry McN., Ron M., John McC. and Bert deV. Thanks to everyone who helped out. Oh, by the way, we did miss Barb J. and her wonderful cookies and other treats!

Bert deV. - 399/14X
George M. - 397/12X
Terry McN. - 395/14X
Guy H. - 390/11X
Mack MacD. - 390/11X
Dave C. - 389/13X
Bruce B. - 381/8X
John McC. - 374/10X
Matt McA. - 369/7X
Ron M. - 362/2X

Bert deV. - 383/9X
Bruce B. - 378/4X
Don Me. - 375/5X
Wayne K. - 369/2X
Grant P. Sr. - 348/8X
Grant P. Jr. - 240/0X