Wednesday, November 23, 2016


We were very late getting started due to the Annual General Meeting time running way over but 13 shooter signed up and away we went. 
The weather was unsettled, misty with rain showers and a slight cross wind to make it interesting. 
Today we used 3 new fun targets that looked deceptively simple but turned out to be quite a challenge. One of the targets had connected diamonds in a large diamond pattern. The scoring area was ¾” by ¾” but the pattern caused almost a hypnotic sight picture in your scope. It got to all shooters to some degree. It caused a lot of “wows”, groans and laughter. It was a lot of fun and as we were shooting the last targets and completing the final scoring the day was getting dark very quickly. It was decided to pay cash awards for first and second place in both the open and sporter classes. All the winners returned the money to be put into the club coffers! Way to go winners!
The match director was John McC. The scorer was Wayne K. with Matt McA. doing the verification. Target changers were Roger L., George M., Dave C. and John McC. RO duties were carried out by Roger L., George M. and Don M. Oh yes, let's not forget our super cook - Dave C. The hot dogs were delicious and the sweets were numerous.- thank you Barb J. and Dorothy McC. Thank you all for another successful fun shoot!

John McC. - 224
Don M.   - 218
Guy H.    - 214
Matt McA.  - 210
Dave C.  - 209
Roger L.  - 205
Bruce B. - 196
George M.  - 178

Roger L.   - 222
John McC   - 202
Wayne K.   - 137
Mack MacD.  - 101
Grant P. Sr. - DNC

Report by John McC.

Monday, November 14, 2016


Thanks to John McC. for sending this shoot report and also some pictures. Thanks to Barb J. for some more pictures.

What a wonderful day for a fun shoot. The sun was shining and the temperature went up as the day progressed. The wind was workable also. 

We started off the day by presenting Barb J. a cup cake complete with a candle and singing her "Happy Birthday". She was surprised and happy at the same time along with quickly pointing out the culprit who let the cat out of the bag! Barb was as happy and excited as a little girl at her birthday was the case today.

We then started the fun shoot with the larger candies pasted on a target sheet, some hanging down swinging in the wind and some solid mounted on small sticks. Everyone thought it was great. There were a lot of smiles all around. ...THEN, we set up the smaller candies! A lot of comments but still a lot of smiles. Everyone had a great time! 

As you can see by the pictures there was an abundance of sugary treats on hand as always. Thanks to Barb J., Shelly C., Mrs McC. and Dan G. We would like to welcome Chris and Neal to the shoot today. Good to see new faces! John McC. was match director and very lenient scorer. RO duties were performed by Dan G., Volker T. and Darryl K. who were also very lenient with the time. Targets were set up by John McC., Barb J., George M. and Neal. Range clean up was completed by Dan G. and Neal while the scores were being tallied.

Thanks to everyone for a very successful shoot.

                      LARGE     SMALL     TOTAL
Volker T. -        250        240         490
Dan G. -          240        250         490
George M. -     250        230         480
Cecil H. -        240        240         480
John McC. -    250        220         470
Darryl K. -       250        210         460
Matt McA. -     240        170         460 ?
Barb J. -          240        220         460
Logan G. -       220        190         410
Tony L. -         180        150          330
Chris S. -        110        210          320
Neal P. -         120         60          180    

Monday, November 7, 2016


Well here we are - shooting the last match of the shooting schedule of 2016 - the Minto Centerfire Final Shoot. Only a few fun shoots and the Christmas shoots left to go. I guess time does fly when you're having fun.
It was a little nippy in the morning when we travelled to the range but not as cold as the day before. The temperature rose to about 6C during the course of the day and it remained overcast for most of the relays. We did see the sun occasionally and when it came out it felt nice and warm but this was fleeting at best. It did not rain or snow although it felt like it would - soon. The winds were mostly right to left and also sporadic which made it a bit more difficult to predict the point of impact. Once you hunkered down behind the eye-piece it could change quite a bit.
Today, John McC. was the Match Director - a bit of a surprise to him as he came a bit late. Don M. was scorer and John McC. verified the scores. Targets were set and changed by George M.,(George came to shoot pistol and volunteered to help with targets - thanks George), as well as Guy H., John McC., Dave C. and Bert deV. The ROs for the match were Dave C., Wayne K., Bill H., and Bert deV. Tony L. brought some of Shelly's delicious treats which disappeared quite quickly - why were we not surprised!? Roger L. did a Tim's run and came back with coffee and muffins just in time for lunch. Thanks to all for lending a helping and generous hand.

Bert deV. - 300/17X
John McC. - 300/16X
Dan G. - 299/15X
Don M. - 298/11X
Bill H. - 297/12X
Norbert S. - 297/12X
Volker T. - 297/12X
Dave C. - 295/7X
Tony L. - 291/5X
Guy H. - 283/3X
Roger L. - 281/3X

Bert deV. - 150/7X
Bill H. - 145/4X
Roger L. - 145/3X
Dan G. - 145/1X
Wayne K. - 137/0X
John McC. - 133/1X

Thursday, November 3, 2016


It was a great day for the fly buster shoot with a cool, overcast day to start out with. On the first round of targets the sun came out bright enough to blind the shooters but it didn’t last long. We were lucky though as the heavy target wetting mist waited till the second half of the last round.
With all the good-natured complaining about small flies, no points for wing hits, maybe we should use bumblebees or dragon flies and Darryl’s favorite “I want 3 points for a wing hit next year” I would say the shoot was a great success.
Twelve great shooters attended this year’s fly shoot and did all they could to blow away the pesky fly images. As can be seen by the scores I think the flys did quite well this year. We should have a good crop again for next year’s contest between fly and man! 
Many thanks to the people who worked together to make this shoot a success. John McC was match director and scorer with Volker T. checking the targets. John C had his hand out for $5.00 bills as usual. Dan G. and Darryl K. were the range officers. Target changers were Dan G., Bruce B., Brian P. and John McC. Tony L. and Dave C.  put on their aprons and whipped up some tasty treats (thanks Shelly and Mrs C) and of course, let’s not forget Dan’s Tim Bits. Another great day of bench rest shooting with good friends! 

RESULTS (HPS = 150):
John McC. - 99
Cecil H. - 87
Brian P. - 68
Dave C. - 67
Dan G. - 60
Volker T. - 56
Matt A. - 55
Darryl K. - 54
Bruce B. - 49
John C. - 48
Tony L. - 32
Tom N. - 30

Submitted by John McC 


This close to winter, is was a bit cold in Florenceville last Saturday with temperatures rising only slightly from 3C. It was a day of winter caps, runny noses and trigger fingers that did not feel the trigger at times. Even so, the day was enjoyed by all.
It remained overcast and there were a few sprinkles of rain. We could see quite a bit of rain (or was it snow?) on a hilltop across the river but we were spared the worst of it. The wind was not too bad at about 15km/hr., coming predominantly from up-range, except where there is a dip in the range with an opening at the left - there the wind came up from the valley and was usually left to right.
There was some very fine shooting done today with 12 out of 15 targets with no points lost. One shooter had eye problems in the first relay, another ran out of ammo and had use a hunting load for the last target and one shooter lost feel of his trigger so had a premature discharge. Can you imagine if everything had gone right - a pretty good level of competition eh?

RESULTS - BR @ 200m:
John McC. - 100/6X + 100/6X + 100/6X = 300/18X
Bert deV. - 100/7X + 100/4X + 100/3X = 300/14X
Greg S. - 100/5X + 100/5X + 88/1X = 288/11X
Greg R. - 86/0X + 100/4X + 100/8X = 286/11X

RESULTS - MTR Prone @ 200m:
Ash P. - 100/4X + 100/4X + 97/6X = 297/14X