Monday, September 28, 2015


Today was the much awaited Petitcodiac Centerfire BR Championship. Fourteen shooters who had qualified during the year were in attendance - we missed Ron M., Brian P. and Dan G. who had bagged a moose, (congrats - hope we get to sample some of it!!)

The day started out quite cool but sunny, (around 1C with frost on the windshield and grass - darn - winter is coming). In fact it was a beautiful drive down to the range with a good coffee, good talk and lots of keen anticipation for the day. At the range, the temperatures climbed steadily and ended up around 14C at the end of the shoot. The wind was all over the place - the tall flag next to the building said right to left, the daisy wheels closest to the
firing line said mostly left to right and further down range they often said 12 or 6 o'clock. Sometimes, the indicators were wildly spinning around. So, it ended up being a waiting game - there was plenty of time to wait for conditions to return - thank goodness. Even so, there were some unexpected hits - more so for shooters shooting lighter bullets in the 223s.

It was a very enjoyable time with friends, thanks to the hard work of Volker T. who was Match Director and scorer. John Mc. was the score verifier and also did the lion's share of target changing. Other target changers included Shelly C., Don M. and Bert deV. while the ROs for the day were Terry McN. and Bert deV. Many thanks to all for their help. 


Bert deV. - 300/13X   - (30BR)
Cecil H. - 299/16X   - (6mmPPC)
Volker T. - 299/14X   - (6.5 X 47)
Don M. - 298/6X   - (6mmBR)
Terry McN. - 296/6X  -  (6mmBR)
John McC. - 289/5X   - (223)
Shelly C. - 286/6X  -  (223)
Bruce B. - 286/3X  -  (222)
Matt A. - 284/6X   - (6X47)
Norbert S. - 284/4X   - (223)
John C. - 283/4X   - (223)
George C. - 283/3X   - (30BR/6BR)
Tony L. - 281/4X   - (22/250)
Tom N. - 278/1X   - (223)

After the second relay was completed, everyone went to the club house for lunch. Many thanks to John C. who organized this and provided the sandwiches and condiments. Thanks also go to Shelly C. who provided the squares and to John McC.'s wife who made lovely chocolate cupcakes. Once we were re-invigorated with some food in us, we completed the last relay and returned for the Award Presentations at the club house.

The Awards presented today included the Championship Prizes as well as plaques and medals for notable results during the regular shooting season. After the Awards Presentation, a draw was held for many nice prizes from the prize table. Many thanks to John C. for his hard work in organizing and obtaining the awards and prizes.

Championship Prizes:

Trophy and Cash Prize: 1st Place - Bert deV.
Plaque and Cash Prize: 2nd Place - Cecil H.
Plaque and Cash Prize: 3rd Place - Volker T.
Medal and Cash Prize: 4th Place - Don M.
Medal and Cash Prize: 5th Place - Terry McN.

< Highest Match Score during the Regular Season:

Bert deV. with a score of 300/23X  received a plaque.

Highest Single Target Sheet during the Regular Season:     >
Volker T., Cecil H and Bert deV. tied with a score of 100/8X and received a medal.

Petitcodiac 300 Club Crests:     >

Shooters who had shot a perfect centerfire target score of 300 are members of the 300 Club and were presented with jacket crests. They include Matt A., George C., Bert deV., Dan G., Cecil H., Brian P. and Volker T. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Today was a record breaker! No shooting records were set but the wind outdid itself today in Minto. The wind is usually quite tricky in Minto, coming up through the pit with the lake in it or whistling around the corners of the shooting building. After some practice shots before the match begins or even when shooting sighters it takes a few minutes to learn the wind and its effect on your shooting. No such luck today. We shot a few practice shots and made sure our gear was functioning properly but when our relays came up all we had learned was out the window.

The wind changed from relay to relay - one relay was favoured by a complete calm for about half the time allotted, the next one had winds of about 40 k/hr whistling from right to left or from 1 or 2 o'clock. Several relays had winds switching from side to side so quickly it was had to follow the Daisy wheels and adjust. A lot of scope clicking and holding over happened and the scores reflected this. One fellow said this was the most difficult wind condition we shot in this year and a lot of us agreed.
On top of this all we started out with a cloudy sky and halfway through the match we had some pretty heavy rain. On the way home, of course, the sun came out and the rest of the day turned out to be beautiful. If you think we're complaining, you'd be wrong. We had a great time shooting with friends. . . . and the winners really did shoot very well indeed given the conditions.
Barb J. and John McC's wife made life complete with delicious banana bread, cinnamon loaf and chocolate
chip cookies. Many thanks (no supper for some of us). Today, Matt McA. was the Match Director and organizer and scored the targets as well with Don M. verifying the scores and math. The ROs were Grant P. Sr., Grant P. Jr., Barb J., Gerry J. and Terry McN. Targets werechanged by a large crew of George M., John McC., Bert deV., Barb J., Terry McN., Guy H., Wayne K. and Dave C. Many thanks for all the help to make this match a good one.


Gerrard D. - 398/8X
Matt McA. - 398/5X
Carl J. - 397/15X
Dave C. - 397/13X
Barb J. - 396/12X
Guy H. - 394/9X
John McC. - 393/9X
Mac MacD. - 392/9X
Terry McN. - 391/12X
Bruce B. - 391/9X
Bert deV. - 389/12X
George M. - 386/9X
Don M. - 385/4X


 Bert deV. - 383/6X
Grant P. Sr. - 381/6X
Wayne K. - 377/4X
Gerry J. - 361/6X
Grant P. Jr. - 287/1X

Monday, September 14, 2015



Today was an excellent day to hold the final 22BR Championship  Shoot. The weather was mostly calm for the first four relays, then the wind picked up. The temperature was around 14C. – 18C along with good lighting. Twenty-five shooters attended from around the province. The competition was keen and with close scores; one missed shot could have an impact on the outcome, and in several cases it did. As we can see almost 75% of the shooters used Anschutz Rifles. This speaks well of this fine firearm. A break was taken at half time and everyone had a chance to partake of some sandwiches and sweets. Thanks to John C. for looking after managing the food service and prize gathering. Thanks to Shelly, John McC., and Barb J. for the sweets on the range. Thanks to Bruce B., Dan G., and Tom N. for doing the RO ‘ing. Volker T. was your friendly Match Director and Scorer. Dan G. and John McC. acted as score verifiers. Thanks to Dan G., and John McC. for target setting. . . and to Tony L. for target maintenance.

The 1st Place and the Martin F. Topf Cup went to John McC., 2nd Place with plaque went to Darryl K. (accepted by Shelly on his behalf), 3rd Place with plaque went to Cecil H., 4th Place with medal went to Volker T., and 5th Place with medal was presented to Dan G. The winners also received a cash award. The preliminary High Match Score (500x32) and preliminary High Single Target Score plaques (250x18) were awarded to Volker T.  After the presentation of awards, a draw was held for various nice prizes from the prize draw table. 
The idea was put forth recently to rename the Final Rimfire shoot "The Martin F. Topf Championship", and all thought this was a good idea. Martin was told about this several weeks ago and he was pleased - it made his day. Unfortunately, he passed away recently and missed this shoot. His friends and fellow shooters miss him and he will be fondly remembered by all. His family thank the shooters for this fitting memorial and thoughtful consideration of all that Martin has done for the shooting community.
The Petitcodiac Sportsmens Club Committee thanks all of the shooters for attending this series of Rimfire BR shoots throughout the year and wish them successful shooting in the coming year. 

The Martin F. Topf Championship - 22BR - RESULTS:
John McC.   -  250/11X + 250/14X =   500/25X  (Ansch.)
Darryl K.   -  250/9X + 250/10X =   500/19X  (Ansch.)
Cecil H.   -  250/10X + 249/14X =   499/24X  (Ansch.)
Volker T.   -  249/9X + 250/14X =   499/23X  (Ansch.)
Dan G.    - 250/8X + 249/11X =   499/19X  (Ansch.)
John M.   -  249/10X + 249/6X =   498/16X  (Time)
Brian P.   -  248/4X + 250/11X =   498/15X  (Ansch.)
Terry McN.   -  250/9X + 248/5X =   498/14X  (Brno.)
Guy H.   -  247/9X + 250/8X =   497/17X  (Ansch.)
Mathew McA.   -  249/12X + 247/9X =   496/21X  (Rem.)
Dave C.   -  248/8X + 248/11X =   496/19X  (Ansch.)
Jeff M.   -  250/11X + 245/12X =   495/23X  (Ansch.)
John C.   -  245/10X + 250/10X =   495/20X  (Ansch.)
Gerard D.   -  248/9X + 247/8X =   495/17X  (Sav.)
Don M.   -  247/8X + 248/8X =   495/16X  (Ansch.)
Logan G.   -  249/6X + 246/9X =   495/15X  (Ansch.)
Bruce B.   -  245/6X + 250/7X =   495/13X  (Custom)
Barb J.   -  247/9X + 247/12X =   494/21X  (Ansch.)
Carl J.   -  243/5X + 249/7X =   492/12X  (Ansch.)
Norbert S.   -  244/10X + 247/9X =   491/19X  (Ansch.)
George M.   -  244/10X + 245/7X =   489/17X  (Ansch.)
Tom N.   -  242/4X + 241/7X =   483/11X  (Sav.)
Wayne K.   -  237/7X + 240/3X =   477/10X  (Sav.)
Shelly C.   -  235/1X + 240/3X =   475/4X  (Ansch.)
Tony L.   -  234/2X + 235/6X =   469/8X  (Rem.)
From Left: John McC., Shelly C. accepting on behalf of Darryl K., Cecil H., Volker T. and Dan G.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


The Minto Centerfire 200 yard shoot was held on a great shooting day. There were only 5 shooters probably because most others had fulfilled the 200 yard shoot requirement for the final shoot. At any rate, guys had fun and shot pretty well at a longer range than usual.

John McC. - 276/2X
Guy H. - 276/1 

Wayne K. - 147/3X
Grant P. Sr. - 127/2X
Grant P. Jr. - 106/0X

Thursday, September 10, 2015



Shawnee KS, September 2, 2015 IMR Legendary Powders is officially announcing a product safety warning and recall notice for IMR 4007SSC on the six lot numbers listed below.  IMR has received reports that this particular powder in 1lb and 8lb containers may have become unstable due to possible rapid deterioration. Use of this product from these lot numbers shown on the enclosed label may result in spontaneous combustion, fire damage or possible serious injury.

                              LOCATION                                                                                  LOT NUMBERS
                IMR 4007 SSCLot Number Location.jpg                                                                      Text Box: 10130139
      What to do:
1.      Stop using this product immediately! Fill the powder container with water which will render the product inert and safe for disposal.
2.      Mail, email or fax a copy of the powder label showing the lot number to the contact information below to include your name, address, phone and email.
3.      Replacement choice of any other IMR smokeless powder product will be shipped to you for no charge.
4.      If you have loaded the powder subject to this recall into ammunition, we recommend that you pull the bullets, remove the powder and wet the powder with water for safe disposal.
IMR deeply regrets any inconvenience this may cause, but we believe in safety first.
Contact information: IMR Powder Company, 6430 Vista Drive, Shawnee, KS 66218, email, call 1-800-622-4366 or 913-362-9455 and fax 913-362-1307.