Monday, February 29, 2016

February 28, 2016 - MINTO CF BR - RESULTS

Well here it is - the end of February. Winter is on it's last legs - although a lot can still happen - this is New Brunswick after all and we have had heavy storms into April in years past.
We've gone through some pretty weird winter weather in the last few days. A deep freeze, rain, snow, ice pellets, thunder and lightning and day-time temperatures to +9C and another deep freeze. The Nashwaak river is high but open for about 1/2 of it's course to my place and my backyard has had a good deal of flooding (ice now). Interesting to say the least. You might recall the saying about the East Coast - "If you don't like the weather, just wait 10 minutes".

Today, for our match in Minto, the weather was quite nice. It was overcast but nothing came out of the sky. It was cool but
nothing like our last match here. It was windy - from 0 to about 25km/hr - the wind came from 9:00 o'clock when we were sighting in our rifles. Just before the first relay it switched to 2:00 o'clock and depending on the relay, it would switch back and forth between these extremes. Hard to keep track of and harder yet to get a shot off before it would switch again. Despite this, we had a superb display of shooting by Luke C. who recorded a 300/10X and enters the exalted Minto Hall of Fame. Congratulations go to Luke - even more so since he hasn't been shooting for quite a while. 
Fourteen shooters attended this match from Salisbury, Sussex, Minto, Durham Bridge and Oromocto, Grand Lake and other lesser known centers of shooting excellence. We welcome Roger L. who came shooting for the first time and who shot well indeed with his hunting rifle.
The Match Director today was Wayne K. who also did the scoring while Don M. was the score verifier. Scoring was tricky today as we were experimenting with overlays that would make a .224 and .243 bullet hole the same diameter as a 30 caliber bullet hole. The targets were set and replaced by Terry McN., Roger L., Dave C., Luke C., John McC. and Gus C. The ROs for today were Norbert S., Darryl K. and Bert deV. Roger provided everyone with a hot cup of coffee from Tim H. - a welcome treat for all. Many thanks to all who pitched in.

Luke C. - 300/10X (22BR)
Bert deV. - 299/14X (6mmBR)
Dave C. - 299/5X (.223 Rem)
Terry McN. - 296/12X (6mmBR)
Don M. - 296/8X (30BR)
Dan G. - 295/6X (6mmPPC)
Gus C. - 294/9X (.223 Rem)
John McC. - 293/8X (.223 Rem)
Tony L. - 293/5X (.223 Rem)
Darryl K. - 292/2X (.223 Rem)
Norbert S. - 288/1X (.223 Rem)
Guy H. - 284/3X (6mmBR)
Roger L. - 283/5X (22-250 Rem)
Sandy McC. - 265/1X (.222 Rem)

Bert deV. - 146/3X (.222 Rem)
Wayne K. - 145/3X (.223 Rem)
Dan G. - 145/2X (223 Rem)
Terry McN. - 139/2X (22-250 Rem)
John McC. - 139/1X (.223 Rem)
Volker T. - 139/0X (.223 Rem)
Roger L. - 134/1X (22-250 Rem)

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