Monday, March 24, 2014


Thanks to Darryl K. who sent the write up and the pictures. It was a nice shoot, as Minto always is. However, the wind was very punishing. The shooters who did well deserved it big time.

Thanks to Dave C, who was the Match Director while Wayne K. did the scoring. Norbert S. and Dave C. were the Range Officers. Targets were changed by Dave C., George M. and Barbara J. Thanks also to Barbara J. who brought the sweets.

Dave C. - 393/24X
Barbara J. - 392/15X
Cecil H. - 391/21X
Dan G. - 390/20X
Malcolm MacD. - 389/19X
George M. - 387/17X
Don M. - 387/15X
Darryl K. - 386/17X
Tom W. - 379/16X
Carl J. - 379/12X
Norbert S. - 360/8X

Wayne K. - 377/10X
Guy H. - 366/7X

Dan G. - 371/10X
Gerry J. - 365/6X

Monday, March 17, 2014


This was the second Centerfire BR shoot of the season in Petitcodiac and the wind was the big story. The sky started out overcast but gradually we lost the cloud cover and a bright sun lit up the range with an intense white glare that made it hard to see the bullet holes - lots of heavy duty blinking with some good shooting in between. Temperatures hovered around -2C but the wind gusted up to at least 40 km/hr so it turned out to be quite chilly for those without long-johns. The wind was mostly either up or down range with side-to-side gusts that knocked over a few targets and made those still standing wobble front to back and also side to side. Quite a few shooters were caught by a sudden wind change and a few pulled the trigger just as the target was rocking - darn - what a way to lose a point or
two.Despite the challenge of the conditions, 18 shooters attended from as far away as Grand Manan, Fredericton, Maugerville, Sussex and of course those closer from Moncton. It was good to see our old shooting friends Ron M. and George C. again. We also welcomed John McC. back for a centerfire shoot. It was also nice to see the Gladstone Gang out in full force.
 Lots of folks contributed to this shoot and thanks are due to them all. Volker T. ran a smooth match as Match Director and Scorer with his father, Martin T., providing the verification of the scoring. Range Officers were Darryl K., Dan G., and Volker T. Target Changers were Dan G., Darryl K., Brian P., and Tom N. Target Frames were set up by the hardy crew consisting of Cecil H., Tony L., Ron M., and John McC. Now for the really good part - the treats. We were spoiled by Dan G.'s traditional Timbits and John McC.'s wife, Dorothy, sent over a big container of chocolate brownies and chocolate chip banana muffins to die for. A big THANK YOU to all the above.

Brian P. - 298/11X
Bert deV. - 298/7X
Cecil H. - 297/14X
Tom W. - 295/5X
Volker T. - 292/5X
Darryl K. - 292/4X
Dan G. - 291/10X
Don M. - 291/9X
John H. - 291/5X
Kayelyn A. - 290/7X
John McC. - 289/3X
John C. - 283/2X
Matt A. - 280/4X
Logan G. - 279/3X
George C. - 278/3X
Ron M. - 278/1X
Tony L. - 276/2X
Tom N. - 266/2X


This is the second year for the Lake George Gun Club's 22BR three shoot series with good attendance in all shoots despite some very cold, snowy, rainy and generally miserable weather.

This year it was decided to award an overall prize/plaque to the shooters who attended all 3 matches in the series and who scored first and second in the overall score. This applied to both the Sporter and Open classes of rimfire shooting.

Congratulations to the following shooters who attended the 3 shoot series and shot very well indeed:

Sporter Class: Wayne K. - 1165/39X
                          Bruce B. - 1083/28X

Open Class:    Bruce B. - 1192/37X
                         Cecil H. - 1189/51X
                         Dave C. - 1186/44X
                         Barbara J. - 1166/23X
                         George M. - 1159/27X
                         Terry McN. - 1157/24X
                         Norbert S. - 1156/21X


Bruce B. - Overall FIRST - Open class

Cecil H. - Overall SECOND - Open class

Bruce B. - Overall SECOND - Sporter

Wayne K. - Overall FIRST - Sporter


This was the third and final shoot in the Lake George Gun Club 2014 - 22BR series. We had 12 shooters and one spectator that braved the elements today to attend. Shooters came from as far away as Chipman - quite a little drive in the weather. We welcome a new shooter Wayne B. who wanted to see what this benchrest stuff was all about sporting a Ruger bolt action 22. He wasn't long in fitting in as you can tell from the score sheet

The weather varied from snow and slippery roads for the early birds to light rain and slush for later ones. With the temperature changing and the rain at times quite heavy, it made for some very tricky shooting.

Thanks are due to Terry McN. who was the Match Director for the series and who sends this write-up. He would like to thank Norbert S. for being the Chief Range Safety Officer and Bruce B. for his work on setting up and changing the targets. Thanks also to Barbara J. for providing the sweets for all the shoots and for her work in cleaning up both inside and on the firing line.

Wayne B - 390/12X
Wayne K. - 389/15X
Bruce B. - 360/12X

Bruce B. - 397/10X
David C. - 394/18X
Guy H. - 394/10X
Don M. - 394/3X
Cecil H. - 393/15X
Barbara J. - 390/6X
Norbert S. - 388/11X
Terry McN. - 378/7X
George M. - 377/9X
Carl J. - 377/5X

Monday, March 10, 2014


The Centerfire BR shoot in Minto this weekend was a great success with 15 shooters attending. They came from the Moncton, Minto and Fredericton areas despite the cold weather. When we left the house, the time had changed to Atlantic Standard Time which meant we had lost an hour of sleep and had to deal with an hour earlier of nightime cold weather. Temperature, when we started was around - 12C and had climbed a little when we got to the range. The wind was so cold that some of us could not feel our trigger fingers. It persisted throughout the entire match but changed from fairly steady to gusty at the end - pretty tricky at times.

The Match Director was Dave C. and Bruce B. was the scorer. BertdeV., Gerry J. and Dave C. performed the duties of the RSO. Targets were changed by everyone in turn and the stove was kept warm by whoever was closest to it.
Thanks to all for your help.


Dan G. - 139/0X
Terry MacN. - 136/1X
Norbert S. - 136/1X WD
Wayne K. - 133/0X

Tom W. - 286/5X
Don M. - 285/4X
Gus C. - 285/1X
John H. - 284/3X
Guy H. - 284/2X
Dave C. - 280/3X
Mike L. - 278/1X
Bert deV. - 278/0X
Terry MacN. - 276/1X
Volker T. - 276/1X
Dan G. - 276/0X
Bruce B. - 274/0X
Malcolm MacD. - 269/1X

Monday, March 3, 2014


President, Dave Chavarie informed us that after much debate, scoring for the Minto shoots has now been finalized as follows:

22 RIMFIRE BR - all classes (Open "A", Open "B" and Sporter) are now being scored up. If your bullet cuts the line of a higher score it will earn the higher score. If it does not touch the line it will earn the lower score. An "X" may touch the "Ten" line but must at least touch the center dot.

CENTERFIRE BR - all classes (Open/Unlimited and Sporter) are being scored down. Your bullet must cut a hole within the lines of a score, without touching the line for the lower score, in order to earn that score. If it touches the line for a lower score it will earn the lower score. A "Ten" must fall in the bull without touching the "Nine" line, while an "X" must cut out the center.


The turn-out of shooters for today's shoot was impressive to say the least - 19 shooters plus a scoring assistant. On behalf of the PSC Club, thanks for your attendance folks!

 Considering the -6C temperature and the snow squalls in various regions of the province early in the morning for shooters en-route, it was quite a day. The weather was clear at first, although cold, but towards the end of the shoot, relays had to contend with large flake flurries and very tricky wind conditions. Canadians can tough out the weather any day for a good competitive shoot - at least here on the east coast!!

All said, the scores were very good - almost as good as on a fine weather day! The race at the top was tight and competitive as can be seen by the results below.

 Lots of folks made this a really enjoyable shoot - once your fingers had warmed up near the stove which everyone made sure kept burning well throughout the match. Barbara J. again brought her awesome sweets and Dan G. the traditional Timbits. Volker T. was Match Director and scorer while Martin T. was the score verifier. Thanks to Tony L. for target maintenance and to Tom N. for bringing the frames out of the weather to use today. Thanks to Brian P. and Dan G. for changing the targets. Range officers were Dan G., Darryl K. and Dave C. while Darryl K. and Barbara J. took the pics. Thanks for all your help - it makes for a smooth running shoot. Hope to see all of you at range for the next shoot. Your obliging Match Director - Volker.

Mike Harvey - 499/23X
Dan Gladstone - 499/18X
Darryl Kierstead - 499/14X
Volker Topf - 498/24X
Jeff Marshall - 497/13X
Barbara Jamieson - 496/22X
Cecil Harvey - 495/19X
Bruce Bennett - 495/15X
Sandy MacLeod - 495/15X
Dave Chavarie - 495/14X
Brian Pettipas - 494/13X
Tom Worden - 492/15X
 Bert deVink - 492/8X
George Murray - 488/11X
Don Murrin - 487/10X
Gerald Daigle - 486/6X
Tom Nowlan - 476/2X
Terry McNeill - 457/3X
Tony Lewis - 456/3X