Monday, January 25, 2016


This was the first Centerfire Match of 2016 and 20 eager shooters were in attendance at the Petitcodiac Range. They cam from as far away as Grand Manan Island and Mazerolle Settlement and as close  by as Salisbury, Moncton and Sussex.

The drive down towards Moncton was quite nice although a little cool so early in the morning. We had had a couple of months to prepare ourselves - rifles, the best ammo we could make and all the other paraphernalia of shooters we drag to from the range.

The sky started out a bit somber and grey but there was no snow in the forecast. Actually this gave us good light with no glare on the targets or snow. Only towards the end of the match did the sun come out a bit - very welcome on the drive home. 

Temperatures stayed somewhere in the neighborhood of -5C so actually it wasn't terribly cold - except when standing in the wind. The winds were indeed brisk at the range - 20km/hr and most from the north. This was mostly downrange although, as usual,
the winds at Petitcodiac are never that straightforward. We experienced a good deal of twisting wind and many times were caught by a wind that suddenly came across the range. Most of our lost points were due to this although some "driver error" accounted for the occasional cuss (under our breaths of course).

Thanks are due to Volker T. who Match Director and Scorer with John McC. verifying the scoring and stats. John C. did the registrations and handled the funds. ROs for today were Dan G., Bruce B. and Bert deV. The Target Crew consisted of Brian P., Dan G., Darryl K., Arnold F. and John McC. Many thanks to all and to Shelly C., Dan G. and Dorothy McC. for providing the wonderful treats during the match.

Cecil H.99/5 + 100/5 + 99/6 = 298/16 (6ppc)
Bert deV. - 100/4 + 99/4 + 98/2 = 297/10 (6ppc)
Matt A. 97/3 + 100/3 + 98/2 = 295/8 (22br)
John Mo.97/3 + 99/2 + 99/0 = 295/5 (222)
Terry McN.99/3 + 99/3 + 96/2 = 294/8 (6br)
Tony L.97/3 + 98/0 + 98/1 = 293/4 (6br)
Bruce B.95/0 + 98/1 + 100/1 = 293/2 (222)
Brian P.94/3 + 100/3 + 98/3 = 292/9 (6br)
George C. 96/0 + 97/3 + 99/4 = 292/7 (30br)
John McC.97/1 + 97/2 + 96/1 = 290/4 (223)
Don M.95/1 + 97/3 + 97/3 = 289/7 (6br)
Dave C.93/0 + 98/2 + 98/1 = 289/3 (223)
Dan G.96/0 + 94/1 + 98/2 = 288/3 (222)
Volker T. 95/3 + 95/2 + 96/3 = 286/8 (6brx)
Darryl K.94/1 + 96/0 + 95/2 = 285/3 (223)
Shelley C.93/1 + 93/0 + 97/2 = 283/3 (223)
Arnold F. 95/1 + 93/0 + 88/0 = 276/1 (223)
Norbert S.89/0 + 88/1 + 98/1 = 275/2 (223)
Tom N.84/0 + 93/2 + 86/1 = 263/3 (308)
John C.89/0 + 95/0 + dnc = 184/0 (223)

Monday, January 18, 2016


"HAPPY CAMPERS" - the best words to describe the bunch of shooters at the first 22BR shoot of 2016 in Minto, New Brunswick. Sixteen shooters arrived at the range early Sunday morning coming from all over - Moncton, Sussex,
Maugerville, Minto and Grand Lake, Fredericton, Oromocto and Durham Bridge. Welcome back to Don McI. who hasn't shot for quite a while - good to see you.

It was a pretty cold morning with temperatures between -7 and -10C and a light dusting of snow
on the vehicles - although a little  more weather was reported in the Havelock area. The sun was no-where to be seen which was both good as the light remained constant with no glare on the snow; and bad as it didn't warm up much during the day. The real challenge today was the  wind - it was strong, it was cold, it blew uprange into our faces and then would turn 90 degrees to come from the left or sometimes right. At times our carefully planned shot shifted as much as 1/2" across the face of the target. Our trigger fingers got stiff and cold and our breath condensed on the rifle stocks to run down as wet drops. Despite this, some pretty good scores were shot with one clean target - congrats to Cecil H. who shot a 400/19X. 

Thanks are due to Wayne K. for being the Match Director and scorer while Don M. verified the scoring and stats. Dave C. took the registrations and the moolah. Grant P. Jr. was on hand for club membership renewals but couldn't stay to shoot. The Range Officers were Terry McN., Barb J., Darryl K. and Bert deV. - some of these people did not warm up until well into the drive home with the car heater set at maximum! The targets were set and changed by John McC., Terry McN., George M., Dave C., Cecil H. and Bert deV. Barb J. took the pictures and she spoiled us again with wonderful muffins and squares - only one thing to say about all this work on our behalf: Thanks.

Thanks Vicky Duncan

Cecil H. - 400/19X
Bert deV. - 399/15X
Volker T. - 399/14X
George M. - 398/11X
Darryl K. - 397/13X
Dave C. - 395/12X
Terry McN. - 395/11X
Barb J. - 395/8X
John McC. - 394/14X
Guy H. - 393/13X
Carl J. - 393/8X
Dan G. - 392/13X
Sandy MacC. - 390/10X
Don M. - 389/11X
Don McI. - 382/7X
Wayne K. - 342/4X

John McC. - 390/10X
Bert deV. - 382/5X
Terry McN. - 369/3X
Wayne K. - 360/7X
Sandy MacC. - 313/1X

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Already full of enthusiasm from the Lake George shoot, a good number of shooters attended the first shoot of the season at Petitcodiac. Anticipation ran high as many had not had a formal match since before the holiday season. Smiles all around, it was good to see our friends and fellow shooters again. It was also nice to feel the bench, the rifle and to concentrate on the conditions - and then to see a hit on the ten ring.

The match today was shot  with some pretty good conditions. Temperatures ranged around 0 to -3 degrees, although it felt a little cooler than that on the firing line. We all hovered around the stove when we could and ran to the Club House for some tea or coffee in between relays. Winds, normally pretty tricky and strong at Petitcodiac, were very light for the first 2 relays and then picked up a bit until they were 'what we were used to' at this range - whipping from side to side and spinning the Daisy-wheels as fast as they could go. Then things settled down to some predictable head winds to close out the match. The overcast sky provided good steady light and there was no cussing at the glare from the snow. Even the light drizzle during one relay did not hinder us much.

The work crew today consisted of Volker T. who was both the Match Director and the Scorer while Dan G. and John McC. provided the score verification. The Range Officers were Darryl K., Dan G. and Bert deV. Target frames were installed by Tony L and Cecil H. Targets were posted by Guy H., Logan G., Mike H., Dan G. and John McC. We were gratefully overwhelmed - (but really we were up to the task) - by the many wonderful treats provided by Shelly C., Barb J., Dan G. and Dorothy McC., who were all still in holiday baking mode. Wayne K. kept the coffee flowing and Barb J. took the pictures. Many, many thanks to all for your welcome contributions - remember that a match is not possible without all the work done on behalf of fellow shooters.


NAME                                        Target 1      Xs    Target 2      Xs   Total           Xs
Bert deV.250112501250023
Cecil H.249102501449924
Don M.250102491149921
Michael H.2505249849913
Dan G.24911249649817
Volker T.24812501249813
John McC.249122481349725
Terry McN.249102481149721
Dave C.2477249949616
Guy H.2488247949517
Mathew McA.2477248849515
Barb J.2487247649513
Darryl K.2456248749313
Carl J.2469246949218
Bruce B.2467245649113
Tom N.2486243649112
Logan G.2475240748712
George M.24442411148515
John C.2396246648512
Shelly C.236323544717
Gerard D.237323154688
Tony L.2426209645112
Wayne K.222221934415