Sunday, June 15, 2014

JUNE 15, 2014 - MINTO 22BR SHOOT

We celebrated Father's Day at the Minto Range with a great 22BR shoot.

It was a great day with a nice group of shooters and new targets. It was very cloudy and windy which was a challenge for most shooters. On the plus side, the rain held off and the wind blew mosquitos and black flies back into the woods.

Everyone helped out in some way - Terry McN. and Barb J. were the RSOs; Dave C. and Wayne were the score keepers while George M., Barb J. and Tom W. changed the targets. Terry McN. boiled the kettle for coffee and Barb J. brought her famous treats. Cecil H. swept the sand off the floor and steps and George M. did some housekeeping around the benches.


Matt McA. - 398/10X
Cecil H. - 396/17X
George M. - 394/12X
Carl J. - 393/10X
Barb J. - 390/11X
Bruce B. - 389/7X
Tom W. - 389/6X
Malcolm MacD. - 386/5X
Dave C. - 380/5X
Guy H. - 374/12X


Terry McN. - 378/7X
Wayne K. - 343/2X

Monday, June 9, 2014


Thanks to Volker T. for sending this write up and results and to Darryl K. for sending the pictures.

 We had great weather for today's shoot and 16 shooters from all over southeren New Brunswick attended - coming from as far away as Fredericton and Oromocto in the north to Grand Manan in the south. And of course shooters from Sussex and the Moncton area were there in force. It was good to see Ron M. who was home from work in Alberta.
 Today, temperatures ranged from 17C in the morning, up to 23C in the afternoon. It was sunny all day and you couldn't ask for a better day to be shooting with friends. The wind was there to challenge the shooters - gusting from 10km/hr to 20km/hr. It took effect when we least wanted it - and there was a touch of mirage just to make things interesting. We didn't shoot any 300s - not that we didn't try our "darnest" - but we had some close scores and were happy with that for now.

Bert deV.'s 30BR was absent but Don M. had brought his. He shot very well indeed and tied for third. The tie breaker went to the shooter with the highest first target shot - and this turned out to be Matt A. - congrats! Ron M. was there with his 308 just to make sure we wouldn't miss Bert's boomer 30BR. What fun we have!!
Lots of folks did their share (and more) to make this shoot enjoyable. Darryl K. took the great pictures. Tony L., Tom N., Shelly C. and Dan G. hoofed it back and forth to set up and change targets. Dan G. and Darryl K., who have the patience of a saint, were the RSOs. Sticky fingers John C. did the registering and accounting. John McC's wife sent her delicious muffins while Shelly C. brought her wonderful treats and Dan G. the traditional Timbits - at the end of the match we all had sticky fingers. We musn't forget our humble Match Director and scorer, Volker T. who promises to be ready next time with fireformed 6BRX ammo (he hopes)!

Until next time, Cheers fellow shooters.

Tom W. - 299/10X
Dan G. - 298/16X
Matt A. - 298/12X
Don M. - 298/12X
George C. - 297/7X
Terry McN. - 294/7X
Darryl K. - 292/6X
Gus C. - 291/3X
Kayelyn A. - 290/2X
Volker T. - 288/3X
John C. - 285/2X
Ron M. - 284/5X
Shelly C. - 284/4X
John McC. - 280/1X
Tony L. - 275/4X
Tom N. - 274/1X

Thursday, June 5, 2014


As Benchrest and Target Shooters, and as just plain people who live in New Brunswick and around Moncton, we wish  to express our sincere condolences to the families of the slain and wounded RCMP officers in Moncton NB. Our deepest condolences also go to the RCMP and indeed to the people of New Brunswick for this loss.

The RCMP officers who were gunned down, as are all law enforcement officers, are the mainstay of a safe, law abiding society and their deaths are felt deeply by us all.

It is our hope that the perpetrator of this act is apprehended speedily and without further harm to anyone - police and the general public alike.

We, who very much enjoy the sporting use of firearms, support the legal and legitimate use of firearms for these sporting activities. At the same time, we strongly condemn the use of firearms for any criminal and illegal purposes.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Thanks to Gerry J. for sending these results.

Dan G. - 293/3X
Dave C. - 292/3X
Terry McN. - 291/1X
Tom W. - 287/1X
Guy H. - 286/3X
Bruce B. - 283/2X
Gus C. - 280/1X
Don M. - 278/1X
Grant P. Sr. - 264/0X
Norbert S. - 260/2X

Dan G. - 140/0X
Gerry J. - 139/0X
Wayne K. - 133/0X
Grant P. Jr. - 132/0X
Terry McN. - 32/0X

Gerry J. - 85
Grant P. Sr. - 80
Brent ? - 63
Grant P. Jr. - 56
Wayne K. - 24

Grant P. Sr. - 78
Gerry J. - 70
Dan G. - 66
Grant P. Jr. - 53
Brent ? - 34