Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Sunday was a cold day in New Brunswick with a thick coating of frost on the car - quite a change from yesterday! We were a bit tired from Saturday's drive and shooting and some of us had not slept as well as
we might have hoped. Nonetheless, we were full of anticipation for this annual final rimfire shoot in Minto.

We arrived early at the range where Wayne had already fired up the stove and the club-house remained cozy warm for the entire day. The shooting
building, by contrast, was cold. The wind began blowing in earnest by about the third relay and, true to the Minto range, remained strong for the entire match and could switch in an eye-blink from one direction to another. It was very hard to read and even 
harder to adjust to. In addition, the sun was out all day, which was a bit bright on the targets for the first half of the match. Even so, some shooters shot well with no points lost on several targets and only one or two on many others.
We welcomed Lorie M., George's daughter to her first ever shoot!!
The match director for this match was John McC. The head scorer was Don M. and the score verifier was Ben F. The range officers were Barb J., Dave C. and Bruce B. Targets were changed by Ben F. and Shawn R., who did the lions share, aided by Mike C. and Wayne K.
About halfway through the match Dave C. and Barb J. began cooking hot-dogs which
were welcome by that time. Barb had also brought several breads and macaroons. Dave C. had brought Timbits and Wayne K. had brought a molasses cake (from his birthday). It is safe to say that all shooters did not go hungry
. Many thanks to all who worked hard to make this championship shoot a successful and enjoyable one.

Cecil H. - 398/18X
Darryl K. - 397/17X
Barb J. - 397/14X
Matt McA. - 397/13X
Bruce B. - 394/10X
Gerard D. - 394/7X
Don M. - 393/8X
John McC. - 390/11X
Dave C. - 390/10X
Mike C. - 389/9X
George M. - 389/9X
Dan G. - 387/9X
Lorie M. - 378/7X
Volker T. - 397/10X
Bert deV. - 394/12X
John McC. - 387/9X
Shawn R. - 384/12X
Bruce B. - 384/10X
Dan G. - 383/10X
Ben F. - 378/9X
Wayne K. - 353/5X
Mac McD. - 301/3X 

The awards for Rimfire BR shooting during the 2018 regular season were presented as well.

Highest match score in 2018: Bert deV.
Second highest match score in 2018: Bill H.
Third highest match score in 2018: Volker T.

Highest match score in 2018: Guy H.
Second highest match score in 2018: Bert deV.
Third highest match score in 2018: Dan G.

Guy H. - 387/15X
Conrad L. - 386/16X
David C. - 381/13X
George M. - 352/6X


After the medal presentations and a really wonderful lunch provided by Jean S., six shooters went to the upper range to shoot the 200 meter benchrest/prone match.
It was still pretty cool but much better than in the morning. We had to wait for a shower to pass and Ash P. put up a  handy screen tent over 3 benches. Very little rain came down after that was done but the cover was a welcome addition and would also work very well in the hotter parts of the summer. 
The sun came out after a while and stayed for most of the match but because of the strong wind, there was very little mirage to deal with. Bullet holes could generally be seen with ease - for some of us, much to our disappointment.
The wind was very strong coming mostly from the left of the range. There was only one flag up about 1/3 of the way down the range and it was whipping back and forth to the point we feared the thin aluminum pole might bend. Without indicators on the rest of the range, it was imposiible to tell what the wind was doing there but the pattern of shots indicated a left wind. Once we had made the adjustments and waited for a reasonabe wind, some shooters shot pretty good scores. 
The match director and statistician today was Greg S. Scorers were Ash P. and Bert deV. The range officers were Ash P., John McC. and Bert deV. We all took turns driving down to the targets to change them.

Ash P. - (Prone) - 265/4X
Mike C - (Br) - 299/9X
John McC. - (Br) - 291/8X
Bert deV. - (Br) - 285/7X
Greg S. - (Br) - 267/7X
Ted S. - (Br) - 265/4X

Monday, October 22, 2018


It was surprisingly warm early Saturday morning when we got ready to travel to Florenceville. There was no frost to scrape from the windshield - nice for this time of the year. It did get a little cooler as we drove up the Saint John river valley and the sky became more threatening with a promise of strong wind and rain. Well coffeed-up, we finally arrived at the range where everyone was waiting to begin the match and it wasn't long until everyone was set and ready to go.
Temperatures during the match rose slightly and it was reasonably warm but the wind kept us cooled down to the point where a fall jacket was not warm enough. The sun stayed hidden for most of the match and we did get a little rain toward the end. The real factor in our shooting was the wind which was consistently very strong at the outside edges of the range while the centre positions were a bit calmer. Winds were predominantly from 6 to 9 o'clock and easily gusted to 50-60km/hr. Despite this, some of us shot very well - congrats to Jean S. who seemed to have figured out the wind. We all had fun!
The match director and statistician was Jean S. while Ash P. and Greg S. did the scoring. Everyone was responsible for changing their own targets. Ash P., Greg R. and Ted S. were the range officers during the match. Thanks to everyone who lent a hand today.
After the match was completed, Jean S. provided a very nice lunch of various salads while Ted S. did the honours at the barbeque with some fine hot-dogs. This is turning out to be a really welcome tradition as we were all famished after shooting all morning. Many thanks to Jean from all of us for a wonderful lunch.

Jean S. - 237/2X + 228/1X + 232/2X = 697/5X
Ash P. - 226/2X + 230/4X + 230/4X = 686/10X
Mike C. - 215/2X + 226/2X + 233/4X = 674/8X
Greg S. - 226/1X + 224/2X + 222.2X = 672/5X
John M. - 209/0X + 227/2X + 230/5X = 666/7X
Bert D. - 212/0X + 217/2X + 229/2X = 658/4X

Greg S. - 199/12X + 198/12X + 200/15X = 597/39X
Alden H. - 198/7X + 195/6X + 195/12X = 588/25X
John McC. - 196/7X + 189/6X + 194/7X = 579/20X
                                                             Ted S. - 196/9X + 190/6X + 190/2X = 

Sunday, October 14, 2018


It was cold this morning on the way to the range - minus 1C. Frost was on the windshield and it took a while for the car to warm up. The drive down to Petitcodiac was beautiful with a full sun in the blue sky 
lighting up the yellow, orange and red trees along the road. Even if this gorgeous drive was the only thing we were doing today and we were not going to shoot the Championship in Petitcodiac, the drive was well worth the effort.

The temperature gradually increased as the day progressed and by the final relay it was very comfortable in the shooting building. Darryl K. had brought wood and fired up the stove and this was welcome indeed.
Conditions during the day did not vary a great deal. The sun stayed out during the match and gave some shooters a bit of a problem with relection within their scopes and with mirage later in the day. 
The wind was a constant factor and switched around the range for every relay. It was pretty stiff at times - exceeding 30km/hr with gust well above that. Those shooting on the left benches had very different wind than those shooting on the right benches. I guess the trees, the road way on the left  and the roof of the shooting building would account for that.

Today Dan G. was the match director and head scorer with John McC. verifying the scores and stats. Darryl K. and Shelly C. were the Range Officers.
The targets were changed by Don M., Brian P., John McC., Malcolm McA., Bert deV. and Shelly C. Treats were brought by Dan G. Thanks to everyone for helping out. 

Don M. - 299/16X
John McC. - 299/13X
Bert deV. - 299/11X
Dan G. - 295/10X
Shelly C. - 295/5X
Brian P. - 293/12X
Tom N. - 293/8X
Malcolm McA. - 283/6X
Tony L. - 279/4X
Darryl K. - 277/5X
John C. - 273/2X

After the shooting was finished, we all went to the club house where John C. had prepared a wonderful lunch. When we all had had our fill, we moved on to the annual awards and the awards for the Championship:
John McC. - plaque - highest single target during the regular season (100/9X)
John McC. - plaque - highest match score during the season (300/23X)
Don M. - plaque and cash - 2018 centerfire championship winner (299/16X)
John McC. - plaque and cash - championship second place (299/13X)
Bert deV. - plaque and cash - championship third place (299/11X)
Dan G. - medal and cash - championship fourth place (295/10X)
Shelly C. - medal and cash - championship fifth place (295/5X)

Following these presentations, those shooters who did not place entered a raffle and were able to pick a prize from the prize table organized by John C. Everyone went home happy after a great day of shooting.
Many thanks to John C. for his efforts on our behalf.

Sunday, October 7, 2018


"Cool" was the name of the game at the BR shoot in Minto this Sunday. The temperature stayed at around 10C all day and seemed to get gradually cooler as the day wore on. There was little sun for those
who like the light a bit muted. The wind, however, was the defining characteristic of the shoot with winds gusting and changing within each relay. It seemed to be that the wind came from the left mostly but really is was from all over and very difficult to read. The 
scores reflected this.
Congratulations to John McC. who, despite the conditions, shot a 300 with 17Xs.
The match director for this shoot was John McC. Don M. was the head scorer and Guy H. verified the scores and stats. The ROs were Bruce B. 
and David C. Targets were changed by Guy H., David C., John McC., Bert deV., Wayne K., Bruce B. and Volker T. The wonderful treats were brought by Shelly C and David C. Many thanks to all who lent a hand today.

Finally, congrats to Bruce B. who received his Minto 400 Club badge today based on his shooting at the last Rimfire BR match.

John McC. - 300/17X
Daniel G. - 298/13X
Don M. - 296/12X
Bert deV. - 295/9X
David C. - 293/9X
Tony L. - 292/6X
Volker T. - 287/7X
Bruce B. - 286/5X
Shelly C. - 275/6X

Daniel G. - 143/1X
Guy H. - 138/1X
John McC. - 138/0X
Bert deV. - 130/2X
Wayne K. - 127/0X
Bruce B. - 123/0X