Sunday, June 30, 2013


 Today brought out 13 shooters for a reasonably nice day. It was sunny 24 degrees but with 20km/hr winds gusting to 37km/hr at times. Shooters had to be careful not to get caught off guard with the Petti-winds!  

Unfortunately all of us had a couple of humbling wind related experiences!
It was a close race for the top three shooters being separated by only a spread of 1 point and a few X's. Good shooting guys

It was good to see Martin T. at the range - he took it easy and rested in the car - he tells me there are no blackflies in there and enough wind to keep him cool. It was nice to see three of the Gladstone/Armstrong clan all doing well too.  

A big thanks to Volker who has come back from a wonderful trip to Alaska to be the Match Director and the scorer. Thanks to Darryl K. and Brian P. for being ROs today, and Shelley C.for again bringing the great sweets. As well as Tony L., Dan G. and Brian P. for changing the targets.  Bert deV. took the pics today. Stay well until we shoot again.....


RESULTS:          Dan G - 296/13X
                          Bert deV. - 296/12X
                          Tom W. - 295/8X
                          Brian P. - 295/5X
                          Matt A. - 294/7X
                          Darryl K. - 294/4X
                          Kayelyn G. - 290/2X
                          Terry McN. - 289/3X
                          John C. - 286/7X
                          Shelley C. - 286/1X
                          Tony L. - 283/3X
                          Tom N. - 267/0X
                          Don M. - 257/2X
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Friday, June 28, 2013

MINTO - CF 200 YD SHOOT - 23-06-2013

Thanks to Wayne K. for sending the results of this shoot.

Tom W. -    283/2X
Don M. -     270/4X
Terry McN. - 263/1X
Gus C. -     253/1X
Malcolm MacD. - 208/0X

Bruce B. - 241/0X
Norbert S. - 213/0X
Wayne K. - 199/0X
Guy H. - 188/0X

Wayne K. - 17
George M. - 6

Terry McN. - 73
Bruce B. - 35
George M. - 32
Wayne K. - 22
Don M. - 5

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


25 mph winds at Super Shoot 2013
 One of the biggest shooting matches on the benchrest calendar, the Firearms Industry Super Shoot at Kelbly's Range in North Lawrence, OH, wrapped up at the end of May. Sinclair again sponsored the Super Shoot, along with Brownells. Nearly 300 shooters from around the U.S. and 16 other countries competed in the Super Shoot, and found themselves battling rather stiff winds. At one point, during the Heavy Varmint match at 200 yards, some of the flags were actually bound up, the wind was so heavy!

Gene Bukys won the Two-Gun Overall Aggregate by the smallest margin ever in the Super Shoot. He posted a .2728, besting Jeff Gaidos by only .0001, who finished with a .2729. Jeff Summers, the overall winner of the 2012 Super Shoot, took third and Tony Boyer and Larry Costa finished out the top five in Two-Gun Aggregate.

The Firing Line at Super Shoot 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013



It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day at Petitcodiac as you can see in the pictures above. Almost no-one is wearing a jacket and shooters not on a shooting relay found some welcome shade next to the building. As is usually true on such a warm day, the winds at the range - now known as the "Peddi-winds" - were gusty and from all directions - all over the place and very tricky to read. Darryl K. tells me that they would cost any shooter some points and in this match they did. Twelve shooters enjoyed this Father's Day match. Congratulations to the winners and to all for a great shoot.

As at any shooting event, it just doesn't happen if there aren't several people who look after all the things that need to be done. Tony L. made the target frames while Carl J., Dan G., Tony L. and Bruce B. changed the targets. The Range Officers were Darryl K. and Dan G. John C. took registrations and Shelley C. was the scorer. Match Director was Dan G. The photographer was Darryl K. Last, but certainly not least, were the wonderful treats supplied by Barbara J. and Shelley C. Thank you one and all for your help in making this match a success.

Darryl K. - 496/22X
Terry McN. - 496/9X
Barbara J. - 495/16X
Carl J. - 495/14X
Cecil H. - 494/18X
Matthew McA. - 492/17X
Dan G - 492/12X
Bruce B. - 487/15X
George . - 487/14X
Shelley C. - 487/8X
Gerald D. - 486/10X
Tony L. - 409/4X

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Monday, June 10, 2013

MINTO - 22BR SHOOT - 09-06-2013 - RESULTS

All the reports are that this was a wonderful shoot with very good conditions. The wind was almost non-existent and everyone had a great shoot.

Special congratulations to Barbara J. for shooting a perfect match with 400/32X. She joins the Minto 22BR 400 club!


A big welcome to the new shooters from out of town - Ryan McK. and Chris D. and also to Don M. who we haven't seen for a while.

Wayne K was the Match Director and scorer. Norbert S. was the Range Officer. Barbara J. and George M. changed the targets and Barbara also brought her famous treats to the delight of all present. Thanks to all for a great shoot.

Thanks also to Gerry J. for sending these match results and to Barbara J. for additional match information including the pictures posted here.

OPEN CLASS:        Barbara J. - 400/32X
                             Matthew McA. - 398/24X
                             Ryan McK. - 397/33X
                             Carl J. - 396/28X
                             Malcolm MacD. - 393/20X
                             George M - 392/21X
                             Chris D. - 385/15X

SPORTER CLASS:        Guy H. - 386/18X
                                     Gerry J. - 378/12X
                                     Wayne K. - 376/8
                                     Don M. - 373/10X


Monday, June 3, 2013



Today was an excellent day for shooting at Petitcodiac although a little warm at 32 C, there was hardly a breeze - quite an unusual thing for this range. The "wind gods" were truly good to us today.

The Match Director was Volker T. who also did the scoring. Ensuring a steady supply of fresh targets were Tony L., Shelley C, Dan G. and Brian P. While Darryl K. and Dan G. were the ROs for today.  Shelley C. brought the sweets. John C. did the registrations Thanks to all who helped.

Congratulations to Dan G. and Brian P. who shot perfect targets and entered to 300 Petitcodiac CF BR - for score Club



Dan G. - 300/18X             Katelyn G. - 287/4X
Brian P. - 300/9X             Darryl K. - 285/5X
Tom W. - 299/7X              Tom N. - 283/2X
George C. - 296/9X         Shelley C. - 274/3X
Mathew A. - 295/12X       John C. - 273/4X
Martin T. - 294/9X             Tony L. - 268/1X
Volker T. - 289/6X

We're all looking forward to next shoot on June the 30th!
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Saturday, June 1, 2013


Volker T. of Petitcodiac
Yes the blog is now 6 months old and has been visited 5115 times already.
It has survived it's break-in during the long New Brunswick winter and is growing strongly.
It has been a real pleasure to join shooting colleagues and friends and to participate in the benchrest shoots and other events our host clubs have worked hard to organise. It has also been fun to take pictures and put together a little story of our exploits in the Benchrest Shooting World of New Brunswick. 
Although there are many people who have worked hard for us to enjoy our sport, the pictures in this article highlight the Match Directors who have organised this year's Benchrest matches and who make sure they run smoothly. Thanks guys.

Wayne K. of Minto
As you can see on this blog, we have had many terrific shoots over the last 6 months. We have suffered cold and snow and then the spring came. We have been elated when we shot well and have been so disappointed when, despite our best efforts, we haven't. We have cheered as our colleagues and friends set some local mileposts and records (with several shooters attaining that elusive perfect target in both centerfire and rimfire disciplines). Above all we have had a lot of fun together!

The interest shown in what we do in our corner of the world, by readers in other countries, has been steadily increasing. Here is a list of the number of "pageviews" from other lands (these numbers refer to the number of times the blog has been accessed by a reader - could be the same reader - from that particular country): 

Terry McN.- Lake George

Canada - 3770, USA - 632, Russia - 223, Germany - 172, 
United Kingdom - 41, Australia - 35, France - 18, China - 17, Slovenia - 14,
Saudi Arabia - 13, Ukraine - 10, 
Sweden - 9, India - 8, Brazil - 7, Thailand - 7, Egypt - 6, Georgia - 5,  Iceland - 5, Indonesia - 4, Portugal - 4, Spain - 4, South Africa - 4, Belgium - 3, Bulgaria - 3, Italy - 3,
Malaysia - 3, Netherlands - 3, New Zealand - 3,
Phillipines - 3, Romania - 3,Turkey - 3,
Columbia - 2, Khasakstan - 2, Uganda - 2, Uruguay - 2, 
Vietnam - 2, Argentina - 1, Bangladesh - 1, Belarus - 1, Burkino Faso - 1, Bolivia - 1, Cote d'Ivoire - 1, Ecuador - 1, Estonia - 1, Ireland - 1, Japan - 1, Malta - 1, Norway -1,
Oman - 1, South Korea - 1,  Taiwan - 1, Venezuela - 1

It is also possible to see what has interested readers the most in the last few months - the top 6 posts with the highest number of pageviews are as follows:

1. The schedules of the Gun Shows in the Maritimes.
2. The discussion articles on the Sporter Class definition.
3. The Minto Gun Club shooting rules.
4. A variety of shoots hosted by Petitcodiac, Minto and Lake George.
5. The RNBRA Smallbore Championship In Woodstock.
6. The tribute to Mike Walker.

So let's see what happens in the next six months. We expect many more good times shooting with friends. Perhaps there will be other records set. This blog will be there to tell you all about it and to show you what happened. Who knows, maybe we can introduce you to some new shooters - a main goal should be to bring young shooters into the sport. Knowing the apparent attitude of the media and general public toward firearms and shooting sports, we also need to speak up and re-affirm our sport as the honourable discipline it has always been and as a good place for our youth to be.    
We hope for many more members/followers to sign up on the blog and also that readers will use the "comment" section and make the blog more interactive.
you are invited to comment and contact if there are any errors