Monday, July 31, 2017


Minto at the end of July - time is flying by!

It was a beautiful day with lots of bright sun and no hint of anything wet. The temperature, which started out around 10C in the morning,
quickly rose to the upper 20s. It was warm but a cooling (10 to 30km/hr) breeze made it very nice all day.

This same breeze also made it more difficult to shoot and hit your aiming point. The only way to cope with it was to hold off around the 10 ring in Open Class and much further in Sporter Rifle. Hopefully, it did not change between the time you were looking at the flags and peeked through the scope for that shot. Sometimes we did get an unexpected result - still lots of room for learning!

Congratulations to Bert deV. who shot a 400/20X.

Darryl K. also gave us a change to admire his antique red bug today - very nice Darryl.

Today John McC. was the match Director and he did a marvelous job of squadding
the 15 Open Class shooters and the 9 Sporter Class competitors. Wayne K. did the scoring while Carl J. was the score verifier. Range Officers were Barb J., Dave C., Darryl K., Bill H., John McC. and Bert deV. Targets were set and changed by George M., Barb J., Cecil H., Dave C., Bert deV., John McC., Bruce B., and Darryl K. 

Barb J. was a busy woman today - she competed, was an RO, changed targets, took the pictures and brought 3 different treats for us all to enjoy - and enjoy we did. It was a wonderful shoot with good competition and good camaraderie. Thanks to all who lent a hand today.

Bert deV. - 400/20X
Cecil H. - 399/17X
Volker T. - 399/15X
Dave C. - 398/15X
Dan G. - 398/9X
Darryl K. - 397/16X
Guy H. - 396/17X
Matt McA. - 396/12X
John McC. - 396/6X
Barb J. - 395/14X
George M. - 393/14X
Bruce B. - 392/10X
Bill H. - 386/15X
Gerard D. - 383/6X
Wayne K. - 378/5

Bert deV. - 386/10X
Dan G. - 380/6X
Bill H. - 374/6X
John McC. - 372/5X
Volker T. - 370/2X
Dave C. - 369/4X
Bruce B. - 366/4X
George M. - 360/4X
Gerard D. - 325/2X


Well we got up nice and early in the morning to go to Florenceville but had failed to look at the start time so ended up being about 1/2 hour late. The whole crowd was already there and pretty much set up but had to take rifles off the
line to change the targets. So all that went smoothly under Match Director Jean S.'s capable direction.

It was a sunny bright day with hardly any clouds and not even a hint of rain. It has been quite dry in New Brunswick for the last few weeks and the forest fire index is high. The range floor is hard as a rock and it took a lot of effort to pound in the flag stakes. The wind was pretty constant at 20-30km/hr which, when it flowed over the berm into the range (which is shaped like an oblong bowl), caused a lot of swirls and eddies that proved to be hard to figure out. They were the undoing of us all.
The scorers today were Ash P. and Greg S. with a lot of helpful suggestions from all of us (poor guys!). ROs for the match were Ash P. and Raymond G. Everyone walked to the target frames to change targets - a welcome stretch of the legs and a chance to warm up a little early in the match. Between the rimfire and centerfire matches, Jean S. had prepared her wonderful potatoe salad, ceasar salad, crab dip and hotdogs on the grill. What a feast in the outdoors. Many thanks Jean!
We had a new shooter - Melanie W. and her mother who was her cheering section. Welcome to both of you! A really good time was had by all today.

(hps 750/75X):
Bert deV. - 700/9X
Greg S. - 697/5X
Jean S. - 680/4X
Ash P. - 647/8X
John McC. - 638/4X
Ted S. - 417/10X

(hps 600/60X):
John McC. - 597/27X
Ted S. - 592/33X
Greg S. - 590/32X
Steve F. - 584/22X
Juergen H. - 582/20X
Gabriele H. - 571/17X (on count back)
Raymond G. - 571/17X
Bert deV. - 527/8X
Melanie W. - 425/0X

Sunday, July 30, 2017


Right after we had finished the Rimfire Benchrest match and just couldn't hold anymore of Jean's wonderful lunch, some of us went to the 200m range to shoot the monthly prone and BR match at that distance.
By this time, the temperature had topped out at 29C and there was a fairly steady 12 o'clock wind. It was hot and dry and, without shade, us old guys were at our limits of tolerance. Some shot from the benches while others shot from the ground. 
In either case, it was almost impossible to see the outlines of the target which was an orange blob dancing around in the cross-hairs. Only rarely could we see the outlines or the black holes of our shots on the target. We spotted for those shooting a smaller caliber but even 30 caliber holes could not be seen easily. Thank goodness for the occasional cloud! A very good lesson in coping with boiling mirage.
Ash P. was the Match Director and scorer. He and Greg R. were the Range Officers while everyone took turns changing the targets - an enjoyable walk!

Bert deV. - 277/7X
Ash P. - 275/5X
John McC. - 238/1X

Greg S. - 270/3X
Steve F. - 257/2X
John McC. - 254/3X

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Well, the morning started off sunny, but temperatures were in the single digits. By noon this had increased to 23deg.  The wind, that was light for the start of the first relay, was not long picking up speeds. It switched back and forth as well. A challenge to all. Typical Petti wind!

In spite of the wind, three shooters hit the 500 score. There were quite a few
X's being hit despite the wind, but sometimes not enough tens. 

One shooter joined the 500 Club and received her special embroidered crest. Congrats, Shelly C.- fine shooting!
There was an abundance of tasty sweets thanks to Barb J., Shelly C. and Dan G. 
Range Officers today were Barb J., Dan G. and Volker T.  The target crew  
included of George M., Chris S., Dan
G. and Shelly C.  Thanks to all of you and a thank you also to Barb J. for tidying up the building and taking photos along with Shelly C. and Darryl K. Much appreciation to Carl who was the Score Verifier. 

Your Match Director, Volker T.

Volker T. - 500/27X
Matt McA. - 500/24X
Shelly C. - 500/17X
Darryl K. - 499/25X
Gerard D. - 499/16X
George M. - 498/22X
Barb J. - 496/20X
Chris S. - 493/14X
Dan G. - 492/19X
Tony L. - 475/7X
Tom N. - 474/9X

Thanks to Volker T. for the write-up.

Monday, July 17, 2017


Hello bench rest shooting enthusiasts!
July 16, 2017 was a beautiful, sunny, hot summer day in Minto. The temperature got up to 34C degrees. There was a little wind in the gully that would throw you a curve if you let it!
Today we had 6 Open Class shooters plus 4 shooting in the Sporter division! There was one gun problem, a few load issues and 2 cross fires on the sporter targets. These where all handled professionally as top notch shooters would do! Volker T. brought Tim Bits for treats today. John McC. was the match director. Don M. was the scorer with George M. verifying the scores. This was fun to sit back and observe! ☺
Targets were changed by Dave C., John McC., and George M.
R.O. duties were carried out by Dave C., Bruce B., Bill H. and Volker T. Good job guys! Guy H., who didn't shoot, did a great job as “cheer leader” today also! ☺Thanks to all for coming out and pitching in to help.

John McC. - 299/11X
Don M. - 293/6X
Bill H. - 291/5X
Dave C. - 283/6X
Volker T. - 283/6X
Wayne K. - 263/1X

Volker T. - 135/0X
Bill H. - 134/1X
John McC. - 130/1X
Bruce B. - 124/0X

Thanks to John McC. for the write-up and pics.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


The day started out with cloud cover hanging low and possible rain. But, as the targets were set, skies turned to blue. The temperatures ranged from 16 to 29C; a very warm day. And winds danced from 9 to 19 mph, making for interesting shooting along with some occasional mirage causing shooters to adjust their scope focus occasionally. 
The shoot went fast since it was a small crowd; several regulars were absent as they had conflicting schedules. One shooter had ammo issues. The excellent sweets also went fast. Thanks to Shelly C. and Dan G. for bringing them. 
Thanks to Cecil H., Tom N. and Dan G. for target duty. The Range Officers were Dan G., Cecil H. and VolkerT. The Scorer was Volker T. and Verifiers were Tom N. and Shelly C.
Shooters also got a look at the new shooting hut addition. It is almost complete, and looking great.  Thanks to the shooters from the Rifle Committee who spearheaded this project and for their dedication to see this completed.

Cecil H. - 300/20X
Tony L. - 297/5X
Shelly C. - 296/5X
Dan G. - 292/7X
Tom N. - 252/2X
Volker T. - DNC
Thanks to Volker T. for the results and the pics.