Monday, December 31, 2018


Wishing you all a Joyful Christmas and a Promising New Year with hopes for great happiness with family and friends. 
See you at the range in 2019 !
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>> The Irishtown gunshow (cancelled) will take place in Grande Digue on May 12/13 with setup on the 11th . Its in the local community center . Tables can be booked by calling Earl at 383 9579 . Earl McGee on the Gun show - Grande-Digue Community Center, Route 468, Civic # 530
>> Fredericton O'Dell Gun Show


Tuesday, December 11, 2018


We want to thank Peter Dobson at Hirsch Precision for supporting the Benchrest shooting program at Petitcodiac Sportsman Club with a donation of a brick of Lapua CenterX. 

We were all glad to see her excitement when this was won in a raffle by Barb J.


Today was a cold one for sure. Temperatures started at -16C, going up to -8C, and add a bit of wind for the -27C windchill factor! 

But it was sunny, (which made for some sighting challenges due to the glare on the snow and into the scopes). Shooters installed blinders on the shutters to help reduce the glare. 

The wood stove was fired up early, and all arrived in good spirits to end the year with an array of fun targets and hope for a turkey. It was a good shoot and camaraderie was on a high note.

Thanks to all the guys who kept the stove going, set up target frames and posted targets, and assisted with score verification. Too many names to list without fear of omission. Everyone pitched in. Probably to keep moving to stay warm, lol.

We do especially thank Dan G. and the PSC Executive for acquiring approval to reopen the club shooting facilities, which is a big plus for all the club members. There are many individuals from a vast area who support this Club and depend on it for an excellent shooting facility, as well as their other interests in provincial wildlife and environmental pursuits.

Thanks to our two chefs, Bev T. and Joanne S., for  their work in providing a delicious hot meal, and Shelly C. for the sweets. Thanks as well as to Bruce B. for the great baked beans and rolls, to Dave C. for his good as always brown-bread rolls, and to Dorothy McC. for her fine biscuits. It added up to one fine meal on a very cold day.  No doubt it kept all all the shooters in top form to continue shooting in the cold. 

Today's pics were taken by Darryl K. and Barb J. - thanks.

Thanks to John C. who had a very busy routine gathering up all the prizes, especially last minute turkey procurement. And his great job of gift wrapping! Tom N. did a great job getting the clubhouse ready. In conclusion, kudos were given to all of the Rifle Committee members for their help in making this year a successful one. 

And now the list of winners...…….everyone was a winner, but a few left with a Christmas turkey. John M. had THE "Lucky target", Darryl K. was the best "Fly-catcher", John McC. shot the most "Snowflakes" and David C. managed most to stay out of the black on the squares. We wish you all exquisite delight in your taste buds!

And from the Petti shooters, a Merry Christmas to all and Best of health in the New Year!
Your obliging Director, Volker

Thursday, December 6, 2018


We are rapidly winding down the 2018 shooting season with today's Christmas shoot in Minto. At the same time that we had a wonderful time together, we did get bad news that the Chief Firearms Officer in New Brunswick has caused a number of range closures based on what appear to be rather minor issues. Petitcodiac's rifle and pistol ranges have been closed until modifications can be made and so the annual Christmas shoot there, an event that has been so much fun in the past, has had to be cancelled. Needless to say, this has caused a good deal of consternation and discussion during this Christmas shoot.
The Minto Gun Club ranges have also been inspected and the 50yd, 100yd and pistol ranges have received a 1 year certificate while the 200yd range is closed.
The Christmas shoot, organized by John McC., consisted of several fun targets designed by Shane McC. Thanks to both these gentlemen for their work on our behalf. The first target was a bunch of snakes around Indiana Jones, the second a bunch of worms coming out of an apple, the third were 10 foxes in the henhouse and the fourth a random target on which we had to shoot 5 shots. Scores on the first three targets were accumulated and the top shooter was able to pick first from wrapped presents we had each brought for this event. The second place shooter chose second, etc., all the way to the last shooter who chose last. No-one knew in advance what they would get.
Top snake shooters were Dan G., Volker T., Darryl K., George M., Don M., Bert deV. and Dave C. Top worm shooters were Darryl K., Don M., Gerard D., George M., Bill H., Matt McA. and Volker T. Top fox shooters were Bert deV., Dan G., Volker T., Bruce B., Darryl K., Cecil H., Gerard D. and John McC. When all was said and done, the top "pesky critter" shooter was Darryl K. with Volker T. a close second and Bert deV. a distant third.
The randomly shot targets were scored using a template with a shot being worth from 1 to 9 points depending on it's place on the sheet. The lowest scores won prizes of target sheets (since they obviously needed more practice). The lucky (maybe unlucky) winners were Bert deV., Volker T., Matt McA. and Wayne K. 
What is a Christmas fun shoot without the food? We don't really know!!! Thanks to Dave C.'s chili and brown bread; Wayne K.'s baked beans; hot dogs; and Barb J.'s mince meat pies we ate to our heart's content .  .  .  and had a lot of fun. A hearty "Thank you" to all who so generously provided the food today.
Many thanks also to those who gave their time and effort to make our shooting safe on the firing line, those who went down-range to change targets and those who were responsible for the scoring.
We wish you all a very merry Christmas.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Eleven shooters came out to brave the cool -6C morning and have a fun shoot at 150yds. At least the wind was light, which is a change for Petticodiac. The wood stove
was started early and was a gathering point for shooters as they made ready for their relay, discussed their attempts at hitting the elusive flies target, or to grab one of the sweets. Even the gopher target proved a challenge at times with the dual scoring rings. All had a 
good time, and the sweets provided by Shelly and Dan quickly disappeared -  thanks folks.
Thanks to everyone who pitched in and got the fire started, targets posted and retrieved and helped as Range Officers and took the pictures, etc. Match Director and Scorer today was Volker T.
Before the medals were presented to today’s shooters, medals to the top three shooters from last week’s PSC 3­­-gun match (Shotgun, Rifle and Handgun) were presented to 1st Chris S., 2nd Dan G., and 3rd Darryl. K. Good shooting guys. The Match Director was Brian P. for this previous match.
Following that presentation, medals for today’s top three shooters were presented.
Shooter                VFS     Groundhog1     Groundhog 2     Flies     Total
John McC            97x5            57                    63                 26       243x5
Dan G.                 97x6            58                     58                 21       234x6
Don M.                 98x2            50                     64                13        225x2
Chris S.                98x4            45                     44                15        202x4
Volker T.               93x0            50                     47                11        201x0
Malcolm McA       91x0             41                    50                  8        190x0
John C.                82x0             50                    46                 11       189x0
Tony L.                 88x0             41                    50                  1        10x0
Darryl K.               79x1             43                    46                  3       171x1
Guy H.                  83x1             47                    37                  2       169x1
Bruce B.                78x1             36                    34                 5        153x1

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Following the AGM, we first presented Bill H. with the awards for his participation in the team shooting and his 2nd highest score in CF Open Class.

Then there was a 22RF Open and Sporter shoot.
John McC. was the match director and Don M. the head scorer with Guy H. verifying the scores.
Several people changed targets - thanks to Ben F., Shawn R. and David C. Wayne was the RO.

Mike C. - 399/16X
Guy H. - 397/17X
David C. - 395/13X
George M. - 379/6X
Wayne K. - 359/4X

Don M. - 388/13X
Shawn R. - 359/5X
Ben F. - 334/3X

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


The eagerly awaited day for the Minto final centerfire championship shoot finally arrived after a night of high winds that blew down trees and knocked out the power in many places across the
province of New Brunswick. There was no power at all in Fredericton so it wasn't until we got to Ripples that we could get a cup of coffee. Attendance was a bit low for a final shoot and this may have been a combination of power outages and the time change 
which had happened the previous night.
The one saving grace was that on Sunday, it did not rain. It was as cool as it was at the shoot in Florenceville on the day before but it was so nice to have a warm fire in the stove in the clubhouse. The wind was blowing hard with frequent gusts and it was inconsistent across the range. A wind flag near the firing line might indicate a left wind while another, further down the range pointed in the opposite direction. It was very hard to determine the velocity of the wind as, most often, the daisy wheels were spinning out of control and the tails were horizontal like a well behaved pointer on a bird.
Today, John McC. was the match director and organised everything extremely well as he does so often. Don M. was the scorer wih George M. verifying the scores. Targets were set and changed by Wayne K., David C., Tony L., George M. and Bert deV. The range officer duties were shared by Wayne K., David C., Tony L., and Dan G. Thanks, everone, for your help which made this shoot so enjoyable.
As this was a final shoot, a feast was laid out for the shooters. Tony L. had brought some of Shelly's wonderful squares. David and Susan C. had prepared lovely sandwiches, cheese and squares. Thank you all so much for a great lunch during the shoot.

Don M. - 292/10X
Bert deV. - 288/10X
John McC. - 287/10X
David C. - 277/4X
Tony L. - 277/2X
Dan G. - 274/4X

Bert deV. - 141/3X
Guy H. - 134/1X
John McC. - 131/2X
Dan G. - 129/0X
Wayne K. - 117/1X

 After the match was over and the match awards had been presented, the annual centerfire 2018 season awards were announced and presented as follows:

Centerfire Open Class season high match score - Bert deV.
Centerfire Open Class, second highest match score - John McC.
Centerfire Open Class, third highest match score - Don M.

Centerfire Sporter Class, season high match score - Dan G.
Centerfire Sporter Class, second highest match score - Volker T.
Centerfire Sporter Class, third highest match score - Guy H.

Centerfire Team Shoot - Minto First Place - 1182/62X
Bert deV. - 298/19X
Bill H. - 298/14X
John McC. - 297/14X
Don M. - 289/15X

President David C. then thanked John McC. for his hard work during the year and most especially for obtaining the plaques for the championship and annual awards.