Wednesday, October 31, 2018


October 20, 2018 - FLORENCEVILLE > in the am: BR Smallbore Rifle (Open & Sporter);

October 21, 2018 - MINTO - ANNUAL RIMFIRE BR CHAMPIONSHIPS (Open & Sporter)

>>>>>Please note: this match has been moved to November 10. and has been replaced with a Tri-gun Match on October 28, 2018  
November 10, 2018 - PETITCODIAC - Rimfire Sporter Match
GUN SHOW DATES - 2018 click here: GUN SHOW DATES
>> The Irishtown gunshow (cancelled) will take place in Grande Digue on May 12/13 with setup on the 11th . Its in the local community center . Tables can be booked by calling Earl at 383 9579 . Earl McGee on the Gun show - Grande-Digue Community Center, Route 468, Civic # 530
>> Fredericton O'Dell Gun Show


Sunday, October 14, 2018


It was cold this morning on the way to the range - minus 1C. Frost was on the windshield and it took a while for the car to warm up. The drive down to Petitcodiac was beautiful with a full sun in the blue sky 
lighting up the yellow, orange and red trees along the road. Even if this gorgeous drive was the only thing we were doing today and we were not going to shoot the Championship in Petitcodiac, the drive was well worth the effort.

The temperature gradually increased as the day progressed and by the final relay it was very comfortable in the shooting building. Darryl K. had brought wood and fired up the stove and this was welcome indeed.
Conditions during the day did not vary a great deal. The sun stayed out during the match and gave some shooters a bit of a problem with relection within their scopes and with mirage later in the day. 
The wind was a constant factor and switched around the range for every relay. It was pretty stiff at times - exceeding 30km/hr with gust well above that. Those shooting on the left benches had very different wind than those shooting on the right benches. I guess the trees, the road way on the left  and the roof of the shooting building would account for that.

Today Dan G. was the match director and head scorer with John McC. verifying the scores and stats. Darryl K. and Shelly C. were the Range Officers.
The targets were changed by Don M., Brian P., John McC., Malcolm McA., Bert deV. and Shelly C. Treats were brought by Dan G. Thanks to everyone for helping out. 

Don M. - 299/16X
John McC. - 299/13X
Bert deV. - 299/11X
Dan G. - 295/10X
Shelly C. - 295/5X
Brian P. - 293/12X
Tom N. - 293/8X
Malcolm McA. - 283/6X
Tony L. - 279/4X
Darryl K. - 277/5X
John C. - 273/2X

After the shooting was finished, we all went to the club house where John C. had prepared a wonderful lunch. When we all had had our fill, we moved on to the annual awards and the awards for the Championship:
John McC. - plaque - highest single target during the regular season (100/9X)
John McC. - plaque - highest match score during the season (300/23X)
Don M. - plaque and cash - 2018 centerfire championship winner (299/16X)
John McC. - plaque and cash - championship second place (299/13X)
Bert deV. - plaque and cash - championship third place (299/11X)
Dan G. - medal and cash - championship fourth place (295/10X)
Shelly C. - medal and cash - championship fifth place (295/5X)

Following these presentations, those shooters who did not place entered a raffle and were able to pick a prize from the prize table organized by John C. Everyone went home happy after a great day of shooting.
Many thanks to John C. for his efforts on our behalf.

Sunday, October 7, 2018


"Cool" was the name of the game at the BR shoot in Minto this Sunday. The temperature stayed at around 10C all day and seemed to get gradually cooler as the day wore on. There was little sun for those
who like the light a bit muted. The wind, however, was the defining characteristic of the shoot with winds gusting and changing within each relay. It seemed to be that the wind came from the left mostly but really is was from all over and very difficult to read. The 
scores reflected this.
Congratulations to John McC. who, despite the conditions, shot a 300 with 17Xs.
The match director for this shoot was John McC. Don M. was the head scorer and Guy H. verified the scores and stats. The ROs were Bruce B. 
and David C. Targets were changed by Guy H., David C., John McC., Bert deV., Wayne K., Bruce B. and Volker T. The wonderful treats were brought by Shelly C and David C. Many thanks to all who lent a hand today.

Finally, congrats to Bruce B. who received his Minto 400 Club badge today based on his shooting at the last Rimfire BR match.

John McC. - 300/17X
Daniel G. - 298/13X
Don M. - 296/12X
Bert deV. - 295/9X
David C. - 293/9X
Tony L. - 292/6X
Volker T. - 287/7X
Bruce B. - 286/5X
Shelly C. - 275/6X

Daniel G. - 143/1X
Guy H. - 138/1X
John McC. - 138/0X
Bert deV. - 130/2X
Wayne K. - 127/0X
Bruce B. - 123/0X

Monday, October 1, 2018


It was a fine day for a shoot last Sunday when we drove down to Petitcodiac in the morning. It was a cool day with the sun out blazing on the horizon. As we got closer to the range,  clouds filled the sky but this would not persist. On the range, the sun was out again in fiull force and the temperature had started to climb to a very nice mid-teens. 
The sun was the main factor in the conditions - it produced a mirage and real difficulty in seeing the targets and our 
shots on target. With the targets dancing in the scope, some shots were "just on the edge" and we had to concentrate hard before pulling the trigger. 

There was a light wind from all over the range but predominantly from 12:00 to 
2:00 o'clock. Large portions of the shoot were "wind-free" - at least we could not see the effects of the wind on the wind flags but like any quiet wind, this was a tricky and risky condition to fire in.

As it turned out, some very good scores were recorded with 3 shooters posting a 300
score. Dan G. shot 300/14X, John McC. shot 300/16X and Bert deV. posted a 300/21X. Congrats to these guys!

The match director today, was Volker T. who also did the scoring with Dan G. verifying the scores. Targets were set and changed by Brian P., Don M., Dan G., John McC. and Malcolm McA. The ROs for the match were Volker T., Dan G. and Bert deV. Timbits were provided by Dan G. Thanks to all who lent a hand today.

Bert deV. - 300/21X
John McC. - 300/16X
Dan G. - 300/14X
Don M. - 299/13X
Volker T. - 295/11X
Brian P. - 292/12X
Malcolm McA. - 291/3X
Tom N. - 289/4X
Tony L. - 283/2X
Wayne K. - 280/1X

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


The Sunday of the Rimfire Championship was finally here and started out as a typical late September day - quite cool with temperatures dipping to -1C in some places. At the range it was 0C at about 8:30am. 
Many shooters were already gathered for the start time of 9:00am and match director John McC. was busy solving last minute glitches. No matter how carefully an event is planned, there are always those last minute glitches -
darn! A nice warm fire was blazing in the stove and small groups of shooters were scattered here and there renewing old acquaintances. Shooters had come from as far north as Florenceville all the way down to Saint John - a good representation of 
benchrest shooters from the southern parts of the province.
The president of the Minto Gun Club, David C., had removed a window from the shooting building so that Sporter Class shooters could shoot from
benches outside of the building under the watchful eyes of ROs Bruce B., Norbert S. and David C. This arrangement allowed for all Sporter class shooters to shoot under the same conditions and also allowed for fewer relays in total so that we would not be shooting until after the supper hour. 
This also allowed for a stop in the shooting so that all present could enjoy the magnificent lunch.When all the first relays were completed, we did stop for lunch. A special thanks is due to the many volunteer cooks and bakers who brought their wonderful creations to the shoot. David C. had made his famous chili and brown bread and cooked up some terrific hot-dogs; Wayne K. had made his equally famous baked beans; John McC. brought Dorothy's lovely banana muffins, and Barb J. brought a variey of wonderful breads and sweets. There was an overflowing cornucopia of delicious things to chose from and no-one started the second relay hungry.
The temperature, during the match, increased gradually to reach 19C by the end. Jackets were shed and the breeze became welcome. The wind out on the range, however, was something else. It blew
hard with gusts well over 40km/hr. with different effect in one part of the range and hardly any in other parts. It was predominantly from 9:00 o'clock to 12:00 o'clock although it did switch around completely from time to time. Difficult to read and tricky! A 
failure to read it correctly, or a sudden change when you were peering through the scope, did cost quite a few shooters a point or two (or three or more).
This match was organized by match director John McC. Don M. and Wayne K. were the scorers who, with 30 shooters, had very little time to relax. As a testament to their careful scoring, there was not one challenge! The targets were set and changed by Wayne K., Ben F., Shawn R., Cecil H., Guy H., John McC. and Mike C. Thanks to all who helped out.

After the match was completed, we all went to the club-house for the award presentations. Congrats to Volker T. who shot a 400/21X; Cecil H. who shot a 400/20X and Bruce B. who shot a 400/19X (this was Bruce's first 400 in Minto) - some very good shooting given the wind conditions today. Volker T. took first place in both Open and Sporter events with Cecil H. coming in second in the Open class and Bert deV. coming in second in the Sporter shoot. David C. presented the Minto Gun Club awards and Conrad L. presented the RNBRA medals and plaque.
Following the awards presentations, we held a draw for prizes donated by Peter Dobson of Hirsch Precision. Peter had donated a box of 220 Russian cases and a brick of Lapua Midas Plus. Bert deV.was the winner of the former while Ben F. won the latter prize. Many thanks to Peter and all the ticket purchasers who helped to defray the expenses of this match.

Volker T. - 400/21X
Cecil H. - 400/20X
Bruce B. - 400/19X
David C. - 399/17X
Darryl K. - 399/14X
Mike C. - 398/15X
Ash P. - 397/16X
Gerard D. - 395/18X
John Mo. - 395/14X
Guy H. - 395/11X
Greg S. - 394/14X
Norbert S. - 393/14X
Bert deV. - 393/12X
Matt McA. - 393/9X
George M. - 392/14X
John McC. - 390/14X
Barb J. - 390/13X
Conrad L. - 390/11X
Don M. - 388/10X
Mac McD. - 362/3X

Volker T. - 389/10X
Bert deV. - 389/8X
Guy H. - 388/12X
Bruce B. - 388/9X
Shawn R. - 384/9X
Conrad L. - 378/7X
John McC. - 371/6X
Ben F. - 364/4X
Ted S. - 364/3X
Wayne K. - 336/3X