Monday, January 28, 2013

PETITCODIAC 22BR SHOOT - January 27, 2013 - Results

The Petitcodiac Sportsman Club started the annual 2013 22RF series Benchrest shoots off with a great showing of enthusiastic shooters. Twenty shooters came to the match and there were several new shooters which was nice to see - welcome fellows!! It was a pleasant surprise that so many came out, since the temperature was -15 degrees and the 20 km/h winds made for even cooler feeling weather due to the wind chill factor. Lighting was good with changes varying from overcast to light sunny periods.
The shooters were not deterred by the cold as they all dressed ready to fight off the winter chill. And the wood stove drew small gatherings eager to keep warm or keep up with the latest scored targets. The clubhouse with its wood stove was welcome to the shooters too as they relaxed between relays. These places were also where the treats were to be found - very popular spots to be sure! Thank you to Barb J. and Shelley C.
Also thanks to Volker T. who was the Match Director and Scorer for this shoot. Dan G. and Brian P. changed the targets and Dan G. and Carl J. were the Range Officers. Thanks to everyone who helped out.
The match consisted of four relays and the shoot was completed in the early afternoon. There were some nice targets shot, and some that didn't turn out as well as hoped for - the 'wind gods' were not kind to everyone! This included the writer, who has said on more than one occasion, "I'd rather be lucky than good". This time he was disappointed by both. So, we look forward to the next match to demonstrate our shooting skills and beat the wind and share our stories with fellow shooters. This write-up contribution is from your humble shooter in Moncton - Volker T.

          Dan G.           496/17X                    Bruce B.             479/5X
          John C.          496/15X                    John L.               477/4X
          Barb J.           491/7X                     Gerard D.            476/8X
          Shelley C.      490/10X                    Darryl K.             473/10X
          Cecil H.          489/12X                   George M.           472/11X
          Carl J.            487/11X                    Stephen C.         468/6X
          Brian P.          486/15X                   Sandy McL.        466/7X
          Jeff M.            484/8X                      Tony L.               460/7X
          Mike L.           483/11X                    Don M.               447/8X
          Tom W.          481/12X                    Volker  T.             DNC   

Congratulations to Dan G., John C., and Barb J.
(Hey! where did you go John C. ?)

We found him - John C with the Silver
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

MINTO 22BR SHOOT - January 20, 2013 - Results

This was the second shoot in Minto in 2013 and the first 22LR Benchrest shoot. We had 15 shooters attend coming from Mazerolle Settlement and Sussex and all points in between.

Wayne K. was the match director while Bert deV. and Norbert Str. shared the duties of Range officer. Bruce B. and Dave C. changed the targets. Many thanks to Barb J. for bringing the treats today. Thanks to all who helped out.

The weather started out very foul with snow falling and winds at about 5 mph. Some of us got stuck in the driveway before and after the shoot. The snow stopped before we began shooting and at the start of the 3rd relay the wind had almost completely died down - picking up from time to time to confuse us. Some of us had some difficulty reading the wind but others did a marvelous job at it. Some very good scores were shot today as the results below prove. This may well be the first time a husband and wife team placed first and second with superb shooting - both at 399. Congratulations to Carl J. and Barb J. for a well deserved win today in the Open Class and to Cecil at third. Congratulations to Guy H., Dave C. and Gerry J. for placing first, second and third in Sporter Class (should have got a picture of them too!?). 

RESULTS:                  OPEN CLASS                                            SPORTER CLASS
                          Carl J.                 399/29X                                   Guy H.          385/12X
                          Barb J.                399/26X                                   Dave C.         382/18X
                          Cecil H.               397/20X                                   Gerry J.         372/11X
                          Bert deV.             396/22X                                   Wayne K.      346/6X
                          George M.            395/22X
                          Malcolm. McD.     394/26X
                          Matt McA.            391/21X
                          Bruce B               390/22X
                          Don M.                 390/16X
                          Norbert Str.           388/16X
                          Dave C.                384/15X
                          Terry McN.           383/16X

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

PETITCODIAC - CENTERFIRE BR SHOOT - January 13, 2013 - Results

The first Benchrest Shoot in 2013 in Petitcodiac was held on Sunday January 13th. It was a Centerfire shoot - 30 rounds on score at 100 meters.

Fourteen shooters from the Moncton area, Salisbury, Sussex and the Fredericton area and points in between showed up well rested from a wonderful Holiday season, ready to do battle on the field of honour - or just simply to have fun shooting together. We did have a lot of fun - it was good to start a new year with good friends and a good shoot.

Volker T. was the Match Director and also scored the targets, while Bert deV., Gus C., Danny G., and Brian P. shared the duties of Range Officer. Danny G. and Brian P. also took responsibility for changing the targets. Thanks everyone, for helping out - especially those behind the scenes. Halfway through the match, we received a really nice call from Martin T. who could not be with us to wish us a Happy New Year and a good day shooting.  Many thanks to Shelly C. for all the goodies she always brings - our tastebuds and our tailors thank you.

The weather was without a doubt the mildest and most beautifully sunny day of the year. The first relay started off with no sun and no wind and then we shot many relays with full sun reflecting from the white snow and causing the targets to jump eagerly around with the mirage. We had only occasional 5mph winds to deal with as the tails on the flags usually drooped directly toward the ground. This turned out to be a tricky condition as the scores showed. The last relay was shot with occasional 10mph wind and no sun - another tricky condition but more typical of the Petitcodiac range. When all the dust had settled the following results were racked up. Congratulations to the winners and to everyone for an enjoyable time.

RESULTS:           Cecil H.       - 299/14X                      Terry McN.   - 292/2X
                           George C.    - 297/7X                        Bert deV.     - 287/2X
                           Volker T.      - 297/6X                        Tom W.       - 286/3X
                           Don M.        - 296/8X                         Tony L.        - 283/3X
                           Brian P.       - 295/11X                      Shelley C.     - 271/3X
                           Danny G.     - 295/6X                        Tom N.         - 261/2X
                           Gus C.         - 294/6X                        John C.         -  DNC

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

LAKE GEORGE - 22BR SHOOT - January 12, 2013 - Results

The first ever Lake George 22LR Benchrest shoot was held today with 20 shooters from Lake George, Fredericton, Minto, Oromocto, and many places in between, attending.

The weather was outstanding - overcast with very light winds ( 0 to 5mph) - but nonetheless sometimes a little tricky, (in Lake George the wind sometimes tunnels between 2 berms and the flags can't indicate the true wind directions and values - tricky). The temperature was cold in the morning but once a fire was made in the stove everyone was toasty warm - especially in the early afternoon when the hotdogs and onions were being cooked. Lunch was wonderful - always is when you've been outside and are doing something fun like shooting - thanks to our cook Terry McN and to Barb J. for all the goodies - really appreciated by all.


A lot of work goes into a first shoot . Terry McN. was the Match Director, took registrations and did a whole lot of phoning and running around all week just to prepare for this match. Norbert S., Carl J., and Mike S were range officers; Bruce B. and John Z. changed targets and organised relays; Bert deV. scored targets and did the statistics. Thanks to everyone who helped out - especially those behind the scenes.

There were two classes of shooters - Open Class with 14 shooters and Sporter Class with 6 shooters registered. They shot side by side on the same targets for shooting off the bench - the  "Lake George special BR target". Four benchrest targets were shot in Open Class while the Sporter Class shooters had 3 benchrest and one standing target. Some extremely good scores were recorded and 3 shooters chalked up perfect scores - the beginnings of the Lake George 400 club (see the right hand border of this blog-site   =>).

When the match was finally over, the following scores were racked up. Congratulations to the winners in each class for some very good shooting and to all for an extremely enjoyable match. 

RESULTS:       OPEN CLASS                                              SPORTER CLASS
                      Cecil H.     - 400/35X                                         Steve F. - 376/12X
                      Tim K.       - 400/32X                                         Gerry J.  - 371/11X
                      Bruce B.    - 400/28X                                         Reid B.  - 359/11X
                      Don M.      - 399/28X                                         Tim K.    - 358/3X
                      Bert deV.   - 398/26X                                         Bob P.   - 329/5X
                      Barb J.      - 398/18X                                         Hugh S.  - 299/3
                      Terry McN. - 397/24X
                      Carl J.       - 396/19X
                      George M.  - 395/21X
                      Guy H.       - 394/19X
                      Norbert St.  - 388/11X
                      Mike S.      - 379/10X
                      Wayne K.   - 356/8X
                      John Z.       - 355/7X

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

MINTO - CENTERFIRE BR SHOOT - January 6, 2013 - Results

The first shoot of the year was held in Minto on January 6th, 2013 with a start time of 10:00 am. It was OH SO COLD first thing in the morning with about 20 below zero in my driveway. With a large cup of coffee and a vehicle that warmed up about halfway there, we managed to make it to Minto in good spirits. A bunch of fellows shovelled out the firing point (they had to keep warm somehow). The day gradually warmed up a bit and there was almost no wind so we did some pretty good shooting after all. Congratulations to all - it was a terrific first shoot and it was fun to get together after the holiday season.

A group of 12 hardy shooters made it to this first Benchrest shoot in 2013 - a good, dedicated bunch of fellows to be with for sure - as is evident from the following pictures. Wayne K. was the match Director and scored the targets. The duties of Range Officer were fullfilled by Bruce B., Terry McN., and Dave C. Bruce B and Dave C. took responsibility for changing the targets. Thanks to everyone who helped out - especially those behind the scenes.

RESULTS      OPEN CLASS :                                             SPORTER CLASS:

                   Don  M.        299/20x                                               Gerry J.      281/6x                            
                   Bert  deV.     298/19x                                               Guy H.       248/4x
                   Gus C.         294/20x                                                Bruce B.    248/4x
                   Tom W.        288/8x                                                 Wayne K.   226/0x
                   Terry McN.    285/6x
                   Charles C.     284/4x
                   Dave C.         280/6x

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Thursday, January 3, 2013


MORE NEW ITEMS ADDED - February 2, 2013; February 10, 2013

This is to let you know that there have been a few more changes in the New Brunswick Benchrest Shooting site. These changes have to do with features and services which are available on the right hand side of the page. 

New  At the very top is a new link to the RNBRA Fullbore, (Long-range, Precision shooting) site.
Then comes  "check the weather before you go to the shoot".
Third is the option to translate the whole page from English to any other language. New and easier to use translation tool.
Fourth is an option to search the site and all the links for the information you want.
Next are the up-dated shooting schedules for the various clubs. Petitcodiac Revised Feb 2.
New  Below each Club's schedule is a Google Map for directions to that club's range.
After this is an option to receive each new post in your e-mail "Inbox" shortly after it is posted.
Then there is a section where members can join up - the more the merrier - you can join anonymously if you prefer - joining seems to give easier access to the Google services which we use on this site (Google Docs, Spreadsheets).