Monday, September 23, 2013


Don hard at work
Married at last and true to TH
The Final Match of the Petitcodiac Centerfire Benchrest series for 2013 was held at the PSC range on September 22, 2013. From the outset it must be said that this was a really good shoot and if you missed it you missed a very enjoyable event! 

The weatherman had promised a rainy day but this did not happen until the shoot was over and we were getting ready for the awards presentations. The day was marked by stiff winds though. Gusts easily reached 35 km/hr and the rest of the time it was a switching wind that turned 180 degrees from time to time. It even blew over a couple of target stands! Needless to say, almost everyone felt the bite of the wind reflected in their scores while others sat around and were not disturbed at all but kept their cool!

A shoot like this does not come together on its own. It relies on the hard work of several people and our thanks are due to John C. who organized the event, arranged for the lunch, did the registrations, provided for the awards and presented them. Volker T. was the Match Director and Scorer - a busy man who found time to shoot a perfect target.
Thanks also to the Club for the generous awards made available at this match:
1st - Cup & $150; 2nd Plaque & $125; 3rd - Plaque & $100; 4th - Medal & $75; 5th - Medal & $50
In addition, every shooter received a prize of his or her choosing.

There were others who worked to make this match a success. Darryl K., Terry McN. and Dan G. served as Range Officers keeping us safe and the match flowing smoothly. Target changers included Dan G., Shelly C. and Brian P. The sweets for both the shoot and the lunch were made by Shelly C. - seems like all shooters have a sweet tooth! Range preparation involved a number of people including Shelly C. and Tony L. Darryl K. was the photographer.

Volker wins with a 300
Volker T. - 300/16X
Bert deV. - 298/12X
Tom W. - 298/9X
Dan G. - 297/11X
Terry McN. - 296/7X
George C. - 296/6X
Darryl K. - 295/8X
John C. - 292/6X
Matt A. - 291/5X
Martin T. - 289/5X
Katelyn A. - 289/4X
Don M. - 287/6X
Tom N. - 287/2X
Brian P. - 286/0X
Shelly C. - 283/2X
Tony L. - 271/1X

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Monday, September 16, 2013

15-09-2013 - MINTO 22BR SHOOT AT 100 YDS - RESULTS

This 22 Benchrest shot was at 100 yds.
Wayne K. was the Match Director and scored the targets. The ROs for the match were Norbert S., Gerry J. and Terry McN. The target changers were Gerry J. and Terry McN. and some others while Terry McN. provided the coffee. Many thanks to all who pitched in to help.

Matt McA. - 351/8X
Terry McN. - 320/2X
George M. - 319/3X
Malcolm MacD. - 285/4X

Norbert S. - 343/1X
Guy H. - 335/2X
Wayne K. - 330/2X
Gerry J. - 291/1X
Grant P. Sr. - 240/0X
Grant P. Jr. - 199/1X

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


 Well, it started out as a damp day with some occasional rain and overcast skies. The temperature was a cool 14 C. Luckily for the first couple of hours there was hardly any wind and the scores reflected the early conditions - to most of the 17 shooters' delight.

Then . . . the sky opened up and we thought we were getting a hurricane. Very heavy rain and strong winds. All the wind indicators blew over first and within a few minutes all six target frames fell over despite having been weighted down! Shooting was delayed for a little time while the target frames were reset. Then suddenly, the winds became better and the rain subsided. It was interesting to say the least!

 Because it was cool, the stove had been lit and was kept going for a short while. Due to a lack of dry firewood, shooters periodically encountered some smokey visions of their targets. All - in all it was a shoot to remember.

Despite all this, some very good scores were recorded. In particular, Mike H. set this year's high score for the entire 22BR series! Congratulations! In addition, several shooters managed to get into high scores with a high X count. You know it was a special shoot when 14 out of 17 shooters shot 490 out of 500 or better.
For this shoot, Volker T. was the Match Director and target scorer. Carl J., Bruce B., Dan G. and John L. were the target setters and changers. Barb J. and Shelly C. brought their wonderful treats while Darryl K. was the accomplished photographer. Many thanks to all for their help.
Please note that the next 22BR Shoot will be the Season's Final with qualifying shooters vying for money prizes. This will take place on October 6th, 2013. Notices are being sent by John C. to those that have qualified. If you have not qualified, you may still shoot the match and partake of all the festivities and lunch - normal fees will apply and you will not shoot for cash prizes. Come out and have some fun.

Mike H. - 500/28X
Dan G. - 499/29X
Cecil H. - 499/28X
Mathew McA. - 499/24X
Jeff M. - 498/27X
John C. - 498/17X
Darryl K. - 494/15X
Barbara J. - 494/13X
George M. - 494/9X
Gerard D. - 493/13X
Shelly C. - 492/18X
Carl J. - 491/16X
Bruce B. - 491/14X
Volker T. - 490/10X
John L. - 487/13X
Martin T. - 486/2X
Terry McN. - 480/9X
Tony L. - 448/5X

Monday, September 2, 2013


This Benchrest shoot was at 200 yards.

Tom W. - 279/1X
Don M. - 278/2X
Gus C. - 275/3X

Wayne K. - 145/4X
Guy H. - 140/4X
Malcolm MacD. - 128/3X

*Because the thin barrels of the Sporter Class rifles were heating up, it was decided to shoot relays of 5 shots for this class only. For statistical purposes, these results will be doubled and considered in the overall scores for the annual rewards.

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