Monday, March 21, 2016


It was a gorgeous first day of spring in Petitcodiac with temperatures quite cool in the early parts of the day, bright sunshine and very little wind. As the day progressed it warmed up some and the conditions remained much the same. The sun was a bit of a problem in that the reflection off the snow produced some mirage and glare in our eyes. The wind, although light, was tricky and inconsistent over the length of the range. Although we tried, no perfect targets match was shot today but sixteen Open Class shooters had a great time.

Volker T. was the Match Director and head poohba in the scoring department with Tom N. doing a bang-up job verifying the scores and stats. The ROs were Dan G., Darryl K., Bruce B., John McC. and Matt A. Targets were set and changed by John McC., Dan G., Terry McN., Cecil H., Logan G., Matt A. and Sandy McC. Today, Dave and Susan C. provided some very tasty banana bread while Dan G. brought the Timbits. Thanks all for pitching in and helping out.

Cecil H.1004992100229986ppc
John M.983100310032989222
Bert de Vink97110071007297156br
Terry McN.97399199429586br
Dan G.9859659932931322br
John McC9929529822926223
Darryl K.9929709622924223
Dave C.9729649822918223
Logan G.9839929412916222
Don M.97196198329156ppc
Matt A.951943100328976x47
Volker T.966962953287116brx
Bruce B.9509629512863222
Tom N.9619219512833308
Norbert S.9119418412693223
Sandy McC7509108102470

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