Monday, November 23, 2015


The Annual Petitcodiac Fly Shoot took place last Sunday. The Fly Shoot is kind of special in that we only shoot on little pictures of flies in different positions - 30 rounds with a centerfire rifle at 100yds. A direct hit on the head is worth 5
points, thorax - 4 points, abdomen - 3 points and a wing - 2 points. Any touching shot - subtract 1 point for the value of that body part. It is quite challenging! Aiming for the head can result in big points but can also result in "0" if the wind is not read perfectly. Oh yes -there was a time limit! Lots of fun, lots of laughs and the inevitable jokes about big game hunting and fly steaks.
The shoot was organized by Match Director John McC. and also scored by him. What a challenge to score little flies with holes that could appear anywhere. Many thanks John, for doing a terrific job. Scores were verified by Dan G. and Arnold F. Target setters and changers were a motly crew of John McC., Bert deV., Brian P., Dan G., Arnold F., Logan G. and Volker T. ROs today were Volker T., Darryl K. and Dan G. Many thanks for your help fellas. The wonderful squares were made by Shelley C. and the Timbits were contributed by Dan G. Many thanks!
It was very good to see Darryl K. up and around after his medical procedures. It was also nice to see Arnold F. back at the range after a long break. Welcome back guys!

RESULTS (total possible = 150):
Dan G. - 84
Cecil H. - 77
Bruce B. - 74
Bert deV. - 72
Don M. - 69
Brian P. - 69
John McC. - 68
Arnold F. - 63
Shelley C. - 60
Volker T. - 56
Tony L. - 44
Logan G. - 42
Darryl K. - 39
John C. - 29

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


John McC. - Year's highest score
 in 22LR Open Class
Wayne K. - Year's highest score
in 22LR Sporter Class

Terry McN. - Year's highest score
in CF Open Class
Bert deV. - Year's highest score
in CF Sporter Class

Bert deV. - 1st Place Final
Shoot - Open Class
Don M. - 2nd Place Final
Shoot - Open Class

Bruce B. - 3rd Place Final
Shoot - Open Class

Bert deV. - 1st Place Final
Shoot - Sporter Class
Wayne K. - 2nd Place Final
Shoot - Sporter Class

Cecil H. - 1st Place Final
Shoot - 22LR Open Class
John McC. - 2nd Place Final
Shoot - 22LR Open Class

Dave C. - 3rd Place Final
Shoot - 22LR Open Class
Wayne K. - 2nd Place Final
Shoot - 22LR Sporter Class

Gerry J. - 1st Place Final
Shoot - 22LR
Sporter Class

NOVEMBER 15, 2015 - MINTO - AGM and .22 FUN SHOOT

The 2015 Annual General meeting of the Minto Gun Club Inc 1979, was held this Sunday in the new shooting building with a good show of members present. A number of business items were covered and a new executive for the club was elected.
Many thanks go to Wayne K. and the old executive for their year of dedicated service to the club, while congrats go to the new executive with our best wishes for 2016. It is not easy to serve a membership with such diverse interests.
One item of business, which I can mention here, concerns the scoring of targets when a .30 caliber rifle is used in a centerfire match. All shots made with any caliber rifle, whether .224, .243 or .30, will be scored with a .30 template. It is hoped that this will "even the playing field" for all shooters. This will be reviewed at the semi-annual meeting in May 2016.
The annual awards ceremony was held following the meeting - this is reported in the previous post.
A .22 fun shoot followed the AGM - this was particularly challenging as we had to use a rifle and ammunition provided by another shooter. This was also a standing off-arm shoot which we rarely do anymore. The top 3 shooters won a turkey - congrats to Bert deV., Terry McN. and Dave C. A pistol shoot was won by Wayne K. and Cindy P. who donated the winnings back to the club - many thanks.
New Executive from Left: Dave C. (president);
Terry McN. (vice-pres); Grant P. Jr (secretary- treasurer)
Matt McA. (Shooting Committee Chair)


JC (Jean-Claude) Gautreau has made the big leap to full-time barrel making. He is now known by the name JC CUSTOM BARRELS. He has work requested of him from the Maritime Provinces and elsewhere.
JC is an accomplished shooter having shot BR out west and Fullbore in New Brunswick.                             He is a force to be reckoned with at any match.

JC's barrels are made from the finest stainless barrel steel and are performing very well indeed                       in local, provincial, Inter-Maritime and national matches. He researches what he does,                                   talks to other barrel makers and does a meticulous job on all aspects of this work.                                         I, for one, am very pleased with my barrels.
Congratulations to JC and we wish him well in this endeavour.

Here are a couple of examples of his work:
F-TR Rifle - BAT "B", RB, LP; JC Custom Barrel in .308, 10.33" twist, 6 groove, 30" long

 HV Bench Rest Rifle - Borden Rimrock BRM, RB, RP;
JC Custom Barrel in 6MM PPC, 13.5" twist, 4 groove, 22" long
Here is a link to his web-site
You may contact him at the following E-MAIL addresses: and also at 
and by phone:  506-743-6488

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Thanks to John McC. for sending the results, the commentary and the pictures.

"It was a wonderful fall day with blustery winds gusting to 44 km/hour. The wind played havoc with all shooters but everyone enjoyed the day. It was nice to see the great assortment of sporter 22’s - some of them as old or older than their owners. Darryl’s Cooey ranger single shot work really well. It was Arnold’s first event and as was the case with all of us he realized there’s a lot more to it than it looks. He vows 
to be better prepared for next year’s event (as we all said at first). Eleven good friends made the event a great day and yes - we had the fire burning brightly.

John McC – 189/4x
Don M     -  185/2x
George M -  184/2x
Brian P     -  183/5x
Daryl K    -  181/5x
Guy H      -  180/4x
Dan G      -  180/2x
Tony L     -  180/2x
George C -  168/3x
Logan G  - 139/2x
Arnold F -  120/1x

Friday, November 6, 2015


Minutes of RNBRA Annual General Meeting
Sussex, NB
October 18th, 2015

Attendees: Michael Lutes, Steven Stewart, Matt Wolf, Don Brown, Don Coleman, Shelley Gregan, Gordon Holloway, Lorraine Chapman, Edison Chapman, Francis Bezeau, Conrad Leroux, Paul Bastarache, Willie Cormier, April Brewer, Dollard LeBlanc, Brian Bastarache, J.R. MacDonald, Tony Wood, Charles Gregan, Adam MacDonald, Austin MacPhee, Ron Surette, Daniel Chisholm, Jean Claude Gautreau, Hugh O’Neill, Darlene Turner, Rodney Turner, Cheryl Bastarache, Daniel Bastarache, Michelle Cormier, Ken Kyle, Bert deVink, Edward Weatherdon, Ronald Mason, Amanda Bennett, Chris Lynch, Tom Nowlan

1.   Call to order @ 9:35 am. The Rule of Order (Article 10-02 of RNBRA Bylaws) was read by President, Mike Lutes.

2.  A moment of silence was observed to remember deceased comrades of the shooting fraternity.

3     President Mike asked each one of the Board members to introduce themselves and state their position on the RNBRA Board. He thanked those attending on behalf of the Board and stated that the Annual General Meeting is an opportunity to become informed of the news and business of the Association. It is a forum for discussion and input and an opportunity to honour those members who have given so much to the Association. It is also the responsibility of those in attendance to elect the President, two Vice-presidents, and three Directors at Large. Mike spoke of the RNBRA’s reason for existence which is to develop shooting ability in New Brunswick. In 2016 RNBRA will celebrate 150 years of doing that. As the provincially recognized sport governing body for shooting in NB, RNBRA receives funding from the province. As such, the RNBRA is accountable for that money. There is much work to be done and Mike encouraged those in attendance to consider what help they are willing to give. The full text of the President’s opening remarks will be included with the Secretary’s minutes.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Well, here it is - the official end of the 2015 shooting schedule - the Final Shoot in Minto. It was a fitting end to a glorious season with dark overcast light, NO WIND AT ALL !!, and finally rain during the second half of the event. At least it was just as the weatherman had predicted - go figure. 
Nine shooters had qualified for the Open Class and 8 were able to attend (plus two from Petitcodiac to give us a tight run for our money). In Sporter Class, five had qualified and all attended plus Dan G. who showed us how it is done.
What made it a super day was the lunch. Grant P. Jr. had made the best darn batch of baked beans we ever had, Dave C. had made home-made bread and Wayne K. brought the dogs. Grant P. Jr. had also brought Timbits. You can imagine that we couldn't get enough - there was nothing left to take home to the freezer. Many thanks guys - you made our day.
Wayne K. was the Match Director and scorer while Don M. was the score verifier. The targets were changed by John McC., Grant P. Jr., Terry McN., Gerry J. and Bruce B. while the ROs for the day were Bert deV., Bruce B. and Gerry J. Many thanks for all the help.
The following Results are for this match. Those who qualified for the Final Shoot and also the prizes are marked by an *.

Bert deV. - 300/16X*
Dan G. - 300/13X
Don M. - 299/10X*
Bruce B. - 299/8X*
John McC. - 298/7X*
Dave C. - 298/7X*
Volker T. - 289/4X
Terry McN. - 285/7X*

Dan G. - 145/2X
Bert deV. - 145/1X*
Wayne K. - 141/0X*
Gerry J. - 135/0X*
Grant P. Jr. - 95/0X*
Terry McN. - DNC*