Thursday, November 30, 2017


Hello Benchrest enthusiasts in Canada and around the world.

It has been 5 years since the New Brunswick Benchrest scene has been reported on this Blog. During this time, we welcomed 75000 visits to the Blog site.

These "hits" have been from many places including the following "top ten":

Canada - 33,000
USA - 17,500
Russia - 10,500
Germany - 2350
Ukraine - 1800
France - 1450
Poland - 600
Spain - 500
Brazil - 350
England - 300

Monday, November 27, 2017


We are quickly heading to the end of the year and the Christmas shoots are coming up. However, for a last "hurrah" in Petitcodiac, we had a Centerfire fun shoot. The targets were set up at the end of the range at the 150 yard mark. We knew this would be a different shoot but did not think that 50 additional yards could make much of a difference in the results .  .  Wrong !! The "little mistakes" we make at 100 yds were magnified so that hits that would have touched the 10 ring were now definitely out. Humbling to say the least and the scores reflect this. I imagine if we shot this distance more often, we would become better shooters at 100yds.

The conditions were ideal. It was not too cold to reduce the enjoyment of shooting although a good fire in the stove was required. There was almost no wind at all and the single wind flag (it was a "fun shoot" after-all) that was out there hardly moved except during the last relay. It remained overcast for the whole shoot so our sight pictures remained constant and without mirage.
A big welcome to Jim who came to watch. He was not feeling well and had to go to the hospital later that day. We hope all is well with Jim.
Dan G. was the match director and head scorer. John McC. and Bert deV. shared the score verification duties. ROs were Dan G., John McC. and Darryl K. Targets were set and changed by Logan G., Brian P., John McC. and Bert deV. Dan G. brought the Timbits. Thanks, everyone, for your help today.

Dan G. - 298/14X - 6mmPPC
Bert deV. - 296/13X - 30BR
Don M. - 295/12X - 30BR
John McC. - 295/8X - 6mmBR
Logan G. - 291/8X - 222Rem
Brian P. - 282/6X - 6mmBR
Darryl K. - 276/2X - 223Win
Tony L. - 272/3X - 6mmBR
Tom N. - 253/2X - 308Win
John C. - 213/0X - 223Win

Thursday, November 23, 2017


The Annual General Meeting of the Minto Gun Club was held today followed by a fun shoot. John McC. organized the shoot in a different way - teams of 2 shooters competed against each other in both Open and Sporter classes (22 Rimfire) on targets that included crows, and other interesting creatures. 
Top team in Open class were Dave C. and Guy H. while in Sporter class Bruce B. and Mac McD. took home the bacon.

New Officers include:
President - Dave Chavarie

Vice-President - Wayne Kennedy
Secretary/Treasurer - Bert deVink
Chairman Rules Committee - John McCluskey
Chief Range Officer - Bruce Bennett


For more info. see

From L>R: Vic Edmunds, Tory Phinn, Rick Pollock, Hugh Williamson,
Tyler Edmunds, Dan Opel, Wayne Miller, Rob Seeman
Here's the whole story: World BR Championship on "Accurate Shooter"

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Reported by; John McCluskey pictures by Volker T. and John (Thanks guys).
Hello everyone in N.B. Benchrest Blog land.
To start with we had a beautiful, cool, fall day with very little wind and very little sun. 11 die-hard shooters were in attendance to drive the
candies off the range. This year the pink peppermints and ½” diameter gums seemed extremely easy to hit (except for one shooter claiming bad ammo..sure it was) causing the target maker to start re-
thinking the candy sizes for next year. ☺  Also this year the Tic Tac candies were replaced as most hard to hit by the new small black bean targets.
The match director and scorer was John McC.  Dan G, George M and John McC. were the R.O.’S and target changers. Volker T brought some yummy cookies that soon disappeared. Everyone had a great time! Thanks to all for another successful PSC Candy Shoot!

Order of finish:(
Ties were broken using best target scores for targets 1 through 6.)
  • 390 - Darryl K.
  • 370 – Matt McA.
  • 370 – Guy H.
  • 360 – John C.
  • 360 – Chris S.
  • 360 – John McC.
  • 360 – Volker T.
  • 350 – George M.
  • 350 – Tony L.
  • 290 – Dan G.
  • 250 – Tom N.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


It is with sadness that I have to report that fellow shooter and fierce competitor GEORGE COOK passed away last night. We extend our sympathy and condolences to George's wife, Linda, and family. 
Most of his life, George competed in target rifle competitions.  He attended the first Canadian Winter games in Quebec City in 1967, shooting in the .22 sporting rifle competition.  He attended the Small Bore Nationals at Kitchener, Ontario, in 1975 and 1976, taking 7 finals—the first time ever done.  He shot .308 target rifle at the Nationals in Ottawa for many years and won a position on the 1992 team from Canada to go to Bisley, England, for the World’s Competition.  George and Linda attended the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace while there.  George won numerous medals and trophies, including the Governor’s General’s medal for shooting.
Hunting was George’s second love, and he could often be seen with his wife, Linda, as they struck out on another deer hunting trip.  In his younger years, he spent much time on the Miramichi River fly fishing with his Dad.  George loved to teach young people gun safety and hunting skills.
Visiting will be held at Ells Funeral Home on Thursday, November, 9, 2017 from 2-4 and 7-9 PM. Funeral service will be held from St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Grand Harbour, on Friday November, 10, 2017 at 1:00pm.
George’s family have requested donation be made in his memory to the Grand Manan Boys and Girls Club, St. Paul’s Anglican Church, or to the donor’s choice.

Arrangements are in care of Ells Funeral Home Inc., 1199 Route 776, Grand Manan, NB E5G 1G2.  Condolences, messages of sympathy may also be sent to or (506) 662-3116.

Monday, November 6, 2017


It was a good day to target some 'flies' on the range at Petti. We shot at 100yds at a target having 10 life size houseflies per target drawn in various positions. 
An interesting target. Scores on the flies were from 3 to 5points.  About 3/4" in size and more difficult to shoot than expected. Fun. Calibers shot ranged from 20Tac to 6PPC/BR. The weather was clear, light wind and 12C temp. 
Thanks to all for pitching in with the match. 
John McC. - 85
Tony L. - 69
Dan G. - 37
Volker T. - 27
John C. - 24
Tom N. - 20


Following the Centerfire Championship shoot, we returned to the Clubhouse where the Annual performance awards were handed out.
The President, Dave C. made special mention of the efforts of John McC. in arranging for the awards and also that he had donated the Team awards to the Minto Gun Club.

Bill H. - 3'rd Highest Match Score in Rimfire Sporter

John McC. and Dave C. with Team
Plaques. Missing Cecil H. and Bruce B.
John McC. Highest Match Score
in CF Open

Bert deV. 2nd Highest Match Score
in CF Open Class
Dan G. 3rd Highest Match Score
in CF Open Class

Bert deV. Highest Match Score
in CF Sporter Class
Volker T. 2nd Highest Match Score
in CF Sporter Class

Dan G. 3rd Highest Match Score
in CF Sporter Class
George M. 2nd Highest Match Score
in Rimfire Pistol

Dan G. Highest Match Score
in CF Pistol and Rimfire Pistol
Wayne K. 2nd Highest Match Score
in CF Pistol


Well, here it was - finally. The annual Minto Centerfire Championships. Much anticipated for those who had spent a year honing their skills and equipment.
We were all fascinated by the fact that the range, which had been seeded with grass less than a month ago was now sprouting a nice crop of green - this late in the season (it's November for Pete's sake).
It was a cool day (some ice on one of the puddles on the range), with an overcast sky which made the light conditions even and good for shooting paper. We were using a new target format which allowed for one shot per bull - too much of a change for one shooter who came to rue his second shot on the first bull. The wind was quite changeable as is the usual case in Minto. In the early parts of the match it was predominantly left to right but this changed to a wind mostly down-range at the end of the match. Both the direction and the velocity of the wind proved to be a problem - hence no perfect scores were posted today.
Unfortunately, two shooters had serious equipment problems that forced them to withdraw.

John McC. was the match director today with Don M. as head scorer and Bill H. as the score verifier. Dave C. and George M. did all the target changing. We had a good crew of ROs which included Dan G., Tony L., John McC., Bruce B., Wayne K. and Bert deV. The wonderful sweets were provided by Tony L. (thanks Shelly C.), Dave C. and a huge bunch of do-nuts by the Minto Gun Club. Thank you all for your contributions to a great final shoot.
After the match was completed the annual year-end awards were distributed - these will be posted in the next post.

John McC. - 299/15X
Bert deV. - 299/12X
Dan G. - 298/20X
Volker T. - 298/12X
Tony L. - 294/11X
Don M. - 293/13X
Dave C. - 293/8X
Wayne 283/10X
Bruce B. - DNC
Bill H. - DNC

Volker T. - 147/1X
Bert deV. - 146/2X
Dan G. - 142/0X
John McC. - 138/2X
Bill H. - 123/0X
Wayne K. - 114/0X
Bruce B. - DNC