Sunday, September 30, 2018


September 23, 2018 - MINTO - The RNBRA Rimfire Benchrest Championship (Open and Sporter). For information click: RNBRA Benchrest Championship

September 30, 2018 - PETITCODIAC - Centerfire Rifle BR (Open)
GUN SHOW DATES - 2018 click here: GUN SHOW DATES
>> The Irishtown gunshow (cancelled) will take place in Grande Digue on May 12/13 with setup on the 11th . Its in the local community center . Tables can be booked by calling Earl at 383 9579 . Earl McGee on the Gun show - Grande-Digue Community Center, Route 468, Civic # 530
>> Fredericton O'Dell Gun Show


Monday, September 17, 2018


The day started out beautifully on our drive down to Petitcodiac. It was cool, the sun was out and it looked like there was no wind. We were in high spirits - looking forward to a good shoot with good friends.

When we arrived the conditions had not changed much with the exception of a pretty good layer of clouds that threatened rain. Thankfully, this did not happen until our drive back home. The temperature gradually warmed up to the mid 20s C. Despite the lack of sun and no real mirage, shooters noticed that their sight pictures were blurry and it was a bit difficult to focus. The very light wind either remained from 9:00 o'clock to 12:00 o'clock or was not noticeable throughout the match.

Some good shooting was done today although "X" counts were a bit lower than expected. Congratulations are due to our friend Don M. who shot the only 300 match with a score of 300/13X.

Today, Dan G. was the match
director and head scorer. Shelly C. was the score verifier. The target changers were Shelly C., Dan G., Brian P., and Malcolm McA. while Tony L. did a general maintenace of the targets.  Range Officer duties were shared by Shelly C. and Bert deV. Shelly and Dan also brought the treats today. Many thanks to all who helped out.

Don M. - 300/14X
Bert deV. - 299/12X
Dan G. - 299/10X
Shelly C. - 297/14X
Malcolm McA. - 297/12X
Brian P. - 296/10X
Tony L. - 293/7X
Tom N. - 289/11X
John C. - DNC

Sunday, September 16, 2018


After the Rimfire Benchrest match and the wonderful lunch was completed, several shooters went to the upper range to shoot a 200 meter MTR match off the bench. This match allowed for the use of front sandbags but no rear support other than our hand. We shot a match of 3 target bulls with 10 counting shots after having shot a sighter target at the beginning of the match.
The day had become quite warm with a temperature of 31C. The wind was cooperative, with very light head winds or quiet periods - at least where the wind flag was located. Further down the range we did not know what the wind was doing other than by using tree tops as a reference. There was a constant sun which resulted in a bit of sun-burn for the shooters and hot barrels for the rifles. Despite the hot sun, sighting was pretty good as the mirage was not as bad as we had experienced in previous matches.
During this match, Greg S. was the match director, head target changer (we used his truck to go to the targets) and head scorer (although truth be told, we all contributed to the scoring and calculations equally). 

Bert deV. - 96.3 + 100.5 + 97.3 = 293/11X
Michael C. - 88.1 + 96.2 + 95.2 = 279/5X
Greg S. - 85.3 + 91.1 + 89.1 = 265/5X
Ted S. - 84.0 + 63.0 + 77.0 = 224/0X


It was a lovely day for a rifle match in Florenceville. The temperature in the morning, while we were driving up the beautiful Saint John river valley, was a bit cool but the sun was out and, even though
it was early, it was blazing in the rear-view mirror and sending it's warmth into the vehicle. We arrived at the range in good time, having made no wrong turns, and were able to greet friends before the match began.

During the rimfire match, ( 3
targets of 25 bulls), the day warmed up substantially with the sun rising behind the covered firing point. Winds were very mild and almost totally calm during the first relay. It picked up as the day progressed and, as is usual for Florenceville, it became tricky and much less predictable. The scores recorded during the second relay showed this and were quite a bit lower than in the first relay. The third relay was similar but by now we had learned from our early experiences and scores were a bit improved.
The Match Director for the Rimfire Benchrest match was Jean S. She also scored the targets along with Ash P. The Range Officer for the first few relays was Alan C. while Greg S. took over these duties later on when Alan had to leave. All shooters went forward to change their own targets.
After the Rimfire match was over, the scores were tallied and medals presented. Then, thanks to Jean S., we enjoyed a lunch of potato salad, caesar salad and hot-dogs bar-b-qued to perfection by Ted S. This was much appreciated not only because of Jean's super culinary skills but also because after shooting all morning we were famished!.

Bert deV. - 239.3 + 229.4 + 231.1 = 699/8X
Greg S. - 234.6 + 225.0 + 231.2 = 690/13X
Ash P. - 228.3 + 231.3 + 228.1 = 687/7X
Michael C. - 226.3 + 224.3 + 223.2 = 673/8X
Cole P. - 219.3 + 231.3 + 220.1 = 670/7X
Jean S. - 220.2 + 221.1 + 228.3 = 669/6X

Greg S. - 199.16 + 200.12 + 200.13 = 599/41X
Alden H. - 198.9 + 193.5 + 195.7 = 586/21X
Greg R. - 199.5 + 199.9 + 187.4 = 583/18X
Ted S. - 193.5 + 194.5 + 194.7 = 581/17X
Raymond G. - 192.3 + 190.2 + 190.3 = 572/8X

Monday, September 10, 2018


It was a gorgeous day in Minto last Sunday when we held a regular Minto centerfire benchrest shoot and at the same time shot the RNBRA Provincial Centerfire Benchrest Championship.The following applies to both of these matches as all shooters competed for both the Minto Gun Club awards and the RNBRA awards.
The temperature started out a bit cool with reports of temperatures in the 1 to 3 degree C. range. When we 
arrived for the match, Wayne K. had started a fire in the stove which felt nice early on. As the day progressed it did become warmer and jackets began to come off. 

The sun appeared off and on and this was a sighting problem for most shooters. Things were fine when there was some cloud cover but without it, the targets danced around with the mirage. Several shots that might have scored well were lost in the mirage - a real eye-opener for some shooters.
The wind was tricky as is often the case in Minto and changed from relay to relay with a significant change in the afternoon after we had lunch. It was predominantly left to right and up-range with many quiet 
periods in the morning while, in the afternoon, it turned around to from the right and down-range with fewer quiet periods.  
As part of the Championship activities, Minto provided a wonderful lunch of chili and brown bread made by our
talented cook/president Dave C. There were also hot dogs for those who could not have chili. Deserts were made by Shelly C. and brought up by Tony L. Dorothy McC. made a wonderful cake brought up by John McC. Thank you all so much for a wonderful lunch. Not much was left over after a 
bunch of hungry shooters made short work of it.
After the shoot was completed and all the targets were scored, the awards for the Minto Gun Club shoot were presented by president Dave C. This was followed by the presentation of the RNBRA medals and plaque by Conrad L. who represented the RNBRA. 

Bert deV. - 300/19X
John McC. - 299/13X
Volker T. - 297/12X
Mike C. - 296/6X
Daniel G. - 295/8X
Don M. - 293/10X
David C. - 292/10X
Tony L. - 292/11X
Bill H. - 290/11X

Volker T. - 147/4X
John McC. - 145/1X
Guy H. - 143/4X
Wayne K. - 141/2X
Bert deV. - 141/2X
Conrad L. - 1123/0X
Daniel G. - 120/2X
Bill H. - DNC

Monday, September 3, 2018


Another full year has passed since the last time we all got together to commemorate one of our great shooting friends at the Martin F. Topf Rimfire Benchrest Championship. Martin would have been
pleased with the tight competition in what proved to be very tricky conditions. Everyone was at the top of their game and shot very well even though some disappointments were keenly felt with shots that went astray. 

This final rimfire championship of the Petticodiac Sportsman's Club was hosted by them today, at the Petitcodiac ranges. The event is always a highlight of the year as it is both a prize event and an opportunity for shooting friends to get together - a great friendship and shooting event.

The weather certainly did not disappoint. The day started out with cool "jacket" temperatures which gradually increased to a rather warm afternoon. The sun was out, but the angle at this time of year, did not glare or interfere much with sighting. There also was very little, if any, mirage. 

The wind, as is usual for Petitcodiac, was active all day but did not change very much from morning to afternoon or from relay to relay. It was from all over the range with the dominant winds being from the left and from 6 o'clock. There were also periods of calm and headwinds. It was not hard to find a condition that would return regularily. Some of us made the mistake of shooting in a calm condition when we were sighted in for a certain direction. This did cost a number of us a point or two.

The championship was divided into two parts - the first target of 25 bulls was shot in the morning followed by a lunch break and then the second set of 25 bulls. Quite a few 250 scores were recorded for the first target. Those shooters were a bit on edge in the second set, as one little mistake would cost them a position as a top shooter. Those who had shot a 499/498 in the first set of targets were also a bit on edge as their performance in the second set would have to be superlative to be eligible for a top shooter status. As a result some very good shooting took place.

Today, the championship was organized by Volker T. who was the match director as well as the head scorer. He even ran to get the targets after the last relay so he could score them before having lunch. The verifiers were Dan G. and Shelly C. On the firing line, Darryl K., Dan G. and Shelly C. were the Range Officers. The targets frames were repaired by Tony L. Targets were set and changed by Barb J., Volker T., Norbert S., Mike C., Shelly C., Dan G., Cecil H. and Bruce B. The delicious breads, available during the match, were brought by Barb J. Many many thanks to all those who helped out today.

Between the two sets of targets we were treated to a very nice lunch organized by John C. Shelly C's treats were available in abundance for those not afraid of a sugar rush in the afternoon. Many thanks to John and Shelly for a fine lunch.

After shooting was finished and the scores were finally tallied, we all went back to the club house for the presentation of the awards for this match and also for the year-end awards in rimfire benchrest shooting.

The following awards were presented:
1.  Plaques for the Petitcodiac team shooters who had prevailed in our annual rimfire team match at 100yds. These included Dan G., Darryl K., Chris S. and Volker T.
2.  A plaque for the High Match Score of 2018 - Bert deV.
3.  A plaque for the High Single Target of 2018 - Volker T.
4.  The Martin F. Topf Championship trophy + cash - Bruce B.
5.  A plaque + cash for second place - Guy H.
6.  A plaque + cash for third place - Darryl K.
7.  A medal + cash for fourth place - Bert deV.
8.  A medal + cash for fifth place - Dan G.

Bruce B. - 500/23X
Guy H. - 500/21X
Darryl K. - 499/22X
Bert deV. - 499/20X
Dan G. - 499/15X
John Mo. - 499/12X
Volker T. - 498/23X
Matt McA. - 498/20X
Cecil H. - 498/15X
John Co. - 497/18X
Mike C. - 496/15X
Dave C. - 496/14X
Malcolm McA. - 495/12X
Gerard D. - 494/15X
George M. - 494/15X
Barb J. - 494/13X
Norbert S. - 489/15X
Tony L. - 486/12X
Shelly C. - 484/11X
Don M. - 483/14X
John McC. - 482/11X

After a few words, all shooters who did not place, were part of a draw for the many nice prizes that were obtained by John C. Then we all went home - tired but happy after a long day of shooting and good times with friends.
Photography courtesy of Barb J., Darryl K. and Bert deV.