Saturday, June 30, 2018


June 23, 2018 - LAKE GEORGE GC - 22 RF TEAM SHOOT
June 24, 2018 - PETITCODIAC - CF BR - OPEN

July 1, 2018 - MINTO - 22 RF - OPEN & SPORTER
July 8, 2018 - PETITCODIAC - 22 RF - OPEN
July 15, 2018 - MINTO - CF - OPEN & SPORTER & HG
July 21, 2018 - FLORENCEVILLE - AM - 22 RF - OPEN & SPORTER
                                                        - PM - 200m CF - BR & PRONE
July 22, 2018 - PETITCODIAC - CF BR - OPEN
July 29, 2018 - MINTO - 22 RF - OPEN & SPORTER
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>> The Irishtown gunshow (cancelled) will take place in Grande Digue on May 12/13 with setup on the 11th . Its in the local community center . Tables can be booked by calling Earl at 383 9579 . Earl McGee on the Gun show - Grande-Digue Community Center, Route 468, Civic # 530
>> Fredericton O'Dell Gun Show


Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Sunday was a great day for a shoot in Minto. It was a lovely sunny day and it stayed that way all day long. Winds were also relatively quiet for Minto with, at most 10km/hr winds that gusted or became completely quiet from time to time.
The match director today was John McC. Don M. was the scorer and Guy H. was the score verifier. Bill H., Dave C. and Bruce B. were the range officers. Targets were set and changed by George M., John McC., Bert deV., Mac McD., Dave C. and Volker T. 
We were again spoiled by many treats. Volker T. brought the Timbits, Wayne K. brought a wonderful rhubarb bread made by Donna and Dave C. brought some wonderful banana bread. Many thanks to all for these treats and for helping out today.

Bert deV. - (30 BR) - 300/21X
John McC. - (6mm BR) - 299/19X
Don M. - (6mm PPC) - 297/17X
Bill H. - (222 Rem) - 296/11X
Dave C. - (223 Rem) - 292/7X
Bruce B. - (222 Rem) - 289/6X
Mac McD. - (223 Rem) - 226/1X

Volker T. - (22 BR) - 143/4X
Bert deV. - (222 Rem) - 138/1X
Bruce B. - (222 Rem) - 136/2X
Bill H. - (222 Rem) - 134/0X
John McC. - (222 Rem) - 133/2X
Jerry J. - (223 Rem) - 123/1X
Wayne K. - (223 Rem) - 122/1X
Conrad L. - (223 Rem) - 76/0X


After the Rimfire BR shoot, and the lunch was finished, five shooters went to the 200m range for the Centerfire BR or Prone shoot. There were no prone shooters today so these results are for BR competition.

The sun stayed out all afternoon and without shade, we all looked a little red by the end of the shoot. There was a fairly steady wind at the upper end of the range. As there were no flags on the lower end, we really didn't know the wind conditions there.

The match directors were Jean S. and Greg S. while the range officers were Greg S. and Ted S. All shooters contributed to the scoring and the statistics. We also all took turns to change targets with Greg S. in his truck (it was too hot to walk today).

Bert deV. - 97.3X + 93.2X + 94.2X = 284.7X
John McC. - 90.1X + 93.2X + 90.1X = 273.4X
Greg S. - 83.1X + 89.2X + 97.2X = 269.5X
Mike C. - 78.0X + 83.0X + 86.1X = 247.1X
Ted S. - 75.0X + 57.0X + 80.0X = 212.0X


It was a wonderful day to go to the Florenceville ranges for a day of shooting and renewing friendships. The sun was out all day with a few clouds to give a little shade. The day started out at 9:00am with little or no wind but this did not last as the 50m range is notorious for very tricky winds that change quickly and that are not the same for one side of the range as compared to the other. 
The match director today was Jean S. who did an excellent
job of organising the match and the many shooters who came out for both Open and Sporter Classes. The scorers were Greg S. and Ted S. All the shooters went forward to change their own targets. Alan C. was the RO throughout the entire match. Photographers were Alan C., Ash P., John McC., and Bert deV. Many thanks to all for helping today.
After the Rimfire shoot was completed, Jean S. and Raymond G. had prepared a very nice lunch of hot-dogs, potato salad, coleslaw and watermelon. We were famished and bone dry so this was very welcome indeed. Many thanks Jean!
After the lunch the medals were awarded. The trophies made and donated by John McC. were also presented to the winners from last year who were present today. Then some went home while others went to the 200m range for the centerfire match.

RESULTS - SMALLBORE BR - OPEN CLASS (75 USBR targets = possible 750.75X):
Bert deV.- 239.3X +227.1X +233.4X = 699.8X
Mike C.- 225.0X +236.4X +229.4X = 690.8X
Ash P.- 222.1X +223.4X +225.1X = 670.6X
Greg S.- 233.5X +223.2X +211.1X = 667.8X
Jean S.- 215.0X +217.1X +219/1X = 651.2X
John McC.- 227.7X +212.5X +207.1X = 646.13X

RESULTS - SMALLBORE BR - SPORTER CLASS (12 SMALLBORE 50yd targets = possible 600.60X):
Alden H.-197.6X +197.10X +195.7X = 589.23X
Greg S.-198.10X +195.8X +194.7X = 587.25X
Bert deV.-196.9X +193.7X +196.8X = 585.24X
Ted S.-196.6X +193.5X +195.7X = 584.18X
Raymond G.-189.5X +194.10X +190.5X = 573.20X
Greg R.-186.9X +196.7X +187.5X = 569.21X
John McC.-188.10X +184.3X +196.9X = 568.22X
Alden B.-156.3X +180.3X +177.5X = 513.11X


Our thanks go to JOHN McCLUSKEY who made and donated the end of year trophies for the Florenceville Gun Club.

Monday, June 11, 2018


It was a great day for a rimfire shoot in Petitcodiac with only a hint of rain on the way down and a little more back home. During the match there was no rain and the sun was out once in a while. A lot of shooters attended and had a good day shooting and hanging out with friends. We welcome new shooter - Malcolm McA. and hope he will continue to come out with us.
The wind was present in all its tricky forms as is usual for Petitcodiac. It was strong at times to the point where some - but not all - wind flags and daisy wheels were a blur. 
Most of this wind came from 6:00 o'clock. Then there were times that the wind was a little more gentle with some flags showing activity and others not. This was mostly a 3:00 or 9:00 o'clock wind. There were also times that there was no wind on parts of the range while the flags on other parts of the range were active. Hard to figure out.
Despite this some good scores were recorded. In fact there were a total of ten 250/X shot today - pretty good. Congrats go to Volker T. who shot a 500/30X and to Bert deV. who shot a 500/31X.
The match director today was Volker T. who also was the head scorer. Dan G. and John McC. did the verifying. Targets were set and changed by John McC., Shelly C., Mike C., Dave C. and Bert deV. The ROs were Darryl K., Dan G. and BertdeV. Shelly C. and Dan G. brought the sweets which were eagerly disposed of in short order. Darryl K. was the official photographer. Many thanks to all for helping out today. 

Bert de V. - 500/31X
Volker T. - 500/30X
Dan G. - 499/25X
Guy H. - 499/20X
Gerard D. - 499/19X
Dave C. - 498/22X
Matt McA. - 498/22X
Darryl K. - 496/18X
Bruce B. - 496/14X
John McC. - 496/13X
Don M. - 495/17X
Tom N. - 494/14X
Tony L. - 491/9X
Mike C. - 489/13X
Brian P. - 488/18X
Shelly C. - 488/13X
Malcolm McA. - 459/4X

Monday, June 4, 2018


After a couple of days of very hot weather we had a perfect day for a Rimfire shoot in Minto.  This was the first Rimfire shoot in a few months as the others had to be cancelled due to the flooding in the Saint John river valley. Although we had a record attendance, we missed Barb and Carl J. and Cecil H. who would normally have been here but who are still wringing out after the flood. Our thoughts are with you folks. 
It was a perfect day because it was a bit cool (which kept the black flies and mosquitos at bay) in the morning. Of course the temperature warmed up in the afternoon and the bugs found the cool shooting 
building and nibbled at the shooters to their hearts content. It was also sunny which made for a bit of a glare on the targets but not enough to make it uncomfortable to sight. Even with the sun, the mirage was minimal. 
The wind was the big conditions story - this was in Minto afterall. The wind was gusty to quiet and mostly from right to left. It changed quickly and somewhat unpredictably during the early relays and a bit less so in the afternoon. Reading wind velocity was the key to success. The wind ranged from +/- 25-30km/hr with gusts doubling that and then decreasing to almost nill as said above. This made holding-over a bit of a guessing game. If you were a bit lucky you had enough time to wait for your condition to return.
Despite all this, Matt McA. won the Open match with a perfect 400/13 score - congrats for some fine shooting Matt. 
Everyone who helped out did a mammoth job today as we had 29 X 2 targets (8 relays x 2) shot. That's a pretty big number for Minto and resulted in the match being over at about 5:00pm. John McC. was the match director who managed to organise a very smooth shoot - even accomodating some latecomers. Don M. was the head scorer with a lot of scoring to do. Wayne K. did the verifying while John McC. and Bert deV. stepped in half way to give these guys a break. The RSOs today were Bill H., Dan G., Dave C., Bruce B. and Darryl K. Targets were posted and changed by Wayne K., George M., Dave C., Mike C., Bruce B., John McC., Ben F. and Bert deV. Bill H. brought the donuts. Many thanks to all who helped today - your efforts were appreciated by all.

Matt McA. - 400/13X
Bert deV. - 396/26X
Darryl K. - 396/16X
George M. - 391/10X
Don M. - 389/12X
Guy H. - 389/9X
Dan G. - 388/14X
Sandy MacL. - 388/10X
Mike C. - 384/13X
Bruce B. - 383/10X
Dave C. - 382/8X
Mac McD. - 380/1X
John M. - 377/4X
John McC. - 374/11X
Bill H. - 373/8X
Gerard D. - 367/4X

Guy H. - 397/10X
Bruce B. - 389/7X
Don Me. - 387/13X
Volker T. - 386/11X
Conrad L. - 386/7X
Bert deV. - 382/11X
John McC. - 382/8X
Shawn R. - 374/5X
Dan G. - 369/4X
George M. - 367/3X
Bill H. - 349/5X
Ben F. - 347/4X
Wayne K. - 335/3X