Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Volker tells us that Darryl went to Saint John for tests and had an operation, and now some good news - 

"Darryl had the angioplasty/stint operations in Saint John, and is at home feeling better. (Got home yesterday? maybe? )Hurrah for him!"

We wish Darryl a speedy recovery and good health - see you at the range real soon.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 23, 2015 - MINTO 22 BR - RESULTS

This weekend's 22BR shoot took place in Minto with 15 shooters attending. It was a terrific day although pretty warm and humid - so much so that one shooter brought a towel to keep face and hands dry. The "Weatherman" had promised thunder showers that did not materialize although the sky was pretty cloudy - quite different from the blue sky and sunny morning on the drive to the range.

The winds were tricky to say the least. We had about 10 different flags on the range between the firing point and the 50 yard target frames. Those closest to the shooters were almost always indicating a right-to-left wind direction - with occasional lulls in the wind. Further down range it was a "dog's breakfast" of conditions with winds coming up-range sometimes, right-to-left sometimes and left-to-right sometimes. The wind velocity also changed frequently. A nightmare if you are determined to shoot a perfect target.
The Match Director today, was
Matt McA. who also scored the targets with verification done by Dave C. Targets were changed by a big crew of people including Barb J., Carl J., Terry McN., Dave C., Bruce B., John McC. and Gerry J. The ROs for today were also a big grouop with Matt McA., Terry McN., Carl J., Barb J. and Bert deV. doing the honours. As is now a fixed feature of our shoots, Barb J. generously provided the treats - delicious banana and a cinamon bread. Many thanks to all who helped out to make this shoot a good one!

Shooters made some very good shots in these conditions with half of them losing 4 points or less - pretty impressive eh? Four shooters were tied at 397 with second and third being decided by a coin toss (normally there would be a shoot off but all had cased their equipment already). Congrats to the winners and to all for a good shoot.

Cecil H. - 398/20X
Terry McN. - 397/15X
Guy H. - 397/15X
Dave C. - 39713X
Matt McA.  - 397/12X
John McC. - 396/9X
Bert deV. - 393/10X
Gerrard D. - 388/10X
George M. - 385/11X
Barb J. - 385/10X
Mack MacD. - 375/4X
Carl J. - 357/1X

Bert deV. - 391/11X
Wayne K. - 387/7X
Bruce B. - 375/3X
Gerry J. - 369/9X

Saturday, August 15, 2015


It is with sadness that I received the news that Martin Topf, our good shooting friend, and mentor to many of us, has passed away after a brief stay at the hospital. He will be sorely missed by all of us and we feel
grateful to have known him. Our hearts go out to Volker and all the Topf family and we extend our sincere condolences to them.

Visitation will be held at Fergusons Funeral Home, 1657 Mountain Road, Moncton (858-1995), on Tuesday from 10:00 to 11:00 am before the service. A service to celebrate Martin's life will be held at Fergusons Funeral Home Chapel on Tuesday August 18th at 11:00 am with Pastor David Milette officiating. Reception following the service in the funeral Home Reception Center. Internment to be held at Our Lady of Calvary Cemetery, 268 Acadia Ave., Dieppe, on Wednesday August 19th at 11:00 am.(Obituary notice will be in the Moncton Times and Fredericton Gleaner). Also at Ferguson's Ferguson's Funeral Home.com 

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Today was a great day for a shoot with no direct sunlight as the sky remained cloudy all day. There was no rain either until well after the shoot, as we drove home. It was a bit chilly in the morning and most of us wore light jackets except those who
wished they had brought them. Winds were pretty good for Minto with predominantly right to left winds at 5-8km/hr. Although they played a part in shooting, they weren't much of a factor once scopes had been adjusted. Holding over seemed to work out pretty well. 
Nine shooters attended this match and enjoyed themselves a great deal - others were probably out vacationing - summer heat is waning and school will begin in about a month. We all pitched in to make this is good shoot. Wayne K. was the Match Director and the scorer with Don M. providing the score verification. The Chief Range Officer was Gerry J. while Norbert S., Dan G. and Bert deV. filled in while he was shooting. Targets were posted by Gerry J., Bruce B., Guy H., Dave C. and Dan G. 
Thanks everyone for helping out. 

Bert deV. - 300/15X
Dan G. - 298/13X
Guy H. - 298/8X
Don M. - 296/13X
Norbert S. - 296/6X
Bruce B. - 294/6X
Dave C. - 286/2X

Bert deV. - 145/3X
Wayne K. - 144/0X
Gerry J. - 140/2X

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


For those of you who follow the Benchrest circuit out west, this past weekend the Super Shoot was held at the Rosebud ranges outside of Calgary. Some pretty fine shooting!!
This is Benchrest for Group - both light and heavy varmint classes as well as aggregates.

Here are the results: ROSEBUD SUPER SHOOT - RESULTS

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


John - Always happy with a Peanut Butter Sandwich
Hello from the Rock;
Hope this finds you smiling! How are the new benches working out in Petty. By the looks of the scores pretty good. I sure miss the shooting and the friends I have back there.
The old boiler building has been demolished and the old boiler was removed today. Right on schedule. Now have to install the new foundations and install the new boiler when it arrives, then build a new building over it.
Say Hi from me to everyone at the next shoot. Tell Dan Gladstone “I see he has improved one position since I left”…LOL. Tell Volker “congrat’s on the record”. I hope to be home in time for the Christmas shoots. Keep up the great work on the blog. It is the only connection I have to hold onto when I am over here. I really appreciate the effort and perseverance you put into it.
Shoot straight. Shoot often. But most of all shoot with your friends

John McCluskey

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Another beautiful summer's day in New Brunswick with temperatures gradually climbing from about 12C when I got up to almost 30C in mid-afternoon. Not a cloud in the sky until we drove home (expecting some thundershower activity later in
the day). The wind ranged from non-existent to switching left and right at about 7km/hr - if that.

Today Volker T. was the Match Director and scorer as well as occasional RO and Target Changer. I think he had fun . . . but not as much as he would
have had if he had not brought the wrong bolt for his gun! Still we appreciate all the work he did on our behalf. Martin T. was the score verifier while the other ROs were Dan G. and Bert deV. Thanks to the target changers Dan G., Arnold F. and Tom N. Also muchas gracias to Dan G. for bringing the extra big box of Timbits - none were left I think.
Eleven fellows were on the firing line for 3 relays - this despite a beautiful long weekend. Some good shooting was displayed with congrats to Bert deV. for making it to the Petitcodiac 300 CF Club with a score of 300/17X.


Bert deV. - 100/5X + 100/6X + 100/6X = 300/17X  (30BR)
Terry McN. - 100/5X + 98/6X + 100/3X = 298/14X  (6mmBR)
Cecil H. - 99/4X + 100/7X + 99/1X = 298/12X  (6mmPPC)
Dan G. - 98/3X + 99/2X + 100/6X = 297/11X  (6mmPPC)
Tom N. - 99/2X + 98/2X + 99/3X = 296/7X  (.223 Rem.)
Don M. - 98/3X + 97/1X + 98/3X = 293/7X  (6mmBR)
George C. - 97/1X + 97/1X + 97/3X = 291/5X  (6mmBR)
Tony L. - 97/1X + 97/4X + 95/2X = 289/7X  (.223 Rem)
Bruce B. - 95/2X + 96/2X + 95/0X = 286/4X  (.222 Rem)
Norbert S. - 96/2X + 94/2X + 94/1X = 284/5X  (.223 Rem)
Arnold F. - 79/0X + 90/1X + 84/1X = 253/2X  (.223 Rem)