Monday, March 28, 2016


This was Easter Sunday and so a lot of our regular shooters were home eating ham and cracking open the eggs the Easter bunny left for them. The rest were having a pile of fun shooting and hanging out with friends. Eleven happy shooters made the trek to Minto.

This was a beautiful day with a bright sun from sun-up to sun-down and some of the nicest temperatures we have had all year. You can tell from the number of guys who stayed outdoors instead of sitting around the stove. There was some glare from the sun on the snow of course, but not enough to bother the shooting. Winds were almost zero at the beginning when we did our sighting in but did pick up a bit during the match - from maybe 5km/hr to 10km/hr. It was predominantly from left to right during the match but before the last relays switched to uprange. A rifle sighted in on the X dot for most of the match had to be held off about 1 inch left and 1/2" high during the last relay - tricky!

Our match director today was Dave C. who also scored the targets. Because we had one 30BR shooter we adjusted for the smaller calibers - this strategy will be discussed at the semi-annual meeting. Don M. was the score and stats verifier.

Targets were set and changed by Gus C., Luke C., George M., Wayne K., John McC. and Bert deV. The lion's share of ROing was done by Darryl K. with BertdeV. also helping. Dave and Susan C. brought some lovely banana bread which was gratefully gobbled down by a hungry crowd. Many thanks to all for your help today.

Bert deV. - 300/20X
Don M. - 298/11X
Gus C. - 297/9X
John McC. - 296/8X
Luke C. - 294/6X
John M. - 294/6X
Dave C. - 294/4X
Darryl K. - 294/4X
Bill H. - 283/5X
Sandy McC. - 278/6X

Bert deV. - 147/3X
John McC. - 139/0X
Wayne K. - 136/1X

Monday, March 21, 2016


It was a gorgeous first day of spring in Petitcodiac with temperatures quite cool in the early parts of the day, bright sunshine and very little wind. As the day progressed it warmed up some and the conditions remained much the same. The sun was a bit of a problem in that the reflection off the snow produced some mirage and glare in our eyes. The wind, although light, was tricky and inconsistent over the length of the range. Although we tried, no perfect targets match was shot today but sixteen Open Class shooters had a great time.

Volker T. was the Match Director and head poohba in the scoring department with Tom N. doing a bang-up job verifying the scores and stats. The ROs were Dan G., Darryl K., Bruce B., John McC. and Matt A. Targets were set and changed by John McC., Dan G., Terry McN., Cecil H., Logan G., Matt A. and Sandy McC. Today, Dave and Susan C. provided some very tasty banana bread while Dan G. brought the Timbits. Thanks all for pitching in and helping out.

Cecil H.1004992100229986ppc
John M.983100310032989222
Bert de Vink97110071007297156br
Terry McN.97399199429586br
Dan G.9859659932931322br
John McC9929529822926223
Darryl K.9929709622924223
Dave C.9729649822918223
Logan G.9839929412916222
Don M.97196198329156ppc
Matt A.951943100328976x47
Volker T.966962953287116brx
Bruce B.9509629512863222
Tom N.9619219512833308
Norbert S.9119418412693223
Sandy McC7509108102470

Monday, March 14, 2016

March 13, 2016 - MINTO 22BR - RESULTS

Today, as I'm typing this, is it a wonderful sun-shiny day with +5C and absolutely no wind. 

Yesterday it was quite a different story. Yes - it was slightly above 0, and yes - we had a little sunshine peeking out, especially later on in the
match, but the wind was pure poison!! 
We knew we were in for some wind and during the sighting-in period we got a taste of what it would be like with point of impact at least 2 inches on either side of the point of aim. But during the match it became very clear what a 50 to 60 km/hr gust could do to a 22 bullet. 
More often than we cared to own up to, the point of impact was on the next bull - with serious consequences to our scores. Let's face it - none of us shot very well today - (but we all shot extremely well given the extreme and unpredictable wind conditions - at least that's what we told ourselves). 

We used every skill we had to try to read and compensate for the wind. When we thought we had it somewhat figured out, our gloves, ammo boxes and scope caps would fly off the benches and  we were served a huge helping of humble pie when we looked at the target which now had a neat little hole in the 5 or 6 ring! The only good thing is that we were in this boat together and all of us experienced the same helping of dessert.

There was a bit of a controversy about the scoring system that was used but this will be sorted out for the next match.

Today the Match Director and scorer was Matt McA. while Don M. did the score verification. Targets were set and changed by Terry McN., Darryl K., Dave C., John McC., Gerard D., John M. and Barb J. The RO duties were shared by Darryl K., Terry McN., Bert deV., John McC., Barb J. and Dave C. Thanks to all for pitching in and helping out and thanks also to Barb J. for bringing the wonderful treats.

Sandy McC. - DNC
Mack MacD. - 237/3X
Don McI. - 280/1X
Don My. - 306/3X
Roger L. - 316/2X
Matt McA. - 337/2X
Bill H. - 343/4X
John McC. - 343/6X
Terry McN. - 345/4X
Darryl K. - 348/5X
Barb J. - 349/4X
Cecil H. - 349/5X
John Mo. - 355/2X
Guy H. - 358/5X
Don M. - 362/6X
Dan G. - 362/7X
Gerard D. - 363/6X
Bert deV. - 365/10X

Dan G. - 292/4x
Wayne K. - 306/2x
Roger L. - 307/5X
Bill H. - 313/2X
Terry McN. - 313/2X
John McC. - 331/2X
Dave C. - 335/5X
Volker T. - 336/5X
Bert deV. - 351/2X

Monday, March 7, 2016


The 22BR shoot in Petitcodiac came hard on the heels of the previous day's shooting in Lake George. We had our rifles tuned and were ready to go.

Although a little cool, the day was marvelous for shooting in the winter. The bright sun stayed out for most of the match but there was no glare as the snow had long gone. You could see previous bullet holes in the target backers as light spots on your target - a little disorienting at first. The wind was quite a challenge - all over the place for most of the match - but mostly uprange (from the shooting building to the targets) and ranging from dead quiet for a few seconds to howling. There was a lot of waiting - those that didn't or those that shot during lulls in the wind, paid a price. We all felt the effects of the wind though. As it came over the roof of the building there was frequently a cloud of smoke that drifted uprange. Good for estimating wind direction and speed but not good for seeing a target clearly. The wind chill was also cold and many of us couldn't feel our fingers after a few minutes on the firing line. Despite all this we had a lot of fun.
Volker T. was both the Match Director and the scorer while John McC. was the score verifier. 
Targets were changed by John McC., Dan G., Tom N., Cecil H. and Mike H. 
Bert deV., Dan G. and Darryl K. shared the RO duties today. 
We missed Barb J. and Shelly C.'s treats today but Dan G. brought the timbits and Terry McN. made some more of his delectable hot-dogs. 
Thanks to all who pitched in to help.

Volker T.Falcon248122501249824
Cecil H.Ansch25010248649816
Bert deV.Ansch247132501449727
John McCAnsch24872491149718
Matthew McARem 40X2488249949717
Dan G.Ansch2488249849716
Gerard D.Savage2496247449610
Mike H.Ansch2489247549514
Bruce B.Win cust2475248849513
Darryl K.Ansch2498245949417
Terry McN.Cz cust2505244949414
Brian P.Ansch2466248849414
Don M.Ansch2463246849211
John C.Ansch246224664928
Dave C.Ansch2468244549013
George M.Ansch24113248548918
Tom N.Savage23522383473