Sunday, June 28, 2015

JUNE 28, 2015 - MINTO - .22 BR SHOOT - RESULTS

This month's 22BR shoot in Minto was very well attended with 16 shooters shooting both Open and Sporter Classes. Prior to the match, we voted Dave C. to be the Range Maintenance Chairman in preparation for the building of the new club house and improvements to the parking and pistol shooting area. Thanks for taking on this task Dave - the range is going to be beautiful.

The weather today was more than excellent for a 22 shoot. Temperatures were a very comfortable +/- 20C and the sky remained overcast with a hint of rain later in the day. Easy to see the targets! The air was a bit heavy and muggy but for some reason the blackflies and mosquitos stayed away. 
The most unusual thing for Minto, was that there was almost no wind - only the slightest of whispers now and then. Once in a while we were puzzled by a bullet dropping down on the target but it seems that there might have been a slight headwind at the target level now and then. This was hard to pick up as the wind indicators were all positioned below the targets.
At any rate, shooters stepped up to take advantage of the conditions and 4 perfect targets were shot in the first set of relays. In the second set, two 400 targets had been shot by the winners of last weeks match in Petitcodiac. Congratulations to John McC. who shot a 400/17X and Guy H. who shot a 400/10X - members of the Minto 400 club.


John McC. - 400/17X
Guy H. - 400/10X
Dave C. - 399/20X
Matt McA. - 399/17X
Gerard D. - 399/14X
Don M. - 399/6X
Malcolm MacD. - 398/21X
Bert deV. - 398/13X
George M. - 397/13X
Terry McN. - 395/13X
Ron M. - 394/11X
Bruce B. - 381/7X

Gerry J. - 391/13X
Bert deV. - 382/7X
Grant P. Sr. - 381/5X
Bruce B. - 380/5X
Wayne K. - 367/2X
Grant P. Jr. - 285/2X

Today's match was run by Matt McA. who also did the scoring  while Don M. verified the scores and stats. The Range Officers today were Terry McN., Gerry J. and Grant P. Sr. Targets were changed by Terry McN., George M., Dave C., Gerry J. and Wayne K. Thanks to Grant P. Jr for bringing the treats today - they were much appreciated. Many thanks to all the above for helping out with the match.

Open Class Winners
<=      John McC. and Guy H.

Sporter Class Winners
Gerry J. and Bert deV.      =>

Monday, June 22, 2015


It was a most beautiful day for a shoot and 18 lucky shooters celebrated Father's Day on the range. The morning was a little cool for the first day of summer but of course, it warmed up, the sky was overcast producing perfect light to see the targets and . . the rain held off until midway through the second relay. 
Most important - there was no wind at Petitcodiac - a rare event. The first relay was shot almost entirely without wind with the flags not turning and the tails hanging straight down.
Shooters took advantage of this unusual condition and 8 perfect (250/250) targets were shot. Those who dropped one point, were anticipating being out of the running after the first relay.

When the dust had settled after the second relay, where we had
more wind and rain, three shooters emerged with a perfect match. Cecil H. with 500/25X won the match. John McC. with 500/22X and Guy H. with 500/21X entered the exalted ranks of the 500 Club for the first time. Congratulations to these top 3 shooters!By the way, Tony L. lost his favourite position in the results and ended right in the middle of the list - congrats!

A number of people worked to make this match possible - Volker T. was the Match Director and Scorer while Martin T. verified the scoring and stats. Range Officers for the day were Darryl K., Terry McN. and Bruce B. Targets were changed by John McC., Norbert S. and Dan G. Shelly C., who could not attend, send her delicious treats along with Tony L. while Dan G. brought the bucket of Timbits. Many thanks for all the efforts and generous feeding of shooters.

Cecil Harvey - 250/13X, 250/12X = 500/25X
John McCluskey - 250/11X, 250/11X = 500/22X
Guy Heustis - 250/10X, 250/11X = 500/21X
Darryl Keirstead - 249/7X, 249/13X = 498/20X
John Moore - 250/8X, 248/6X = 498/14X
Volker M. Topf - 249/6X, 249/7X = 498/13X
Bruce Bennett - 250/10X, 247/6X = 497/16X
Mathew McAllister - 248/5X, 249/10X = 497/15X
Terry McNeill - 248/8X, 249/6X = 497/14X
Tony Lewis - 248/7X, 248/7X = 496/14X
Don Murrin - 249/7X, 245/5X = 494/12X
Norbert Strahlendorff - 247/7X, 247/5X = 494/12X
John Corbett - 248/8X, 246/3X = 494/11X
George Murray - 247/8X, 246/9X = 493/17X
Gerard Daigle - 250/6X, 243/10X = 493/16X
Dan Gladstone - 244/5X, 249/8X = 493/13X
Bert deVink - 250/7X, 243/5X = 493/12X         
Dave Chevarie - 248/4X, 240/4X = 488/8X 

       Guy H. and John McC.
               500 Clubbers

Friday, June 19, 2015



Bert the Editor
Crossfires are when a shooter shoots on the target of another competitor. Despite our good intentions, they happen - because of new equipment and lack of a "zero", eye/sighting problems, the stress of competition, inattentiveness, extreme wind conditions or other factors.

A Crossfire can really hurt the shooter on whose target a crossfire appears and who might lose the match because of it. The shooter may lose confidence in his/her scope settings and begins to adjust sights unnecessarily. They also hurt the club and the sport when they result in a loss of trust in one's fellow shooters and the method for resolving this issue.

It is generally a good idea to have a formal procedure in place to deal with crossfires when they happen to avoid this from becoming a personal issue or conflict. Remember - they can usually be resolved amicably with the Range Officer right on the firing line.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


A two hundred yard shoot in Minto takes place from the shooting building, east across a deep pit that is now filled with water (known as the "Lake"), to the target frame on the other side. When you stand on the edge of the pit, the water is about 40 yds below you and you are shooting over the top of the trees that grow along the edge of the water. The only place to put wind flags is in the first 30 yards past the firing point and right in front of the target frames, leaving a middle space of over 150yds where the only clue to what the wind is doing are thmovement of leaves and branches. One shooter had the terrific idea of bending one of the trees down so we could tie a surveyor's ribbon on it!

Winds that are normally quite tricky in MInto, become almost
unreadable when you shoot 200 yds. There were two flag in front of the shooters, a whole bunch of ribbons on the branches and two flags, just barely visible, at the targets. There were many times that no two flags agreed. The wind was predominantly from SE to NW and up - out of the pit towards the shooters, but would change completely at times. No two relays could use the same windage settings on the scope and each sighter shot became all that much more important. 
Despite this, the 9 shooters that made it to Minto had a lot of fun. The sun was bright, the wind affected everyone equally - independent of the caliber, the cookies brought by John McC. were wonderful, the conversation and socialization were great and despite some cross-fires, the scores were not too too bad.
Thanks to Wayne K. for being the Match Director and scorer, and to Don M. for verifying the scoring and stats. Many thanks to Grant P. Jr. for getting on the 4-wheeler to drive around the Lake and changing the targets. Based on the dust and wheelies, he had a lot of fun. Thanks also to Bert deV. and Grant P. Sr. for looking after the firing line as RSOs. Last, but certainly not least, thanks to Mrs. McC. (and hubby John) for the cookies.

John McC. - 276/5X
Bert deV. - 276/4X
Don M. - 274/3X
Dan G. - 267/3X
Grant P. Sr. - 177/1X
Mack MacD. - 142/1X


Bert deV. - 146/5X
Wayne K. - 143/4X
Gerry J. - 134/2X
Grant P. Jr. - 97/0X

Sunday, June 7, 2015


 The day started out kind of cold - like a September morning - with dew on the grass and temperatures around 4C. It was cool enough that we wore jackets or sweatshirts throughout the entire match. It did not stay that way of course,
and at the end of the match the temperature had climbed to about 20C.

The wind wasn't much of a story today. Oh - it was there, mostly blowing at about 20km/hr toward the firing point although sometimes across from right to left. Sometimes it would gust to
about 30km/hr and sometimes it would just drop. The flags were most frequently in disagreement over where and how hard it was blowing. A good thing - we had enough time to wait until our chosen conditions returned.

Driving down to Petitcodiac was a real pleasure with few cars, no trucks, and only a little road kill. We saw deer, foxes and a turkey at the side of the road - nice!
It was a quick match today as we had only two relays for 10 shooters - others must be enjoying the day doing something else. It was good to see Volker back from his trip to Italy speakiing Italian - well, at least he can order Vino in Italian. He had a marvelous trip and hadn't lost his touch on the trigger.
Today's match was run by Volker T. who also did the scoring with Martin T. verifying the math. Dan G. and Bert deV. were the RSOs while targets were changed by John McC. and Dan G. Even though Shelly C.  wasn't there, she sent her marvelous treats to the shoot with Tony L. and of course, Dan G. brought a ton of timbits for all to enjoy. Many thanks for all the good stuff done today by all!

Bert deV. - 299/18X
Cecil H. - 299/14X
Volker T. - 298/18X
Dan G. - 296/11X
Matt A. - 295/12X
John McC. - 294/9X
Don M. - 293/7X
George C. - 292/7X
Tony L. - 276/4X
John C. - 274/1X

Monday, June 1, 2015


FROM: Wayne Kennedy, President of the Minto Gun Club

Wayne tells me that the winner of the Riflle Raffle ticket was Troy CLark from Chipman, Troy's ticket was sold and drawn at the antler scoring in Chipman in early May. The second winner was Bruce Bennet from our club and it was sold and drawn at the club shoot on May 31st.
Both Wayne and Terry McNeill would like to thank everyone very much for their enthusiastic participation. The funds will help greatly going toward our new clubhouse.