Sunday, February 24, 2013

PETITCODIAC - 22BR SHOOT - February 24, 2013 - Results

Well, the weather for this shoot was much better than the last few days. Lighting was good, but the wind occasionally played a bit of havoc with different relays. This was evident when all the wind indicators were flying in different directions! The temperature was a bit cool but this didn't daunt the shooters who came out for the match. 
It was a competitive match and sometimes only X's separated places. A puff of unexpected wind or an error in windreading could change things fast. A few of the regulars were absent, and missed at the shoot. We hope to see them next time. The stove kept the scoremaster and several other shooters warm between relays. 

Thanks to all who helped out during the shoot. Volker T. was the Match Director and scoremaster.  John C. took registrations. Dan G., Darryl K. and Bruce B were the Range Officers while Dan G. and Brian P. changed the targets.
Thanks to Barb J. and Dan G. for the usual sweets...the banana bread was really tasty. I keep reminding all that sweets go a long way to make the Scoremaster's work easier, laff. 
Yours in shooting, Volker.

Nineteen shooters attended this match. The final scores are listed below:
                               Darryl K.         - 497/20X             Jeff L.            - 489/11X
                               Jeff M.             - 497/15X            Brian P.         - 489/8X
                               Dan G.            - 496/19X            Carl J.            - 488/11X
                               Volker T.         - 495/22X            Tony L.           - 486/9X
                               Cecil H.          - 495/16X             John C.          - 486/8X
                               Mike H.           - 494/20X            Barb J.           - 486/7X
                               Bruce B.         - 494/16X            George M.       - 479/13X
                               Matthew McA. - 494/16X            Chris D.          - 471/7X
                               Don M.           - 491/14X             John L.           - 470/7X
                               Gerard D.        - 490/10X

Dan G. wins the bronze

Darryl K. wins the gold
Jeff M. wins the silver
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

LAKE GEORGE - 22BR SHOOT - February 16, 2013 - Results

Well another historic shoot - is now only a memory - a wonderful memory for all who were there. Eighteen shooters from all over the center of the province  - from Moncton, Oromocto, Maugerville, Fredericton, and even from St Stephen - braved the weather and came to Lake George for the second ever Benchrest shoot hosted by the club. Thanks to all of you who came from far away to come and shoot with us.
The weather was a bit nasty earlier in the morning when most of us were driving and several hair-raising stories about driving conditions and traffic accidents circulated at the beginning of the shoot. When we began shooting, shortly after 10:00 am, the wind had mostly died down but light snow was falling. It was also fairly warm at about 2 degrees and, compared to the last few weeks - just balmy. Light conditions were really good - even, low contrast, and steady throughout the day.

We had a really good range crew consisting of Terry McN. who was the Match Director and also the chef-du-jour. Man he can cook a mean dog!! Both Terry McN. and Barb J. brought sweets - always a very popular item - very much appreciated - thanks both of you!!. Bruce B. and some helpers change the targets between relays while Norbert S., Bruce B. and Darryl K. were the Range Officers for different relays. Thanks , everybody, for your assistance. Bert deV. did the scoring and statistics.

Two Classes were shot today. Open class shot 40 scoring rounds on the IBS 50 yd Benchrest target with top honours going to Barb J. and Darryl K.  Sporter Class shot 40 scoring rounds on The Lake George Special Benchrest target with Bruce B. winning and Peter A. coming in second. Congratulations to all. The following results were obtained:
Barb J.         399/20X  
       Darryl K.      398/16X
       Carl J.          397/14X  
       Dan G.         396/17X
       Sandy McL.  396/13X       
        Volker T.      396/10X
        Cecil H.       396/10X

       Bert deV.         396/8X
       Norbert S.        396/7X      
       Bruce B.          394/14X     
       Don M.            392/11X      
       George M.        391/9X      
        Guy H.             367/2X
       Terry McN.       364/6X  



Bruce B.          387/19X 
Peter A.           382/13X
Steve F.           377/11X
Bob P.             330/6X  

 if there are any errors

Friday, February 15, 2013


·        Petitcodiac Sportsmen's Club’s Annual General Meeting is next week Thursday, Feb. 21st starting at 7:30pm at the club house.  Elections will be held and nominations are currently being accepted if you are interested in serving on the Club Executive.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

MINTO 22BR Shoot - February 3, 2013 - Results

If you could have chosen a fine day for having a 22BR match, today would not have been it. It was cold but not as cold as it could have been (about -5 or so). It was windy but not as windy as it could have been (about 25 km/h with gusts to about 35 km/h). It was snowing but not enough to call the whole thing off (about 3-4 cm, just enough to cover the ice so you would shuffle around so as not to fall). Good thing though, was that the light was not glaring and it stayed even during the whole shoot.
Wayne K. was the Match Director and scorer; Norbert S. and Bert deV. shared the duties of Range Officer; Bruce B., Malcolm M. and Bert deV. changed the targets. Thanks to everyone for helping out. Hey you know what? - no goodies today - you sure miss 'em when there not here.
Eight hardy souls braved the conditions to shoot today - 5 shot Open Class and 3 shot Sporter Class. Despite the conditions some very good scores were earned. Congratulations to the winners in both classes - and to all for a good shoot.

The results were as follows:

Bruce B.               389/19X
Malcolm M.           389/14X
Norbert S.             388/21X
George M.             382/15X
Bert deV.                   DNC

Wayne K.          371/9X
Guy H.               362/7X
Gerry J.             347/8X

if there are any errors