Tuesday, August 27, 2013


It was a great day on the range for the 16 shooters who attended today. The weather was ideal at 25 C with lots of sun, no flies and only a bit of wind - the scores reflected the conditions.  

It was a special sort of shoot with shooters ranging in age from 21 to 92 years - it is good to attract the younger shooter but it is really super to have amongst us such a wealth of experience.

George C. and Volker T. break the 300 barrier - again!
Today was the last of the CF series before the Finals. It was a tight race to the top and two shooters were able to break the magic 300 barrier today. Congratulations to George C. and Volker T. It looks like there will be some good shooting at the Final CF Championship Shoot-Off on September 22.
Volker T. was the Match Director and scorer and sends this report while the ROs were Darryl K. and Dan G. The target changers were Brian P. and Dan G. Many thanks to Darryl K. for the excellent photography and also to Shelly C. and Dan G. for the sweets.

George C. - 300/15X
Volker T. - 300/14X
Tom W. - 297/9X
Dan G. - 296/11X
Brian P. - 296/9X
Katelyn G. - 296/7X
Terry McN. - 295/10X
Matt A. - 292/8X
John C. - 292/7X
Darryl K. - 292/7X
Martin T. - 290/1X
Tom N. - 287/6X
Don M. - 285/3X
Tony L. - 280/5X
Bruce B. - 276/4X
Darrin C. - 256/2X

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Monday, August 12, 2013


Today's 22BR match was a hotly contested affaire with 18 shooters attending. Some very nasty winds were reported - some that lasted for 5 minutes at a stretch.

Volker T. was the Match Director and scored the targets. Range Officers were Dan G. and Darryl K. Shelly C. and Tony L. were the target changers. Many thanks to Barbara J. and Shelly C. for bringing score enhancing sweets.

It was good to see John M. back - congratulations John for the win. Dan G. took second while Darryl K. took third place. Congratulations to the winners and to all for a darn good shoot.

John M. - 498/15X          Dan G. - 496/19X          Darryl K. - 496/12X
          George M. - 495/16X          Matt McA. - 494/18X          Mike H. - 494/14X    
Cecil H. - 493/13X          Volker T. - 493/11X          Gerald D. - 487/14X
Martin T. - 487/6X          John L. - 485/12X          Barb J. - 484/9X
Shelly C. - 482/10X          John C. - 482/10X          Terry McN. - 481/7X
Bruce B. - 477/11X          Carl. J - 474/3X          Tony L. - 427/3X

contact bertdevink@gmail.com if there are any errors

Monday, August 5, 2013

05-08-2013 MINTO - 22BR SHOOT - RESULTS

Today's shoot was on a beautiful sunny day but with erratic winds that affected the scores.

Bruce B. and Barbara J. Changed the targets. Wayne K. was the Match Director and scored the targets with Matt McA. assisting. Gerry J. was the photographer and also the reporter.
It was a good shoot!!
The medals will be awarded at a shoot somewhat later in the schedule.

Matt McA. - 356/4X                             Terry McN. - 342/4X
Bruce B. - 351/5X                                Guy H. - 338/2X
John M. - 348/6X                                  Gerry - 274/1X
Terry McN. - 343/3X                             Wayne K. - 263/2X
Cecil H. - 336/5X                                  Bruce B. - 252/4X
Barb J. - 336/3X
George M. - 335/11X
Norbert S. - 322/4X
Carl J. - 315/4X