Monday, September 29, 2014


Many thanks to Volker T. for sending these results, write-up and pictures.

It was a good day for our last Centerfire  BR shoot of the regular schedule. The temperatures ran from 15-27C with sunny skies, but with moderate to gusting winds, which are a challenge more often than not at the Petitcodiac Sportsman's Club range.  It provided the shooters with a good practice opportunity before the final championship shoot. 

The shooters enjoyed the day shooting and between relays enjoyed munching on the tasty treats supplied by John McC., Dan G., and Shelly C - thanks. Thanks also to target frame setters John McC. and Cecil H. and to the target setters, Dan G. and Brian P. Last but not least, thanks to Volker T. who was Match Director and scorer and to those who did the RSO-ing. Congrats to the top three shooters who were only a point apart. 

We expect to see about 20 shooters for the Final Championship Match on October 26th.   

See y'all then.

Dan Gladstone1009100799629922
Cecil Harvey10039949922989
Matt Armstrong10019829942977
George Cook99697599129512
Brian Pettipas97499499329511
Tom Worden9519959922938
Volker Topf94397210032918
Tony Lewis9629319512844
Shelly Colpitts9119639102784
John McClusky8509329922774
Tom Nowlan8819419202742

Sunday, September 28, 2014



The National Bench Rest Shooting Association of America held their "Nationals" at the Holton Gun and Bow Club in Michigan over a 9 day shooting period. 
About 160 shooters attended, of which a good number were Canadians, 
who did very well indeed.


The Disciplines that were shot 
(for group - not for score) included

Walt Berger - Sporter Rifle
1.     Unlimited Class - 10 shots at 100 yds and at  200 yds. 
Winner @ 100 yds - Jeff Gaidos - group of 0.184"
Winner @ 200 yds - Mike Conry - group of 0.2175
Grand Aggregate winner - Jeff Gaidos - 0.2088" 

2.     Sporter Rifle Class - 5 shots at 100 yds. 
Smallest group @ 100 yds - Bruno Lester - 0.064"  
Winner @ 100 yd  - Walt Berger - average 0.1750" 
Smallest  group @ 200 yds - no results available
Winner @ 200 yds - no results available 
Grand Aggregate (100 and 200 yds) - Wayne Campbell - 
Hugh Williamson - Unlimited Class
average group 0.1907"

3.     Light Varmint BR Rifle Class - 5 shots at 100 yds and at 200 yds. 
Smallest group @ 100 yds - Gene Buckys - 0.062"
Winner @100 yds - Mark Buettgen - average - 0.1366"
Smallest group @ 200 yds - Wayne Campbell - 0.1740"  
Winner @ 200 yd - Larry Costa average group - 0.1592" 
Grand Aggregate (100 and 200 yds) - Gene Buckys - average group 0.1661".

4.     Heavy Varmint BR Rifle Class - 5 shots at 100 yds and 200 yds.
Smallest group @ 100 yds - Hugh Williamson - 0.035" 
Winner @ 100 yds - Gene Buckeys - 0.1304
Tony Boyer and Hugh Williamson
Smallest group @ 200 yds - George Carter - 0.146 
Winner @ 200 yds - Mark Buettgen - 0.1742
Grand Aggregate HV(100 and 200 yds) - Gene Buckys - 0.1666 

5.     Two Gun (LV + Sporter) - 5 shots at 100 yds and 200 yds.
The combined two gun Grand Aggregate was won by Gene Buckys with an averaged group size of 0.1849".

6.     Three Gun (LV + Sporter + HV) - 5 shots at 100 yds and 200 yds. 
The combined three gun Grand Aggregate was won by Gene Buckys with an averaged group size of 0.1788".

7.      Four Gun (LV + Sporter + HV + Unlimited) - 5 shots at 100 yds and 200 yds.
The combined four gun Grand Aggregate was won by Gene Buckys with an average group size of 0.2033".

Monday, September 22, 2014


Many thanks to Barb J. for sending these results and pictures.

The Gun Club in Minto has been busy preparing a new firing point for Benchrest shooting. These pictures show the progress thus far:



Cecil H. - 397/19X                                                   
Guy H. - 393/12X
Malcolm MacD. - 392/9X
Barbara J. - 391/6X
Matthew McA. - 390/15X
George M. - 390/8X
Tom W. - 389/12X
David C. - 383/8X 
Don M. - 380/5X                                                         
Norbert S. - 379/5X
Carl J. - 361/7X
Bruce B. - 359/3X


Gerry J. - 382/7X
Wayne K. - 354/3X
Grant P. Jr. - 337/1X
Grant P. Sr. - 316/3X

Sunday, September 14, 2014



Today was a special day in 22BR shooting in Southern New Brunswick. It was the Final 22BR shoot at Petitcodiac - a day in which shooters who had attended at least 4 other shoots in the schedule could compete for money prizes. Twenty one shooters attended from
Moncton, Petitcodiac, Sussex, Minto, Fredericton, Maugerville and Oromocto and points in between. All came with their "A" game and the scores certainly reflected the strong competition during this match. It was good to see Terry McN. up and about after his operation - he was tired and not fully recuperated but wanted to take part in this shoot.

There were four relays for each target of 25 bulls and unlimited sighters with a time limit of 30  minutes. This was done twice with 50 scoring shots in total for a possible score of 500 with 50Xs. 

As you can see below, the top places in the match were separated by only a few Xs or a few points - very good shooting indeed. This also resulted in additions to the Petitcodiac 500 club. Dan G. who won the match scored 500/25X and Cecil H., scored 500/22X. 

The day started out a bit cold - around 5C when we left for the shoot. It had rained during the night but this weather system moved out towards Nova Scotia and when we were ready to shoot it did not rain at all during the day but stayed cloudy and overcast. Temperatures rose to about 12C or so. Winds were benign with some relays experiencing no wind at times while others shot through switching winds of 5-10km/hr. In short it was a good day to be shooting a final match.

Prizes were donated by Nordic Marksman Inc. We thank Brad and Carol Mills for their generous support of shooting in New Brunswick.

The Match Director today was Volker T. He also scored the targets while Martin T. was the score verifier. The Range Officers were Bert deV. and Dan G. who made sure the shoot was safe AND quiet for the competitors. Targets were changed by a crew of John McC., Dan G., Carl J., and Bert deV. John McC. and Carl J. were the moving force behind the range take down and clean-up. Shelly C. and Barb J. brought their delicious treats. John C. organized the lunch and the prizes for the winners and the prize draw for all the competitors. Many thanks to all who helped out during this most enjoyable event.

After the first relay was finished, all shooters went to the club house where John C. had provided a lunch of sandwiches, beverages and desserts. Many thanks to both John C. and Shelly C. who had prepared her famous treats for all to enjoy. Then after the lunch we all returned to the firing line for the second set of relays. Once Volker T. had crunched the numbers, award presentations took place at the club house.


Dan G. - 500/25X - 1rst - $100
Cecil H. - 500/22X - 2nd - $75
Tom W. - 499/24X - 3rd - $50
Volker T. - 499/22X - 4th - $25
Darryl K. - 499/15X - 5th - $25

Matthew McA. - 498/17X
Guy H. - 497/21X
Bruce B. - 497/19X
Shelly C. - 496/13X
Martin T. - 495/15X
George M. - 495/13X
Gerard D. - 495/10X
Carl J. - 493/16X
Don M. - 492/13X
Terry McN. - 492/8X
John C. - 491/16X
Barb J. - 491/10X
Tom N. - 491/10X
John McC. - 479/3X
Tony L. - 464/3X


Not only the awards for the final shoot were presented today. Awards were also presented for a number of other achievements as follows:
Matt McA. receives a plaque for the highest match score
in a regular schedule 22BR Match - 500/29X

Darryl K., Dan G. and Matt McA. receive a medal for the
highest single target score in a regular schedule
22BR Match - 250/15X

Members of the Petitcodiac 500 Club receive a Jacket Crest.
From Left to Right: Dan G., Martin T., Darryl K., Cecil H.,
George M., Matt McA., Gerard D., Volker T.
Missing: Mike H., Sandy MacL., Jeff M., Brian P.

Friday, September 12, 2014


Hello folks

I am pleased to announce that on October 4th the Fullbore section in partnership with the Club de Tir St. Antoine Gun Club will hold a 50 meter, 60 shot, .22 rimfire prone match at the club range 552 Renauds Mills Rd. 

This match will begin at 10:00 am, bring a lunch and your .22s as there will be RNBRA Medals awarded in classes with 3 or more competitors, such as TR and MTR. Hunting rifle class will be defined as any light barrelled .22 long rifle designed for hunting with a max 4 power scope shot without a rest or sling ie off your elbows. Please leave your large capacity mags at home, strict range safety rules will apply.

Match fee will be $10.00 per class you shoot and there will be a $5.00 insurance charge for those who cannot provide a current NFA insurance card or other proof of current NFA insurance. 

All are welcome so pick up a few boxes of ammo, dust off the .22s grab a few friends and come have some fun.

If time allows there may be a short course of standing shooting after the prone match for those interested.

Mike Lutes - President of the RNBRA

Sunday, September 7, 2014


This was a beautiful day for a shoot. The sun was out with hardly any clouds and no rain - even though it poured last night and during the night. Temperature started out in the morning at a cool 13C and at least one of us wished he had brought a jacket. It wasn't long before the temperature rose to about 20C. The wind, as is usual in Minto - especially when we are shooting the 200 yard range over the the deep pit, was very tricky with different wind conditions in different parts of the range. Flags would point down range while the smoke from firing
would be blown towards the shooters. Nothing corresponded. Not the flags at the targets, the trees in the pit, the weeds and wind flags nor the wind you felt on your face. Needless to say, most of us were caught by the wind at times.
We all had a very enjoyable shoot . . and what was really great was the number of guys shooting the Sporter Class rifle. Some good scores were recorded today which was nice to see especially since we were shooting at 200 yds.

Today Wayne K. was the Match Director, scorer and, on his 4 wheeler, drove to the 200 yd target frame to change the targets. Grant P. Sr. verified the scoring and Bert deV. was the Range Safety Officer. Thanks to all for helping out.

Tom W. - 289/8X
Bert deV. - 285/8X
Gus C. - 284/8X
Malcolm MacD. - 249/2X
Grant P. Sr. - 116/0X

Bert deV. - 146/6X
Wayne K. - 144/3X
Gus C. - 143/1X
Grant P. Jr. - 125/0X
Bradley P. - 121/0X

The next shoot in Minto is a 22BR shoot - Remember, this will be followed  by an important club meeting.