Friday, May 31, 2013


This notice is from Shelley G. to Members of the Lake George Gun Club:

1 - A reminder that the range will be closed tomorrow afternoon - June 1 (approx. 12 pm until 4 pm) for the   Becoming an Outdoors Woman Program. 

2 - The minutes of the semi-annual meeting are attached.

3 - The Range has been booked on June 13 all day by the Department of Public Safety for Range Inspection Training.  We regret any inconvenience and appreciate your co-operation and patience.

4 - The Annual Bench Rest Shoot will be held June 15, 2013.  The Competition Regulations are below.

Have a great weekend,

Click here to view the Lake George Semi-Annual Meeting

Sunday, May 26, 2013



Today was a day full of weather surprises. Not only was it quite cool for this time of the year, but it rained off and on throughout the day making us scramble to keep our equipment dry and then back to shooting. The sun came out a few times accompanied by an increase in wind. The wind was the big story of the shoot. We were shooting 200 yds across an open pit. Flags could only be put at the beginning of the range and at the target stands. Nothing gave us a good reading of the wind which came out of the pit in unpredictable ways. The best we could do in the time allotted was to concentrate on a couple of indicators which allowed us some slight consistency in conditions. A frustrating endeavour - and our scores reflected this difficulty.


Today, Wayne K. was the Match Director, scored the targets and changed the targets with his 4-wheeler - all this while trying to fight off a miserable cold. Don M. was the score verifyer. Thanks to everyone for helping out.

The Range Officers for the rifle matches were Bert deV., Gerry J., and Darryl K. For the handgun matches the Range Officers were Terry McN. and BertdeV. Unfortunately, we did not have the added benefit of either Barb or Shelley's goodies today. Eleven shooters came out and we all had a great time. Congratulations to all for a very challenging shoot.

Bert deV - 283/1X           Bert deV. - 235            Bert deV. - 71          Terry McN. - 72
Dan G. - 281/5X             Guy H. - 227/2X            Jay - 68                   Bert deV. - 71
Terry McN. - 264            Dan G. - 224                Darryl K. - 41           Gerry J. - 65
Darryl K. - 254               Gerry J. - 223               Gerry J. - 32             Dan G. - 65
Don M. - 252                 Wayne K. - 180            George M. - 31          Darryl K. - 56
Malcolm MacD. - 245                                        Tyler - 28                 George M. - 10
                                                                                                      Wayne K. - 6

Pictures thanks to Darryl K.

Click on this link for more pictures of the shoot

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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Another beautiful day in south-eastern New Brunswick. The temperature started out quite cool in the morning and with a bit of breeze you could feel the chill through your spring jacket. If you were in the sun you felt blessed. After an hour into the shoot the temperature started to warm up and it easily reached 18 degrees by late afternoon.

The wind was another question - it was generally agreed that the wind was the most tricky in a long time with gusts coming from all directions with all sorts of speed. Most of us had problems adjusting for the wind and the scores bear witness to that. In addition, some of us had equipment problems that cost us dearly. We still had fun and look forward to the challenge next time.

It takes a number of people to make a shoot happen. In Volker's absence (hope you are having a good cruise - whoops - just heard you haven't gone yet!!), John C. was the Match Director while Shelley C. scored the targets. The Range Officers were Bert deV., Brian P., and Darryl K. Targets were changed at different times by Brian P., Shelley C., Dan G., and Darryl K. Treats today were brought by Barb J. and Shelley C. and gratefully consumed by all.
The match consisted of the standard 25 bull rimfire target. Two targets were shot with a high possible score of 500.

Matthew McA. - 496/16X
Darryl K. - 495/14X
Cecil H. - 494/10X
Jeff M. - 491/10X
Brian P. - 488/15X
Bruce B. - 488/11X
John C. - 488/4X
George M. - 487/14X
Terry McN. - 486/9X
Gerard D. - 481/9X
Dan G. - 480/14X
Barb J. - 479/6X
Carl J. - 468/2X
Shelley C. - 467/3X
Bert deV. - 462/10X
Don M. - 457/12X
Tony L. - 431/1X

Click on this link to see more photos of the shoot:

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Sunday, May 12, 2013


Well here it is May in New Brunswick and true to form it has been raining for several days. Yes we did have fairly cool temperatures, about 15 degrees at best and lots of rain. Sometimes it even stopped so that the target changers could go down range to change the targets and then happily would pick up again. Sometimes it was just a very light drizzle that hung in the air like a fog.  Winds were most from the south at about 15 km/hr although the different wind indicators on the range would have many differing opinions both about the direction and wind speed.


Eleven hardy shooters could be found on the range on Mother's Day. We all had lots of fun and were challenged by both the conditions and the distance being shot. Many of us found out that the ammunition that worked so well at 50 meters does not do so well at 100 meters. Those who shot Sporter Class had the additional handicap of seeing a small 22 target bull through a 9 power scope.

Today Wayne K. was the Match Director and also, along with Mattew McA., scored the targets. The Range Officers were Gerry J. and Bert deV. And here are all the fellas who changed the targets - Guy H., George M., Dave C., Bruce B., and Terry McN. Many thanks to all who helped out.
Congratulations to all the winners and to all for a challenging good shoot!

Results for Open Class                         Results for Sporter Class

George M. - 374/3X                                     Richard M. - 363/2X
Bruce B. - 371/0X                                       Terry Mc N. - 349/2X
Dave C. - 369/4X                                         Guy H. - 342/2X
Matthew McA. - 364/5X                               Bert deV. - 341/1X
Malcolm MacD.- 358/1X                              Gerry J. - 326/1X
Terry McN. - 337/2X                                    Wayne K. - 313/0X
                                                                 Bruce B. - 277/0X

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