Monday, April 25, 2016


This was the last shoot of April - might as well say of the winter. It was cold - 0C when we left for the range. It climbed to about +8C during the day but it sure didn't feel that way. It was cold due to the wind which blew into the shooting building - what seems now a regular phenomenon, although unexpected for this time of year. 
The wind came mostly up-range although it changed from up-range to left or right - depending on the relay you were on. It was very very tricky and the scores reflected this. 
The sun was out though, enjoyed by those who decided to stay out-doors in the leeward side of one of the buildings. For those who decided to wait indoors until it was their turn to shoot, the stove in the clubhouse was a welcome comfort. 
Today, 13 shooters attended this match - some shooting both classes. Many of them helped with the chores at the range. Dave C. was the Match Director. Wayne K. was the scorer and Don M. was the score verifier. Targets were changed by Dave C., George M., John McC. and Roger L. The ROs were Terry McN., Dave C., John McC., Bill H. and Bert deV. Thanks to all for your help and thanks also to Dave C. and Susan for treating us to their delicious banana bread. 

Bert deV. - 295/7X
Terry McN. - 293/7X
John McC. - 288/10X
Guy H. - 288/5X
Luke C. - 286/3X
Dave C. - 281/2X
Don M. - 280/2X
Roger L. - 279/3X
Bill H. - 276/4X
Norbert S. - 268/3X
Mack MacD. - 258/1X
Wayne K. - 252/2X

John McC. - 140/1X
Bert deV. - 140/1X
Gus C. - 136/2X
Roger L. - 135/1X
Terry McN. - 130/2X

Sunday, April 17, 2016


April 17 was a beautiful day for a BR shoot in Petitcodiac and 19 shooters were out to take advantage of it. It was sunny and warm ( the day started out with a frosty -4C in my yard and warmed up to a wonderful +17 at the range). Some shooters had a bit of a problem with mirage as different point on the range warmed up at different rates and the white target sheets reflected the sun light quite starkly.

What was most great about today, and very different from the last few matches, was the
mild wind - about 5 to 10km/hr for the entire match. Winds did change around quite a bit but the prevailing wind was from the firing point to the targets. As a result some very good targets were shot with seven perfect ones shot throughout the match. There were no 300s shot but Don came oh. . so close with a 299/11X. Congrats especially to Arnold who started the match with equipment problems so that his first target had no holes on it at all but who rallied and shot a perfect 100/4X on his last target. Also kudos to all the guys who helped out fellow shooters with equipment problems - there seems to have been a few of those today. It's really nice to be part of a group of shooters (Brotherhood of Shooters John called us) who will bend over backwards to share their knowledge and experience to help others when needed.

It's also nice to be part of a group of shooters who will step up to do the work so all can have a good time shooting. Volker T. was the Match Director and scorer with John McC. verifying the scores. The ROs were Darryl K., Dan G. and Bert deV. Targets were changed by John McC., Dan G., Volker T., Cecil H., Brian P., Terry McN., Dave C. and Bert deV. Treats were supplied in abundance by Shelly C., Dan G., Dave C. and Susan, and John McC. and Dorothy. Many thanks to all for your great contributions.

Don M. - 299/11X  (30BR)
Terry McN. - 298/14X  (6mm BR)
Cecil H. - 297/4X  (6mm PPC)
Tony L. - 296/10X  (6mm BR)
Brian P. - 295/7X  (308 Win)
Logan G. - 295/4X  (222 Rem)
John McC. - 292/9X  (223 Rem)
Dan G. - 292/6X  (222 Rem)
Shelly C. - 291/8X  (223 Win)
Darryl K. - 289/7X  (223 Rem)
George C. - 288/5X  (6mmBR)
Volker T. - 287/7X  (20 TAC)
Norbert S. - 287/4X  (223 Rem)
John C. - 285/5X  (223 Rem)
Bert deV. - 282/6X  (6mm BR)
Dave C. - 281/3X  (223 Rem)
Arnold F. - 279/4X  (223 Rem)
Bruce B. - 277/6X  (222 Rem)
Tom N. - 277/3X  (308 Win)

Monday, April 11, 2016


Remember March 13 in Minto? Well today was a repeat of those conditions minus the snow on the ground. The day started out with a good layer of frost on the windshield and about -4C. There was a brisk little wind out of the north-west and we knew we were going to be in for some challenging conditions in MInto.

The drive to the range was uneventful - although at times we could feel the gusts of wind pushing the car on the road. The day gradually warmed up some and if you stood in the leeward side of a building it felt pretty
nice with temperatures a bit above zero. Once you stepped into the shooting building you felt the full force of the winds as it mostly blew in from down range - so much so that one notable shooter lost his hat twice - we told him to grow some more hair! The wind chill was -10C while sitting on the firing line and it did not take long for your fingers to be bone-chilled. Not only did the wind blow into the building but it also whipped around crazily from all directions with gusts easily to 50-60km/hr so that it became hard to identify the same condition or to predict the effect on the bullet. You know, if it hadn't been so cold this kind of challenge would have been a heck-of-a-lot of fun.
The scores reflected the challenging conditions - (in fact one shooter was heard to say that we should really call this a 100yd event and then we could pretend that our scores were at least respectable). All of us got a good helping of humble pie,(again).
We had a good bunch of workers today. Matt McA. was the Match Director and also did the scoring with Don Mu. verifying the scores and talleys. Barb J. was the generous baker who brought plates overflowing with cinnamon/raisin bread and squares that, rather quickly, disappeared. Targets were set and changed by John McC., Bert deV., Dave C., Cecil H., George M., Don Me., and Terry McN. The Range was in the capable control of Darryl K., Terry McN., Dan G., Barb J., Bert deV., Dave C. and John McC. Many thanks to everyone for pitching in - we might have some wounds to lick but we had fun - eh?

Bert deV. - 389/8X
Sandy McC. - 384/8X
Darryl K. - 381/7X
Terry McN. - 379/6X
Cecil H. - 370/6X
Barb J. - 364/7X
Dan G. - 363/4X
Guy H. - 360/8X
George M. - 359/6X
Dave C. - 356/7X
Matt McA. - 353/3X
Gerrard D. - 351/0X
Don Mu. - 351/7X
Bill H. - 350/4X
Don McI. - 349/0X
John McC. - 342/7X
Mack MacD. - 335/2X
Carl J. - 326/3X
Norbert S. - DNC

Volker T. - 368/9X
Bert deV. - 365/8X
Wayne K. - 362/3X
Terry McN. - 361/4X
Don Me. - 356/5X
John McC. - 352/6X
Dan G. - 339/0X
Bill H. - 332/3X
Don McI. - 331/1X

Monday, April 4, 2016


April 3rd, (unfortunately not April Fools Day - we might have had some fun with that ! - on sober second thought maybe it was just as well), began as a very misty morning on the drive to the range. It was not too cold and the sun peeked out of the mist about halfway there. There was an expectation of some rain but that never did materialize. We also expected some stiff winds - and true to form for Petitcodiac - that DID happen. 

The match began with very mild winds and several shooters shot clean targets. As the match progressed, so did the wind which rattled the target stands and whipped the daisy wheels into a frenzy. The prevailing wind was from the shooters to the targets and some from left to right or right to left - take your pick - they're both right. As the wind picked up, the temperature dropped and several shooters had trouble feeling their fingers.

Despite these tricky conditions, we all had a whole lot of fun - especially sitting around the wood stove where the conversation turned to everything imaginable and at good volume so that it could be easily heard at the firing line. That's also where the treats were kept - Barb's delicious cookies and breads, Dorothy
McC.'s wonderful chocolate chip muffins, and Dan G.'s Timbits - maybe everyone had a little sugar high!

(By the way, we also had fun shooting and shot pretty well with 6 clean targets shot today - no 500s though).

Today the Match Director was Volker T. who also did the scoring (and won the match). The score and stats verifier was John McC. Targets were posted by John McC., Brian P., Dan G., Dave C. and Cecil H. Range Officers were Darryl K., Bert deV., Dan G. and Dave C. Thanks to everyone for their contribution.