Saturday, January 31, 2015


Thanks to John M. for sending these Gun Show dates:

April 11 weekend - Waverley , NS
May 2 weekend - Irishtown, NB 
May 23  - -  military show at Lions club in Moncton NB
May 30 weekend  New Glasgow NS [ the former Pictou show ]
Labor day weekend  - - Odell show in Fredericton NB
September 12 weekend  -  Digby NS [ moved from Yarmouth ]
September 26 weekend - Bible Hill NS 
October 17 weekend - Waverley NS 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Despite the horrible weather the Centerfire Shoot in Minto went ahead with only the most tough and hardy shooters attending. Yes . . . wait for it . . . there was one shooter - President Wayne K. shot the match by himself and did very well indeed!

Wayne sent this report:
"I was the only shooter that showed up. Unofficially I did shoot the required amount of targets and in the 1st target shot a 48/2X. In the 2nd target a  50/2X while in the 3rd target 50/3X. Too bad they don’t count. I still had fun."  

Wayne says that we are going to decide at the next CF shoot if we are going to have a make up shoot later on.

Remember, the honor is not to win a gold medal but to be able to participate.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Today was a better day to host the first CF BR shoot of the year compared to other days we have had with this winter's inclement weather. 
Temperatures ran from -13 to +4C, but inside the shooting hut it did not get much warmer than -7C. The exception being around the wood stove in the warming room. Shooters congregated to warm up, enjoy delicious sweets thanks to Shelly C., and occasionally look over the scoresheet. And they were eager to scrutinize their scored targets. 
The attendance was good with 14 shooters participating. We would have had a couple more, save for some technical difficulties with equipment and some logistic problems for another.
And of course, the wind was generally 20km, gusting to 35km or so. There was a time out once to reset fallen target frames, so you know what we were dealing with. Calibers shot ranged from .223 up to .308. But this was no worry for the ‘Petti wind’! Shooters worked hard to get their scores - no 300’s - but close for a couple of shooters. One or two bad shots on a target could make a position change very quickly. Thanks to all for their assistance in setting frames, changing targets, clubhouse attendance, and Range Safety.
Your Director, wishing you keep your trigger finger in tune, Volker

Cecil Harvey1006100599329914
Volker Topf1006984100529815
Dan Gladstone9819729912944
Matt Armstrong96210039622927
Bruce Bennett9619909722923
Brian Petitpas9739729622907
George Cook9629529852899
John McCluskey94394010042887
Terry McNeill9519739412865
Shelly Colpitts9419409622843
Tom Nowlan9309419422813
John Corbett9219419322794
Tony Lewis9608909402790
Ron Mason9528019412694

Sunday, January 18, 2015


The western boys are holding a Benchrest Clinic for new shooters at Rosebud in May. This is the 5th year in a row that they do this and it sounds like a really good way to introduce new shooters to our sport - maybe something we can also do in New Brunswick. 

Leave your comments below or talk with Match Directors/Clubs.

From Rick Pollock in Alberta:
"All jokes aside, if you want to get involved with the F1, or Top Fuel of the rifle world, come check us out. 

This will appeal to the shooter with a serious competitive streak, for which nothing but perfection will be acceptable. The shooter that wants to compete at the National and World level will love this. We have recent graduates at the World level already. If you are an undiagnosed OCD case you will love BR. If this sounds like you, then e-mail me to register. 

Please don't register if you aren't sure if you can make it, or if you aren't serious about this sport. We will be lining up coaches and equipment for the students to use, and I hate wasting the instructor's time when people register and then don't bother to show up, thereby taking the spot away from other interested shooters. 

Take note we don't teach people to ring gongs, or lay in the dirt/mud, get sunburns on the back of their legs, blow up gophers, or shoot deer in the next county..... we only teach shooters how to shoot through the same hole at 100/200 yards from a bench.

One last thing, you don't have to be a Rosebud member to attend.

All that said!

For the 5th year in a row, Rosebud is pleased to offer the BR101 Clinic."

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Hello Fellow Northerners;
I hope you are enjoying time on the range with no flies. For those who are in more temperate areas you don't know what you’re missing.

One quick request before the update:
It's the New Year and your membership is due. If you haven't yet had a chance, go to and print off the applicable membership form then fill it out and get it in the mail. You'll have it done, the people that process it will thank you and you will avoid the late charge on individual memberships. (New this year). I know everyone understands this is the time to get as much of the administration work done as possible. As you know the RNBRA buys insurance for all regular members and it runs from April 1st till March 31 which is our fiscal year. Renewing your membership now will cut down on the administration and cost associated with late renewal.

Monday, January 12, 2015


                                       Thanks to Volker T. for sending
                                       the scores and write-up
Thanks to Barb J. for sending the pictures
It was a great shoot to start off our provincial benchrest series in Petitcodiac. This match was a make-up match to replace the one that was cancelled due to a nasty snowstorm last week. Shooters from several clubs braved the weather to attend. The temperature started at -23C and warmed up to a cool -6C…….at least in the sun! The wood stove provided shooters comfort between relays, as they munched on the tasty sweets courtesy of 
                                                        Barb J., Tony L. and Dan G.

It was a good day to shoot, even though the sun was quite bright on the snow, causing a bit of mirage at times, and this was mixed with a bit of twitching light wind. Of course, it’s the Petticodiac range!

Congrats to Stephen C., our newest inductee into the 500 Club. He also shot the only 500/20X and took 1st place. Jeff M. was on hand to receive his 500 crest for an earlier shoot last year. Good stuff, guys.

Thanks to our RO’s Dan G. and Bruce B., and the other shooters who handled target duty. Thanks to Darryl K. and Barb J. our photographers. Tom N. saw to it that the facilities were cleared of snow and targets accessible. (Thanks also to Volker T. who handled the organizing and scoring - ed.).

Until our next match, keep that trigger finger in tune,
Volker T. ,Match Dir.

Point ScoreX'sPoint ScoreX'sTotal PointsTotal X's
Stephen Crawford250112509500201
Darryl Keirstead24992509499182
Cecil Harvey248625012498183
John Corbett248425013498174
Dan Gladstone24862509498155
John Moore24892506498156
Bruce Bennett249624712496187
Dave Chevarie24692488494178
George Murray24972455494129
Brian Petitpas247624544921010
Volker M. Topf24442485492911
Jeff Marshall246824534911112
Tony Lewis24732421489413
Carl Jamieson24332446487914
Tom Nowlan23832455483815
Gerard Daigle243623964821216
Barb Jamieson23612467482817
John McClusky204324684501118