Monday, November 25, 2013


The Minto Gun Club Inc. held it's Annual General Meeting on November 24th, 2013. A good number of important discussions were held with votes on several initiatives that will affect shooting in Minto in the upcoming year. We thank Dave C. for taking the lead on these initiatives - a lot of hard work was involved, polling the membership and refining the responses into a sensible set of regulations.

We also thank Wayne K. for his hard work over the years as President. Our successful shoots as well as the day-to-day operations of the club depended on his efforts.

Our thanks go to the past Vice-President, Gerry J. who continues to do the arduous job of statistician for every shoot and for the entire shooting program over the year.

Thanks are also due to Bruce B. for his work related to membership, minutes of meetings and managing the finances of the club.

Of course we can't forget the many others who have worked behind the scenes as volunteers both at the range and on behalf of the membership.

One of the more important functions of an annual meeting is to ensure the smooth functioning of the club by electing a new slate of officers. Dave C. became the new President, Wayne K. the new Vice-President and Bruce B. will continue as the Secretary-Treasurer. Congratulations guys!

President Dave C., Vice-President Wayne K. and Secretary-Treasurer Bruce B.


 The weather was definitly the big story for today's shoot. On the plus side was the light which was even throughout all relays due to a cloud cover that only broke for about 5 minutes when the sun peeked out at the end of the shoot. Also on the plus side was that a good number of shooters from both the Minto Club and from Petiticodiac attended - and as usual - the camaraderie and the social contacts were well worth the effort.
On the negative side was that this was the coldest shoot we have experienced this year with temperatures below zero. The wind was stiff with gusts easily reaching 25 km/hr which made the wind chill around -10 C. Many of us experienced cold fingers to the point of not being able to feel the trigger very well. The results clearly reflected this handicap as well as the effects of the wind. Congratulations to Darryl K. who won the Open Class and to Gerry J. who won the Sporter Class - Gerry J. even shot a personal best with one perfect target. He says that is his first in the Sporter Class! When not shooting, we all huddled around the wood-stove to warm up.


Darryl K. - 293/13X
Bert deV. - 291/15X
Don M. - 290/14X
Tom W. - 289/16X
Gus C. - 289/10X
Danny G. - 287/10X
Mack MacD. - 267/7X


Gerry J. - 276/0X
Danny G. - 270/2X
Bert deV. - 260/1X
Guy H. - 260/0X
Wayne K. - 260/0X
Grant P. Sr. - 244/2X
Bruce B. - 230/0X
David C. - 220/0X
Grant P. Jr. - 168/0X

Many people pitched in to make this shoot possible. Wayne K. was the Match Director and the Scorer with Don M. providing verification of the scores. The Chief RSO was Gerry J. and RO duties were shared by him, Dave C and Grant P. Sr. Donuts were provided by Grant P. Jr. The target changers for today's match were George M., Dave C. and Guy H. Thanks to all.

The match was followed by the Annual General Meeting of the Minto Gun Club Inc. which was smoothly run by outgoing President Wayne K. A number of resolutions were adopted which will affect the classes of competition in Minto and what will be reported on this  blog-site. A new slate of officers was also voted in by the membership.

Because of time constraints and the weather, the handgun shoot was not held today.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

10-11-2013 - MINTO - 22BR SHOOT - RESULTS

Today's shoot was well attended with 17 shooters from Minto, Fredericton, Maugerville, Petitcodiac, Moncton, and Mazerolle Settlement and points in between.

The weather cooperated with only light winds, moderate temperatures for this time of year and even the snow held off until near the end of the shoot.

Wayne K was the Match Director and Scorer with many pitching in to change targets, verify the scoring, and serving as RO. Thanks to Gerry J. for the pictures and the report on the shoot. Even Barb J., who could not attend, sent her famous treats for all to enjoy. Some very respectable scores were posted - congratulations to the winners and to everyone for a really fun shoot.

Cecil H. - 399/28X
Malcolm MacD. - 397/24X
Danny G. - 396/30X
Matt McA. - 396/30X
Norbert S. - 396/25X
Dave C. - 395/23X
Volker T. - 394/25X
George M. 394/19X
Martin T. - 392/16X
Carl J. - 391/17X
Bruce B. - 390/21X

Guy H.  - 395/22X
Grant P. Sr. - 373/10X
Wayne K. - 368/13X
Gerry J. - 357/7X
Danny G. - 354/3X
Grant P. Jr - 323/7X

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