Monday, July 27, 2015


The July 26th 22 BR shoot in Minto was well attended with several shooters coming up from Moncton, Sussex, Fredericton and as far away as Mazerolle Settlement. Some very good scores were shot in both Open and Sporter Classes. Congratulations guys (and gals). Man, what a lot of ties this time!


Guy H. - 399/13X
Cecil H. - 399/13X
Matt McA. - 398/16X
Dave S. - 398/12X
Dan G. - 397/13X
Barb J. - 396/15X
Volker T. - 396/11X
George M. - 396/9X
Gerard D. - 396/8X
Terry McN. - 396/8X
Bruce B. - 396/8X
Mack MacD. - 383/10X

Wayne K. - 390/8X
Grant P. Sr. - 383/11X
Volker T. - 379/5X
Gerry J. - 378/3X
Bruce B. - 371/0X
Dan G. - 343/6X
Grant P. Jr. - 291/0X

Many thanks to Barb J. for sending the pictures and results.

Monday, July 20, 2015


Well, it was a good day for a 22BR shoot at Petticodiac. Although rain was forecast for the day, it only rained before and after the match. We were fortunate. And the 'wind gods' were kind  to us as well. The wind was very light, but occasionally it did spin the wind flags, and shooters had to be careful.  We even fired up the stove for short while. That's all that was needed! It kept the Score Verifier warm.

There was some good shooting done, with the medal winners all shooting 500's. And a new high score was also set. This was the first Benchrest match held with the new shooting benches and tables. The tables were constructed by John McC. and benches by Volker T. The new equipment served us well.
Thanks to Barb J., Shelly C., and Dan G. for the tasty sweets, as usual. We're sure the extra sugar was a factor in the shooting today! Thanks to Dan G., and Darryl. K. for ROing the match.Thanks to Dan G., Brian P.and Wayne K. for target changing. Thanks go to [Volker T. for the organizing and scoring - ed.] and Martin T. for score verifying.  Thanks also to John C. for accounting as well as Darryl K. and Barb J.  for the photos.  

Thanks for shooting folks, your Director, Volker T.


Volker Topf - 250/14X + 250/18X = 500/32X  (Falcon)
Cecil Harvey - 250/10X + 250/15X = 500/25X  (Anschutz)
Gerard Daigle - 250/10X + 250/9X = 500/19X  (Savage)
Barb Jamieson - 250/11X + 249/6X = 499/17X  (Anschutz)
Dan Gladstone - 248/5X + 250/15X = 498/20X  (Anschutz)
Darryl Kierstead - 248/13X = 249/8X = 497/21X  (Anschutz)
George Murray - 246/14X + 250/8X = 496/22X  (Anschutz)
Matt McAllister - 249/8X + 247/8X = 496/16X  (Remington)
Brian Petitpas - 246/4X + 250/5X = 496/9X  (Anschutz)
Dave Chevarie - 249/12X + 246/4X = 495/16X  (Anschutz)
John Corbett - 247/3X + 247/5X = 494/8X  (Anschutz)
Carl Jamieson - 246/4X + 246/3X = 492/7X  (Anschutz)
Tom Nowlan - 247/7X + 243/8X = 490/15X  (Savage)
Wayne Kennedy - 246/5X + 240/8X = 486/13X  (Savage)
Tony Lewis - 189/4 + 229/4X = 418/8X  (Anschutz)

Monday, July 13, 2015


Claude G. - Open class
Well, the results are in. Ten shooters attended the Centerfire BR shoot in Minto during one of the most beautiful days of New Brunswick summer. Hot sun, light winds and good company - what more could you ask for?
Wayne K. was the match director and scorer with Don M. verifying. Bruce B. and Grant P. Sr. were the ROs for the day. A whole bunch - just about evrybody else helped with the target changing. Thanks everyone for helping out.

Wayne K. - Sporter class
Claude - 296/5X
Terry McN. - 295/8X
Bruce B. - 295/8X
Norbert S. - 294/10X
Gus C. - 294/7X
Don M. - 294/11X
Dave C. - 292/10X

Wayne K. - 137/0X
Terry McN. - 136/2X
Grant P. Sr. - 124/1X
Grant P. Jr. - 48/0X

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Another fine day for a shoot in New Brunswick! The morning started off very nice and cool although a little muggy. By the time we arrived at the Petitcodiac range it was already quit warm with the warmest temperature today forecast to be about 28C. Despite being under cover and in the shade, some shooters perspired rivulets down their faces - while others seemed cool as cucumbers.

Rain was also forecast for the day and, although we heard rumblings of thunder towards the end of the match, we were spared the rain until the drive back home. The light, early in the match was pretty intense and some shooters had difficulty with that. After that, it became somewhat more overcast and the light evened out with excellent visibility for even the most visually challenged of shooters. As a result eight 100 targets were recorded, however the elusive 300 was not attained today.
Now the wind - a fairly steady light wind blowing from 1:00 to 3:00 o'clock. Sometimes the flags were still while other times they were active. Some flags hardly moved at all while other were turning to beat the band. Benign but typical of Petitcodiac.
The match was also very interesting from the point of view of the shooters as there were two "ceasefires" due to crossfires. One was due to a shooter not being able to read his number while the other was due to the loud bark of the rifle next to the shooter. In addition, 2 shooters withdrew from the match due to equipment failures. All in all a very interesting day of shooting.

Thanks go to the following folks:
Volker T - Match Director and scorer
Martin T. - Score verifier
Target Changers - Dan G., John McC. and Brian P.
ROs - Dan G. and Darryl K.
Photographer - Darryl K.
Treats - Dan G. and Tony L. (thanks Shelly)

Bert deV. - 299/19X (30BR)
Cecil H. - 299/8X (6mmPPC)
John McC. - 299/7X (.223 Rem)
Brian P. - 296/10X (6BR Norma)
Terry McN. - 294/10X (6BR Norma)
Don M. - 293/5X (6BR Norma)
George C. - 290/6X (6BR Norma)
Tom N. - 288/5X (.223 Rem)
Volker T. - 288/4X (.308 Win)
Bruce B. - 287/4X (.222 Rem)
Matt A. - 287/1X (6x47)
Dan G. - 283/4X (.308 Win)
Norbert S. - 281/1X (.223 Rem)
Darryl K. - 280/2X (.223 Rem)
Tony L. - 274/2X (22/250 Rem)
John C. - DNC (.223 Rem)
Sandy McL. - DNC (.222 Rem)