Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Today's shoot was unusual for Petitcodiac with near perfect shooting weather. It was not too hot, not much wind and hardly any bugs. Shelly C. brought her famous sweets and Dan G. brought Tim's best.

Volker was the Match DIrector and scored the targets. The ROs were Darryl K., Dan G. and Brian P. while Brian, Dan and Tony L. changed the targets. Darryl was the official photographer.

 Winner Dan G. with a perfect 300

Dan G. - 300/9X
George C. - 297/6X
Terry McN. - 296/8X
Darryl K. - 296/7X
Tom W. - 295/11X
Martin T. - 295/7X
Brian P. - 290/9X
Don M. - 282/16X
Tony L. - 281/5X
Shelly C. - 277/4X
Volker T. - 270/4X


Sunday, July 21, 2013


Today was the nicest day we have had in over half a month. The sun was out but the temperature hovered around 25 C. In addition there was a cooling wind that felt good but it played havoc with the shooting. No rain, no humidity - we couldn't ask for more.

Wayne K. was the Match Director and scored the targets with Don M. verifying. Dave C. changed the targets. Dave C. and Gerry J. were the ROs for the match. Many thanks to all who made the match possible.

Don M. - 295/18X
Tom W. - 295/14X
Claude G. - 288/9x
Dave C. - 281/8x

Wayne K. - 277/4X
Gerry J. - 268/2X

Gerry J. - 68
Don M. - 38

Gerry J. - 65
Don M. - 32

Congratulations to the winners and to all for a great shoot. Medals were not available at the match but will be presented at the next shoot.

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Monday, July 15, 2013


 Well, it was the hottest day of the Benchrest shoot circuit to date - 35C in the afternoon and almost 30C inside the shooting hut where the benches are. The humidity was very high and we were harassed by a band of "Bandito Deer Flies"!
But . . . the wind gods were kinds to us for a change with only occasional light breezes supplemented with short bursts of quiet air flow.

AND the scores were close! 

It was good to see some new shooters who shot sporting rifles with lower power scopes which made it challenging for them to compete against higher power scopes. They enjoyed themselves and did well - these targets are a challenge for any shooter - the bulls are so small.
Sweets almost melted in the heat - thanks to Shelly and Carl for bringing them. What would a BR shoot be with them eh? Thanks also to Grant Jr. for making the Tim's Coffee run for us.

Volker T. was the Match Director and scorer and everyone pitched into help with duties of the RO, changing the targets, registering shooters and other tasks - many thanks to all.


Dan G. - 499/21X

Matt McA. - 499/17X
Volker T. - 498/17X
Cecil H. - 497/12X
John C. - 495/15X
Brian P. - 494/18X
Terry McN. - 491/13X
Shelly C. - 488/13X
Gerald D. - 486/12X
Carl J. - 484/11X
George M. - 481/10X
John L. - 467/4X
Tony L. - 462/4X
Martin T. - 461/2X
Grant P. Jr. - 395/4X
Grant P. Sr. - 348/2X
Thomas H. - 187/1X

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Sunday, July 14, 2013


On July 13, we continued the annual rivalry among the three clubs: Petitcodiac, Minto and Lake George. This year the competition was between the first two clubs(Petit and Minto) who sent shooters to the match. It is clear that everyone had a terrific time together. It was an excellent day to be on the range even though it was very hot and the wind was cruel to all the shooters.
 As can be seen in the picture, Barbara J. was the cook and had brought her famous deserts while Terry McN. was the supervising chef. All accounts report that the food was great - succulent hot dogs and hamburgs.

Wayne K. was the Match Director and scored the targets. Norbert S., with help from Carl J. and Darryl K., ran the range safely and efficiently. Terry McN., Dave C. and Dan G. changed the targets - hot work!!

 All were happy to see Martin come out to shoot.
Team Minto was the winner of this match by 5 points.
Minto = 1791/25X
Petitcodiac = 1786/31X
Individual winners were :
Dan G., Volker T. & Matt McA.


Individual Winners


Team Minto

Dan G. - 371/11X
Volker T. - 370/6X
Matt McA. - 365/6X
Cecil H. - 360/5X
Dave C. - 359/7X
Darryl K. - 358/6X
Terry McN. - 355/3X
Malcolm MacD. - 352/7X
Martin T. - 351/6X
George M. - 339/4X
Barbara J. - 335/6X
Don M. - 335/2X
Guy H. - 334/4X
Carl J. - 329/4X
Norbert S. - 322/6X
Sandy MacL. - 316/2X
Wayne K. - 264/2X
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

MINTO - 22BR SHOOT - 07-07-2013 - RESULTS

It was a very hot day on the range but 12 shooters attended the match. Forty rounds were fired at 50 meters. Wayne K. was the Match Director and did the scoring while Mat McA. verified the scores. The task of changing the targets was shared  by Terry McN., Bruce B., Don M., George M. and Gerry J. The duties of the RO was shared by Bruce B., Gerry J.,  Norbert S., and Terry McN.

Results - OPEN CLASS:
Cecil H - 396/27X
Norbert S. - 395/28X                                                                        

Matt McA. - 395/24X
Terry McN. - 395/21X
George M. - 394/21X
Malcolm MacD. - 392/24X
Carl J. - 389/11X
Bruce B. - 386/17X
Don M. - 359/6X

Terry McN. - 390/19X
Bruce B. - 382/15X
Guy H. - 382/7X
Gerry J. - 372/16X
Wayne K. - 369/8X