Tuesday, July 26, 2016


It was a great day to spend at a 22 Benchrest shoot in Petticodiac. It was sunny with clear skies albeit a bit hot with the temperatures reaching 30C and a tad on the humid side. The wind was almost non-existent at the beginning of the match, but true to the nature of the Petti range, there was some light activity that kept shooters on their toes. Excellent conditions for some fine shooting.
Generally things went well but a few shooters had shots ending up in unexpected locations. For a day like this, 500 scores were anticipated and 3 shooters achieved that mark with several others very close behind. Congrats to George M. with a score of 500/27X; Barb J. with a score of 500/22X and Volker T. with a score of 500/22X. The competition at the top was very
keen and shooters worked hard to attain these scores.
Of course we had some marvelous treats courtesy of Barb J., Dave C. and Dan G. Thanks folks! Thanks also to the target staff of Darryl K., Cecil H., Dave C., and Dan G. Thanks to the ROs - Bruce B., Dan G. and Darryl K. Thanks to Volker T. match director and target scorer par excellence and also to score verifier Dan G. Finally, thanks to Darryl K. and Barb J. for taking the superb pictures.

George M. - 500/27X
Barb J. - 500/22X
Volker T. - 500/22X
Bill H. - 499/21X
Dave C. - 499/20X
Sandy MacC. - 499/18X
Matt McA. - 498/17X
John Mo. - 497/19X
Gerard D. - 496/12X
Dan G. - 494/21X
Tom N. - 494/19X
Terry McN. - 494/18X
Darryl K. - 494/11X
Brian P. - 492/21X
Bruce B. - 491/9X
Norbert S. - 486/12X
Tony L. - 485/11X
Cecil H. - 483/19X

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


On Saturday July 16, there was a 200m prone/benchrest shoot in Florenceville. 
Three hardy (stupid maybe?) travellers, John McC., Don M. and Bert deV. took a trip up-river to join the Florenceville bunch for this shoot. So busy talking, we were almost to
Perth-Andover before we realized we had passed exit 172 to Hartland. We turned around and, thanks to John's racing background, were 3 minutes early for the 9:00am start.

The Florenceville Shooting Sports Club has a very nice range just outside of Hartland (8 KM past the Hugh John Flemming bridge). At the covered firing point, there are 10 smallbore benches on the 50m range. The 200m range is not finished yet but has a beautiful vantage point over the Saint John river. A little hard to drive up there though

The shoot was conducted by Ash P. as Match Director and RO as well as Alan C. as RO. Everyone took turns walking 200m to help change targets - we all needed the excercise. Barry was the spotter - although many of the shots could not be seen on the black background which gave some of us no end of grief. After sighting in and taking some fouling shots, we shot 2 sighters and 10 on score for the first target and then just 10 on score for targets 2 and 3. The boys from the south (stupid maybe?) cross fired 3 times and conceded defeat at the hands of some pretty good shooters from Florenceville!
After the match, we tried out different rifles and chatted some more until it was finally time to go home. We had a terrific time - thanks guys.

Here are the results:
The following day, July 17, The Florenceville Shooting Sports Club ran their 50m 22 Benchrest Match and pistol shoot. The results are above.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


It was a hot and humid day starting in the morning. Rain was forcast but did not begin until the last relay of the match. You know what . . . . there was no wind to speak of today in Minto (a very very rare event indeed).
Seven shooters made the trek to shoot today. Aside from some equipment issues, we all had a terrific time. Congrats to Don M. who, at long last, shot a 300/14X.
The Match Director was John McC. (maybe not but he set the relays and collected the cash). Wayne K. was the scorer and Don M. the score verifier. The ROs were George M., Dave C. and John McC. Targets were set up and changed by Wayne K., Dave C., Guy H., Bert deV., John McC. and George M. Many thanks everyone for your help.

Bert deV. - 300/17X
Don M. - 300/14X
Bill H. - 298/12X
John McC. - 298/11X
Guy H. - 296/4X
Dave C. - 292/3X
Mack MacD. - 268/0X

Bert deV. - 149/2X
Bill H. - 143/4X
John McC. - 137/1X
Wayne K. - 136/0X

Oh yes - we have some beautiful new medals today 'cause the real ones were forgotten at home. These are in remembrance of the construction of the new shooting building which is nearing completion with the walls up, roof on and ready for windows and doors. They have the added benefit of staying on top of one's head (if it's flat enough).

Monday, July 11, 2016


After some brief showers earlier in the morning, which disappeared before the shooting match started, it turned into an acceptable day. It was overcast with temperatures in the 17C degree range, and light to no wind. 
With such a wind condition, unusual for the Peticodiac Range, 300 scores were expected. And three shooters accommodated the expectations. Congratulations to Cecil H., Dan G. and Matt A. for perfect targets today.There was a close tie between 2nd and 3rd, requiring going up to the second set of targets shot to break the tie. Close shooting, guys.
There would have been one more shooting today, but he left his ammo at home, so he was relegated to the duties of Director and Scorer, (lol Volker). At least he had some help verifying the scores from Tom N.
Thanks to Shelly C. and Dan G. for the sweets, and to Darryl K. for the pictures. Thanks also to Cecil H. and Don M. who set up the target frames and to Darryl K. and Brian P. for target changing. Last but not least, thanks as well, to Don M., Dan G., and Darryl K. for carrying out the duties of Range Officer.


Cecil H.100410061004300146PPC BAT
Dan G.100310031004300106PPC Swind
Matt A.100310021005300106x4740-XBR
Brian P.9941003995298126BRRem
Don M.1004980995297930BRSav
George C.99498399229696BRRem
Darryl K.9719921005296822340-X
Tony L.9609919932944223Rem
Bill H.9619819812923222Tikka
Arnold F.9808829952857223Rem
Shelly C.10029209302852222Sav
John C.9519109812842223Win
Tom N.9219319712823204

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


On July 2 and 3, 2016, the Bench Rest Shooters of Canada recently held their Nationals at the Rosebud Silhouette and Benchrest Club in Calgary Alberta.

Here is a link to the results: 

Equipment List as follows:

Monday, July 4, 2016

JULY 3, 2016 - MINTO - 22BR - RESULTS

It was another fine day in Minto with the sun out all day and temperatures well within comfortable summertime range. The wind was a special challenge - it blew hard mostly from 9:00 o'clock to 12:00 o'clock and at 20 to 30 km/hr with gusts that could come from anywhere on the range at pretty close to 50 km/hr. It threw us all for a "loop", with the resulting scores not at record setting levels to say the least. The challenge was fun though and aside from a few blackflies that sought cover in the shooting building, there were no biting insects to fend off.

The day began with John McC. organizing the relays and taking our registrations. Then we all went to where the new clubhouse was being built to help raise the long walls. The building will be 24 feet by 16 feet which is over double the size of our present building. After much huffing and puffing with directions and suggestions flying everywhere, the walls were up, plumb and supported against the force of the wind. See the pictures in the next post. After some coffee, (and a smoke for some), we were ready to proceed with the match.

This consisted of 5 relays times 2 targets of 20 bulls - which meant that we weren't finished until well into the middle of the afternoon. The match director today was Matt McA. who also did the scoring along with Don M. who did the score verification and who had to leave a bit early so Wayne K. took over this task. Targets were set up and changed by John McC., Dave C., Barb J., Guy H., Dan G. and George M. Range officers today were Bert deV., Barb J., Darryl K., Bill H. and John McC. The many treats - irresistable and delicious were brought by Barb J. (what would we do without her?).

Bert deV. - 397/16X
George M. - 394/17X
Matt McA. - 394/9X
Guy H. - 392/13X
Dave C. - 392/9X
Bill H. - 389/9X
Gerrard D. - 388/9X
Barb J. - 387/7X
John McC. - 382/9X
Darryl K. - 381/5X
Roger L. - 377/9X
Don M. - 373/7X
Dan G. - 368/6X
Mack MacD. - 368/4X

Dan G. - 387/10X
John McC. - 384/9X
Bert deV. - 384/8X
Volker T. - 384/2X
Roger L. - 377/3X
Bill H. - 363/4X
Wayne K. - 358/2X