Monday, April 4, 2016


April 3rd, (unfortunately not April Fools Day - we might have had some fun with that ! - on sober second thought maybe it was just as well), began as a very misty morning on the drive to the range. It was not too cold and the sun peeked out of the mist about halfway there. There was an expectation of some rain but that never did materialize. We also expected some stiff winds - and true to form for Petitcodiac - that DID happen. 

The match began with very mild winds and several shooters shot clean targets. As the match progressed, so did the wind which rattled the target stands and whipped the daisy wheels into a frenzy. The prevailing wind was from the shooters to the targets and some from left to right or right to left - take your pick - they're both right. As the wind picked up, the temperature dropped and several shooters had trouble feeling their fingers.

Despite these tricky conditions, we all had a whole lot of fun - especially sitting around the wood stove where the conversation turned to everything imaginable and at good volume so that it could be easily heard at the firing line. That's also where the treats were kept - Barb's delicious cookies and breads, Dorothy
McC.'s wonderful chocolate chip muffins, and Dan G.'s Timbits - maybe everyone had a little sugar high!

(By the way, we also had fun shooting and shot pretty well with 6 clean targets shot today - no 500s though).

Today the Match Director was Volker T. who also did the scoring (and won the match). The score and stats verifier was John McC. Targets were posted by John McC., Brian P., Dan G., Dave C. and Cecil H. Range Officers were Darryl K., Bert deV., Dan G. and Dave C. Thanks to everyone for their contribution.


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