Monday, February 22, 2016


Sunday was a gorgeous day for shooting a match in Petitcodiac. The drive down was marked by fog in low lying areas, gradually increasing temperatures and good company. The closer we got to the range, the less snow was evident - in short it felt like
an early spring day.

At the range the fog had cleared but the sky remained overcast throughout the entire match. There was almost no snow on the ground so the targets were clearly visible without glare. The temperature remained above 0
- I would guess about 5 or 6 C. What was really super was that there was no wind - absolutely no wind for most of the match - a rare thing at Petitcodiac. It took us a few rounds to get used to this condition - we're so used to shooting with tricky winds. Sadly, even though the opportunity was there, only one shooter was able to shoot a perfect match - congrats to John M. who enters the exalted Petitcodiac 300 Club.

We also want to extend a warm welcome to Nick D. who came to observe and who shot a few rounds at the end of the match - showed us how to do it too!

A lot of people helped out to make this match a good one:
Registration and finances: John C.
Match Director and Scoring: Dan G.
Score and stats verification: John McC.
Changing/posting Targets: John McC., Bert deV., Dave C., Bruce B., Darryl K., Tom N., Logan G.
Range Officers: Bruce B., Darryl K., Brian P., Bert deV., Tom N.
Vittles and Treats: Dan G., Dorothy/John McC., Shelly C./Tony L.
Many thanks to all of you - without this work a match just isn't possible.

John M. - 300/9X   (.222)
Dan G. - 299/22X   (6PPC)
Darryl K. - 297/11X   (.223)
Dave C. - 296/9X   (.223)
Terry McN. - 296/9X   (6BR)
Brian P. - 296/6X   (6BR)
Bruce B. - 295/11X   (222)
Bert deV. - 294/12X   (6BR)
Logan G. - 294/10X   (.222)
John McC. - 292/7X   (.223)
George C. - 291/7X   (6BR)
Tony L. - 291/6X   (6BR)
Don M. - 290/6X   (6BR)
Norbert S. - 289/6X   (.223)
Tom N. - 289/3X   (.223)
John C. - 277/5X   (.223)
Wayne K. - 266/0X   (.223)

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