Monday, February 15, 2016


The 22 BR match in Minto last Sunday was all about the wood-stove. We might have perished without it. Thanks George M. for keeping us warm.
It was simply the raw-est, coldest, most miserable day for a benchrest shoot in living memory - and the scores reflected this. We drove to the range with -19C which was not as cold as the day before in Lake George but the temperature did not increase a whole lot from start to finish. The sun was as bright as the day before with all the glare on the snow making it hard to see the targets at times - yes we were cranking the parallax adjustment and doing a lot of blinking while shooting.
It was the wind that was the real killer. It blew mostly from up range right into the shooting building with its wide open ports. It took about 5 shots before our fingers were white and numb and sometimes we didn't know we had pulled the trigger - at times before we were ready. This produced some lucky but mostly disastrous results. You have never seen so many grown shooters with red faces and tears in their eyes and frost on their whiskers and white fingers - even though they wore their heaviest winter clothes. The main concern was to get off the firing line as quickly as possible to hover around the stove until we had to do it again. When the wind was not blowing into our faces, it would switch from left to right unpredictably at different places on the range. Our shots often cut the paper 2-4 inches from where we expected to hit.
This cold affected our equipment as well - 2 shooters could not get their rifles to zero, some scopes did not respond to adjustments and the rests required the services of a body-builder with a pipe-wrench to adjust.
Today, Matt McA. was the Match Director and the scorer with Don M. verifying scores and addition. Dave C., John McC. and Bert deV. were the Range Officers while John McC., George M., Dave C. and Wayne K. changed the targets. The good treats were provided  by Barb J. who also brought a birthday cake for Carl J. and Cecil H - congrats guys. Many thanks to all for pitching in today.

Bert deV. - 382/5X
Barb J. - 366/7X
Cecil H. - 365/6X
John McC. - 362/5X
George M. - 356/3X
Mack MacD. - 350/3X
Guy H. - 347/4X
Don M. - 335/4X
Don McI. - 335/3X
Carl J. - 264/0X
Matt McA. - DNC

Bert deV. - 366/6X
John McC. - 364/6X
Don M. - 306/3X
Wayne K. - 203/0X
Dave C. - DNC 

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