Tuesday, September 27, 2016


It was a fine day to shoot in Minto, except it started out a little cool with about 2C in the morning with frost on the grass and vehicle. Yessir! - winter is definitely coming. The temperature rose to about 15C but it felt cold because the wind was strong and gusty all day. During the match, the wind was mostly from about 10:00 o'clock to 2:00 o'clock and ranged from about 15 to 30 km/hr with gusts well beyond that. There were the usual changes in direction with the indicators snapping back and forth at times. All in all, very tricky shooting with lots of holding over and hoping the bullet hole would appear close to the 10 ring.
Today, Wayne K. was the match director and head scorer with Don M. doing the verifying. A large group of shooters helped out setting and changing targets - Bill H., George M., Barb J., Mack MacD., John McC., Cecil H. and Bert deV. Barb J. was the chief RSO with Carl J., John McC. and Bert deV. looking after some of the relays. Barb J. brought her famous treats - date squares and blueberry muffins - we're so spoiled!! Thanks to everyone for pitching in today.

Bert deV. - 396/13X
Bill H. - 392/14X
Cecil H. - 392/8X
Barb J. - 391/9X
Matt McAA. - 390/8X
John McC. - 389/11X
Gerard D. - 388/11X
Don M. - 384/14X
George M. - 383/6X
Guy H. - 372/7X
Mack MacD. - 314/3X

John McC. - 387/5X
Bert deV. - 386/7X
Bill H. - 382/6X
George M. - 376/5X
Don Me. - 351/2X
Wayne K. - 343/1X

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