Monday, October 3, 2016


Well, it was finally here. The much awaited Petitcodiac Centerfire Championship Match and annual award presentations for centerfire shooting during the regular season. Rifles were tuned, cleaned and ammo was precisely made. All equipment was tuned to perfection. The shooters who made it to this event were also at a ready with itchy trigger fingers, eyeballs peeled and well dried behind the ears.
From the first command to commence firing from RO Dan G., the competition was fierce to say the least. After the first target was shot, 6 shooters had racked up 100 point targets with John McC. in the lead with a perfect 100/10X. The same 6 shooters repeated this performance after the second target was finished.
It was noon and time for all to retire to the clubhouse for some much needed nutrition and relaxation. John C., on behalf of the Petitcodiac Sportsman's Club, had provided a wonderful lunch of sandwiches, finger foods and delicious treats. With a drink (and smoke for some), we returned to do battle on the shooting range. By the time the last shot had been fired, some very, very good shooting had been done - the old record was tied and for the first time, two perfect 100/10X targets had been recorded. The winner had to be decided by a count back to the first target.


John McC. - 300/23X - 6mmBR/Savage
Bert deV. - 300/23X - 30BR/BAT
Cecil H. - 300/18 - 6mmPPC/BAT
Dan G. - 300/15 - 6mmPPC/Swindlehurst
Volker T. - 299/11X - 6mmBRX/Viper
Matt A. - 299/9X - 6mmx47/Rem 40X
Terry McN. - 298/11X - 6mmBR/Savage
Brian P. - 298/8X - 6mmBR/Rem 40X
Logan G. - 296/11X - 222Rem/Cooper
Darryl K. - 294/4X - 223Rem/Rem 40X
Bruce B. - 292/10X - 222Rem/Rem700
George C. - 289/3X - 6mmBR/Rem
Don M. - 287/9X - 30BR/Savage
Shelly. - 287/6X - 223Rem/Savage
Tony L. - 282/9X - 22-250/Ruger
Tom N. - 280/4X - 223Rem/Savage
John C. - 279/1X - 223Rem/Win
             Arnold F. - 251/2X - 223Rem/Savage

The match was run by Match Director, Volker T. who also did the scoring while Dan G. and Tom N. served as verifiers. The targets were set and changed by Tony L., John McC., Dan G., Brian P., Logan G., Matt A., Arnold F. and Bert deV. The ROs for the match were Dan G. and Bert deV. The pictures were taken by Darryl K. Cookies and Timbits were courtesy of Dan G. and Dorothy McC. Many thanks to all.
After the match was completed, everyone went to the clubhouse for the awards presentations. Volker T. was the MC. and John C. had arranged for all the prizes. The top 5 shooters in today's final championship match were awarded trophy/plaques/medals as well as cash prizes. The top single targets during the regular shooting season, were shot by Cecil H. and Bert deV. who tied at 100/9X. Bert deV. shot the highest single match score with 300/22X. Before everyone left to go home a prize draw was held - everyone went home with a prize today. 
Many thanks are due to both Volker T. and John C. for organizing a very enjoyable event.

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