Monday, August 1, 2016

JULY 31, 2016 - MINTO - 22BR - RESULTS

It was a beautiful day in Minto for the 22 BR shoot and 17 shooters showed up to take advantage of the weather and the camaraderie. The temperature rose from a lovely 12C to about 28C but it stayed cool in the new Club House and also in the shooting building. The sky remained a gorgeous blue with no clouds to speak of - resulting in a bit of a glare on the targets but not really bad at all. The story was the wind. On the way to the range there was no wind at all but true to form, the
Minto range had all sorts of wind ranging from nothing at all (only the tails on the indicators ruffling a bit) to some gusts that approached 20km/hr(daisy wheels spinning so fast the petals were a blur). Most of the wind came from 9 o'clock to 1 o'clock although changes could come from any directions. From one relay to another you could count on an entirely different prevailing wind and there was a good deal of clicking of scopes going on. Some surprises were in store with bullets holes appearing where they weren't expected. Despite all this, some pretty good shooting took place although no 400s were recorded.

Today, Wayne K. was the match director. The scorer was Matt McA. and Wayne verified the scores. The target crew consisted of Bill H., Dave C., Bert deV., John McC., Barb J., Sandy McL., Gerard D., George M., Darryl K. and Terry McN. - many hands make light work! ROs were Bert deV., Barb J., Bill H., and John McC. Many thanks to all for your help. Many thanks also for the wonderful treats brought by Barb J. and Dave C. 

Bert deV. - 397/13X
Terry McN. - 396/10X
Bill H. - 396/7X
Sandy McC. - 396/7X
Barb J. - 395/13X
George M. - 395/11X
Guy H. - 394/12X
Darryl K. - 394/5X
Matt McA. - 393/9X
Dave C. - 393/7X
Volker T. - 392/9X
John McC. - 390/14X
Gerard D. - 390/7X
Dan G. - 382/4X
Don McI. - 344/2X
Mack MacD. - 343/1X

Volker T. - 392/9X
Bert deV. - 389/6X
Dan G. - 381/8X
Wayne K. - 381/5X
John McC. - 375/8X
Terry McN. - 374/10X
Don McI. - 373/11X
Bill H. - 367/3X

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