Tuesday, July 26, 2016


It was a great day to spend at a 22 Benchrest shoot in Petticodiac. It was sunny with clear skies albeit a bit hot with the temperatures reaching 30C and a tad on the humid side. The wind was almost non-existent at the beginning of the match, but true to the nature of the Petti range, there was some light activity that kept shooters on their toes. Excellent conditions for some fine shooting.
Generally things went well but a few shooters had shots ending up in unexpected locations. For a day like this, 500 scores were anticipated and 3 shooters achieved that mark with several others very close behind. Congrats to George M. with a score of 500/27X; Barb J. with a score of 500/22X and Volker T. with a score of 500/22X. The competition at the top was very
keen and shooters worked hard to attain these scores.
Of course we had some marvelous treats courtesy of Barb J., Dave C. and Dan G. Thanks folks! Thanks also to the target staff of Darryl K., Cecil H., Dave C., and Dan G. Thanks to the ROs - Bruce B., Dan G. and Darryl K. Thanks to Volker T. match director and target scorer par excellence and also to score verifier Dan G. Finally, thanks to Darryl K. and Barb J. for taking the superb pictures.

George M. - 500/27X
Barb J. - 500/22X
Volker T. - 500/22X
Bill H. - 499/21X
Dave C. - 499/20X
Sandy MacC. - 499/18X
Matt McA. - 498/17X
John Mo. - 497/19X
Gerard D. - 496/12X
Dan G. - 494/21X
Tom N. - 494/19X
Terry McN. - 494/18X
Darryl K. - 494/11X
Brian P. - 492/21X
Bruce B. - 491/9X
Norbert S. - 486/12X
Tony L. - 485/11X
Cecil H. - 483/19X

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