Tuesday, July 19, 2016


On Saturday July 16, there was a 200m prone/benchrest shoot in Florenceville. 
Three hardy (stupid maybe?) travellers, John McC., Don M. and Bert deV. took a trip up-river to join the Florenceville bunch for this shoot. So busy talking, we were almost to
Perth-Andover before we realized we had passed exit 172 to Hartland. We turned around and, thanks to John's racing background, were 3 minutes early for the 9:00am start.

The Florenceville Shooting Sports Club has a very nice range just outside of Hartland (8 KM past the Hugh John Flemming bridge). At the covered firing point, there are 10 smallbore benches on the 50m range. The 200m range is not finished yet but has a beautiful vantage point over the Saint John river. A little hard to drive up there though

The shoot was conducted by Ash P. as Match Director and RO as well as Alan C. as RO. Everyone took turns walking 200m to help change targets - we all needed the excercise. Barry was the spotter - although many of the shots could not be seen on the black background which gave some of us no end of grief. After sighting in and taking some fouling shots, we shot 2 sighters and 10 on score for the first target and then just 10 on score for targets 2 and 3. The boys from the south (stupid maybe?) cross fired 3 times and conceded defeat at the hands of some pretty good shooters from Florenceville!
After the match, we tried out different rifles and chatted some more until it was finally time to go home. We had a terrific time - thanks guys.

Here are the results:
The following day, July 17, The Florenceville Shooting Sports Club ran their 50m 22 Benchrest Match and pistol shoot. The results are above.

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