Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Well, here we are in March and we are sooo looking forward to spring. I guess we have to wait a little longer as we just received more snow in the last week or so than we
had all winter long. Heavy wet stuff that a day later froze to a stiff solid cement when the temperature plunged from 6 or 7 above to 12 below.

During the shoot today, it was cold which was made a little less tolerable by the wind out of the north. On the range the wind was mostly from 6 o'clock although we had frequent gusts across the range from both right and left. The temperature stayed below zero which made the room with the stove in it a favourite huddling spot. 

All this was OK - we're from New Brunswick and can handle all this. The sun's glare on the fresh white snow was a little harder for not-so-young eyes and many shooters had problems focusing and managing the mirage.

Despite this, we had a lot of fun and shot not too badly either. Congratulations go to Don M. who broke the 300 barrier for the first time in Petitcodiac with a 300/11X. Way to go Don!! -  (he was  feeling jinxed as he has shot 299 so many times in the past few years but could never break the 300).

Today, Volker T. was the Match Director and head scorer with Dan G. verifying. The target
stands were dug out of the snow and set up by Shelly C. and Tony L. The target changers were Dan G., Shelly C., Cecil H., Bert deV., Brian P. and John McC. Range Officers today were Dan G., Darryl K. and John McC. We were kept warm by the firewood brought 
by Darryl K. and Cecil H. while we enjoyed Shelly C.'s famous treats. Thanks to all for making this such an enjoyable shoot.

Bert deV. - 300/13X
Don M. - 300/11X
Cecil H. - 299/19X
Shelly C. - 298/13X
John McC. - 295/9X
Brian P. - 295/6X
John M. - 294/6X
Dan G. - 293/6X
Volker T. - 292/6X
Norbert S. - 290/4X
Tony L. - 288/3X
John C. - 284/5X
Darryl K. - 271/2X

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