Monday, March 12, 2018

MARCH 11, 2018 - MINTO 22 BR - RESULTS

Thanks to Barb J. for sending this write-up and the pictures.
We missed Dave C., as he wasn't well. All our wishes go out to him for a speedy recovery.
True to March coming in as a "Lion", we had to contend with terrible winds, snow and cloudy weather. The sun did arrived just as we were leaving the Range - go figure. 

There was a great group of shooters today (maybe even a record for the year so far), and so we had lots of willing helpers and everything moved along nicely. Scorers were John McC. and Don M.  Target changers were George M., Cecil H., Ben F., Barb J. and John McC. The Range Officers were Bruce B., Dan G., John Mo., and Barb J.  
The wonderful sweets, brought by Barb J., disappeared rapidly. Many thanks to all for lending a hand and making this a great shoot for all of us.
Wayne K., who stood in for president Dave C. awarded the medals to the winning 
shooters. He also presented John McC. with a scope which was won in the raffle. The scope was donated to the Minto Gun Club from Nordic Marksman Inc.  Congratulations John!! and also to today's medal winners.

Darryl K. - 399/19X
Mike C. - 397/13X
Dan G. - 393/10X
Gerard D. - 392/15X
Cecil H. - 392/12X
Don M. - 391/14X
John McC. - 391/9X
Barb J. - 391/3X
Bruce B. - 390/14X
John Mo. - 390/11X
Chris S. - 382/9X
Sandy McL. - 376/4X
George M. - 374/6X
Mac McD. - 369/6X

Volker T. - 394/15X
Dan G. - 384/9X
Guy H. - 384/7X
Bruce B. - 383/12X
John McC. - 380/8X
Wayne K. - 378/5X
Ben F. - 352/4X
Shawn R. - 306/5X

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