Monday, November 6, 2017


Thanks to Ash P. for sending the results and the pictures.

Firstly: We presented Greg Russell with a special tribute.

The 50 meter range is now officially named 
"The Greg Russell Shooting Range" 

It is an honour to shoot alongside of our club's most dedicated members and supporters. Everyone was on hand to present Greg with this tribute at the end of our 50m Championships.  Many thanks, Greg, for your service to the shooters in the Florenceville area.

 Secondly: The 50m Rimfire Fall Classic Championships
It was a perfect day for shooting at Florenceville.  Early in the morning we had a lot of frost but the winds were lighter than forecast...when we started shooting the morning match the conditions were great. Wind conditions were steady with just a slight breeze although winds did shift from a left to right predominant wind and that was still a challenge for all.

The USBR Benchrest target, that is normally shot at other clubs from 50 yards, really does prove to be a great challenge for us all shooting it at 50 meters.   Another year of shooting at our club and only a hand-full of times have we seen 240 broken on a single relay.  It's safe to bet that it will be near impossible to see a 750 perfect score at our club but I am predicting we will see a perfect relay score of 250 in the coming years. Who knows...maybe it will happen in 2018!!!!

In the Open Class...
Jean S. retained her club championship title...holding off husband Greg S. (who will have to wait another year to try getting his name on the annual championship trophy).   Ash P. managed a best round of the day (and new personal best of 238/7X) in the last relay of the match to jump ahead of Rob clinching 3rd place overall. Congrats to all.

Jean S. - 699/9X
Greg S. - 698/5X
Ash P. - 691/10X
Rob Y. - 688/6X
John McC. - 669/3X
Alden H. - 612/0X

In the Sporter Class...
Steve F. manage to stay ahead of Greg S. by only 2 Xs, while John McC. finished third by only 2 points and had a dominant X-count in Sporter Class. Congrats to all.

Steve F. - 596/34X
Greg S. - 596/32X
John McC. - 594/42X
Greg R. - 591/34X
Jeremy R. - 587/27X
Raymond G. - 576/11X

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