Thursday, November 16, 2017


Reported by; John McCluskey pictures by Volker T. and John (Thanks guys).
Hello everyone in N.B. Benchrest Blog land.
To start with we had a beautiful, cool, fall day with very little wind and very little sun. 11 die-hard shooters were in attendance to drive the
candies off the range. This year the pink peppermints and ½” diameter gums seemed extremely easy to hit (except for one shooter claiming bad ammo..sure it was) causing the target maker to start re-
thinking the candy sizes for next year. ☺  Also this year the Tic Tac candies were replaced as most hard to hit by the new small black bean targets.
The match director and scorer was John McC.  Dan G, George M and John McC. were the R.O.’S and target changers. Volker T brought some yummy cookies that soon disappeared. Everyone had a great time! Thanks to all for another successful PSC Candy Shoot!

Order of finish:(
Ties were broken using best target scores for targets 1 through 6.)
  • 390 - Darryl K.
  • 370 – Matt McA.
  • 370 – Guy H.
  • 360 – John C.
  • 360 – Chris S.
  • 360 – John McC.
  • 360 – Volker T.
  • 350 – George M.
  • 350 – Tony L.
  • 290 – Dan G.
  • 250 – Tom N.

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