Monday, February 6, 2017


It was a cold, cold day when we started out for the range - about 20C below. Good thing the truck was plugged in. 

The drive down to Petitcodiac was beautiful with a bright sun that actually felt warm, hardly any wind and deer eating by the side of the road. (We almost hit one with a big truck close behind us - whew - a tense moment there!)

At the range, the sun was out and the temperature was climbing. A wonderful hot stove was blazing and the wind stayed reasonably calm.

The wind was predominantly from uprange (12 o'clock) and around 10km/hr., although there were the usual Petitcodiac eddies and swirls with occasional gusts through which you just could not shoot - a bit tricky at times. It was a great day to shoot and hang out with friends.

Some very good shooting was done today with 3 shooters not dropping any points. Congrats go to John McC. who shot 500/19X, Darryl K. who shot 500/22X and Bert deV. with a 500/25X. Congrats also to Logan G. who shot his first ever perfect target at 250/16X.

A lot of folks helped out today. Dan G. was the Match Director and scorer. John C., John McC. and Darryl K. were the score verifiers. The ROs were Bruce B., John McC., Darryl K. and Bert deV. with Bruce B. doing the lion's share of this task. Targets were changed by a mottely crew including Brian P., Shelly C., Bruce B., Dan G., Chris S., Barb J., John McC., Cecil H. and Dave C. Delicious treats and breads were brought by Shelly C. and Barb J. Many, many thanks to all for helping to make this a terrific shoot.

Bert deV. - 500/25X
Darry K. - 500/22X
John McC. - 500/19X
Cecil H. - 499/26X
Logan G. - 498/25X
Dave C. - 498/18X
Dan G. - 496/11X
Don M. - 495/19X
Brian P. - 492/16X
Bruce B. - 490/17X
John C. - 490/14X
Shelly 489/13X
Tom N. - 489/13X
Barb J. - 488/13X
George M. - 483/15X
                                                        Gerald D. - 482/10X
Chris S. - 423/3X

Bert deV. - 385/6X
Tony L. - 369/5X
John McC. - 361/2X

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