Monday, February 20, 2017


Well, the weather had finally settled down enough to allow the shooting of the second 22 BR match at the Lake George Gun Club. It was a reasonably mild day which started at about 10C below zero and ended up somewhere around 5C below.
Quite mild considering the temperatures we've had here lately. Although a few flakes of snow floated through the air, there was no storm nor serious snowfall - also quite a change from what we've experienced lately. In addition, the winds were very mild - maybe 5-10km/hr at times. It was a bit brisker between the berms and this may have accounted for a flyer or two.

A big welcome back to some fellows we have not seen for a while - Jerry J., Steve F. and Al S. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and hope to see you at the next match.

Bruce B. was the Match Director (thanks Bruce for clearing away all that snow yesterday!!). The scorer was Wayne K. with Carl J. verifying the scoring and tabulation.
Targets were set and changed by Bert deV., George M., John McC., Bruce B., Barb J., Cecil H. and Steve F. The ROs for the match were Bill H., John McC., Dave C. and Bert deV. The treats were provided by Barb J. who also made a birthday cake for Cecil H. (who turned 3/4 of a century today) - Congrats Cecil! Finally, a thanks to our chef-de-mission and chef-de-cuisine - Bruce B. who plopped some wieners into the cooker and out came these wonderful hot-dogs. How did he do that? We all enjoyed them for sure!

Congratulations are due to the top 3 "Open Class" shooters for shooting a perfect 400. Only Xs separated them. Cecil H. shot a 400/26X; Dave C. shot a 400/20X and Bert
deV. shot a 400/19X. Now something we have not seen before - someone shooting 398/24X with a CZ sporter rifle. Congrats to Bruce B. for doing just that!!


Cecil H. - 400/26X
Dave C. - 400/20X
Bert deV. - 400/19X
John McC. - 398/16X
Don M. - 397/11X
Barb J. - 394/14X
George M. - 385/10X
Bruce B. - 383/4X
Bill H. - 379/13X


Bruce B. - 398/24X
Bert deV. - 390/18X
Jerry J. - 383/16X
Wayne K. - 378/11X
John McC. - 376/11X
Bill H. - 370/16X
Stephen F. - 370/7X
Al S. - 344/6X

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